3 Ideas For Staying Involved After Elections

“3 Ideas For Staying Involved After Elections”

Hey, there are year-round opportunities here. I want to talk about them and start some conversations about what candidates can do to stay involved. “You can make more impact than an elected person with your ideas and willpower,” is what I would say to anyone considering how to continue to be involved.

  1. The AIP process is moving faster than ever before
    If you’re looking to get a grant or to power your existing initiative, this could be the best time to do it. If you’re not comfortable with writing grants, use chatGPT4 to clean up your writing. This is a very effective and valid way to navigate this process. Use tools to make this easy!

  2. Join the Ape Assembly or Participating Clubs
    There are multiple clubs that have chat channels for connecting with DAO enthusiasts. This could be the most effective way to connect with peers and like-minds. Delegations decide how to vote on each proposal and weigh in. This can have a stabilizing effect and protects against sharking!

  3. Participate in new Thank Ape Activities
    New and exciting initiatives like the recent Art Contest are surely being planned for upcoming Season 3. If you’re a DAO enthusiast or starting for the first time, you can start earning rewards like on-chain thank you notes. Get started by visiting https://thankape.com to learn more.

There are many participants who have found ways to stay active after the last election. Even more opportunities await us with upcoming gaming activations. Community leaders seeking to power their members, events, & businesses can also seek a monthly drip of $APE.

My question to most candidates is simple: How can you make an impact w/o being elected?

This is a condensed cross-post of an email newsletter that I run. If you have thoughts or want to respond, please feel free to do so in the thread below. There are a lot of opportunities here for different interests and audiences, and I want to know what others have planned after elections end!


Your question to candidates about how they can make an impact without being elected is thought-provoking. It highlights the importance of recognizing that meaningful contributions can be made outside of formal positions.

I would say keep up the enthusiasm for making a difference—it’s through individual actions and shared efforts that we move the needle!


Hey thanks @jensensharp.eth, I agree! The question of “How can you make an impact without being elected,” also serves to get an idea of their DAO knowledge and attitude overall. Last winter there were ways to stay involved through the administrative transition and WG0. This year, I’m wondering where candidates stand. Collective & individuals efforts add up!


That is indeed a great question. Candidates and general DAO members should all try to get involved and do their part to further the DAO’s interests. It’s in all our interests. Having said that, some people have more reach and skills than others of course. But I do hope most candidates still choose to help further the DAO even if unelected.

True, this forum is perfect for that, because here we build and discuss ideas that are seen by everyone and that way they can reach the board, being good and approved :+1: :100:

In some questions I find it difficult to understand how the mechanism works, due to English, the translations are not perfect as a dialogue.
I end up getting confused on some things.
But I have contributed in a genuine way, I strive to always be on top of everything.

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