@8zal - Discourse Facilitator Application for Term Beginning June 2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @8zal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/8zalNFT

Nomination Statement

Firstly, I’m honored to be a member of the community. In addition to having a deep love for all things BAYC/ Apecoin, I have extensive experience as a Mod, having served as one for both Anonymice & the 10k Club for about a year. Additionally (other than the Sabbath), I pride myself on pretty much always being available. I also love helping others, blogging, and sharing good memes. For these reasons I think I’d be a great fit as a Community Discourse Facilitator. Thank you for your consideration and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!


Thanks for the intro! Honored to be considered, and please don’t be shy if you have any questions :grinning:


Thanks to @ssp1111 & @Adz for having me on Ape Coin Radio- in case anyone would like to listen, here’s the link! 8zal for Discourse Facilitator!