@12GAUGE - Discourse Facilitator Application for Term Beginning June 2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @12GAUGE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/12GLepage

Nomination Statement

As a dedicated member of the community since its inception, my first hands on experience with the AIP process was as co-author of AIP-8. Although we were unable to get that AIP to snapshot, I have since authored approved AIPs-112, 145, and 212. I have a deep understanding of the AIP process and my experience as an AIP author has taught me the importance of empathy and communication. I am excited about the opportunity as Discourse Facilitator and the chance to continue to contribute to the rebuilding of our community.


Exciting news! I’m throwing my hat in the ring for ApeCoin Discourse Facilitator. Read my story below :point_down:

Who’s 12GAUGE? I’m a 39 year old Ape from Vancouver BC. An aspiring chess master, perpetual BJJ blue belt, LEGO lover, newly wed, and dog dad. I’m a Yuga Maxi, ApeCoin DAO Maxi, and Web3 Maxi.

In my past life, I co-founded a full service digital agency growing it to 30+ employees. My role was Director of Digital Media, where I oversaw a production team, created award winning video productions, and got to see the world while shooting for some big name clients.

Why am I here? Passion for this community. I traded in the camera for a cowboy hat 2 years ago and have never once looked back. Proof of ink below, consider me a lifer.

WTF Is a Discourse Facilitator? ApeCoin DAO has 3 Discourse Facilitators, they review user profiles and posts, troubleshoot issues, coordinate AIPs, and maintain effective communication with the community. 2 positions are now open for election, VOTE 12GAUGE!

Why Discourse Facilitator? Having been involved in the DAO since co-authoring AIP-8, I have since authored 5 more AIP’s, successfully implemented the 3 that have passed, and want to offer my experience and understanding of the DAO to further accelerate the AIP process.

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Becoming a Discourse Facilitator is a commitment to the community. As an active, committed, web3 community member for the past 2+ years I’ve met up with random apes all across the world and co-hosted an ApeCoin meetup. WE LOVE THE DAO!

Why me?! My experience with our current and previous administration has shown me the importance of empathy and communication. I have a deep understanding of the DAO structure, risks to the foundation, and have the tools to facilitate a better AIP process.

Thank you for your time and support :pray:


So this whole chess master thing goes back a while eh?

Note to self: Never challenge 12 Gauge to a chess match… Jokes aside, nice campaign package for everyone to check out. DAO resume speaks for itself, and love the final shot with the equations in behind.

Lots of homies in this race, wishing all of you the best of luck.



He is literally HIM!

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Hahah thanks AC. Yeah High School Chess Club bro, wish i kept at it.
Just don’t vote before the pizza party otherwise its gunna get awkward. :rofl: jkjk.

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Haha why is that!? The Parlour pizza spot looks good, and even if it wasn’t my favourite of the bunch I’m not gonna make you walk the plank :stuck_out_tongue:

PS do we know how the voting works on this with delegations? I’m assuming the same as everything else, which may be my saving grace to not throwing myself into the fire with all of you qualified homies in the race.

Honestly trying to pick between 12G, BojangleGuy, Chris and Ms_Nifty is going to be pretty tough. Maybe we can come up with some other perimeters? Thumb wars? Winner takes all??

But fr good luck to everyone. All very solid choices.


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Can confirm: never challenge 12 Gauge to a chess match. Doesn’t end well. :rofl:

Best of luck brotha!

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Same to you Chris!
And btw @AllCityBAYC , if you think I’m good at chess you should see these thumbs go to war, you guys wouldn’t stand a chance :rofl:

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This cowboy has been on the outside looking in for a while now. Feels like it’s time to come inside, hang up the hat, and get to work.


Str8 legend right here folks :saluting_face:

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