A culinary journey in the Apecoin Universe

Objective and Goals: Get ready for MexiApe Eats, where we’re not just dishing out burritos and bowls, but creating a movement. Our mission is to ride the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) vibes, introducing a Mexican-oriented food franchise that’s as spicy and unique as the ape community itself. Imagine indulging in mouthwatering burritos, soul-satisfying bowls, and traditional Mexican drinks like chelas, margaritas, and micheladas.

Alignment with Ape Communities: MexiApe Eats draws inspiration from the vibrant BAYC and MAYC ecosystems, aligning our brand with the heart of the ape community. Transactions are smoother than guac on a burrito with Apecoin, showing our commitment to shared values and interests. Apecoin as our currency.

Features and Benefits for Apecoin DAO Members: Hold on to your sombreros because being an Apecoin DAO member comes with perks. Flash your Apecoin DAO membership and score exclusive discounts on MexiApe Eats meals. Feeling extra generous? We’re tossing in free meals for our VIPs. Members will have additional benefits if they are interested in expanding our franchise.

But there’s more. Apecoin DAO members get priority access to our special events such as private Apecoin happy hours, live mariachi bands, and maybe even a few surprise NFT drops. We’re turning every meal into an experience, and Apecoin DAO members are at the front of the line.

Ape Chef Challenge: We’re launching the Ape Chef Challenge. Share your wildest, most Ape-inspired recipes, and the winning dish earns a permanent spot on the MexiApe Eats menu. Think you’ve got the chops to become the Ape Chef Champion? Let the culinary showdown begin!

Future Plans: We’ve got big plans for the future. MexiApe Eats isn’t just stopping at burritos and bowls. We’re cooking up our own Tequila and Mezcal brands to elevate your dining experience. Picture sipping on Ape Añejo Tequila or going wild with Mutant Mezcal, it’s all in the cards.

Current Status and Capabilities: We’re not just dreamers; we’re doers. MexiApe Eats has already taken the first steps to make our vision a reality. We’ve partnered with top-notch contractors and designers to bring our dream to life. What’s more, our recipes aren’t just recipes – they’re a piece of our family’s history, passed down through generations. We’re talking about authentic Mexican flavors that have been cherished in our homes for decades. With your grant, we’re not just bringing Mexican cuisine to the world; we’re sharing a piece of our cultural heritage with the Bored Ape community. We are a first generation mexican family in Spain.

Requested Grant and Breakdown: To make MexiApe Eats the culinary gem of the Ape universe, we’re seeking a grant of USD 300,000. Here’s the refined breakdown:

  1. Integration of Apecoin Payment System: $40,000. Seamless integration into our payment system, making Apecoin transactions as smooth as salsa.
  2. BAYC/MAYC-Inspired Atmosphere and Decoration: $75,000. Crafting a unique dining experience that immerses our guests in the vibrant world of BAYC/MAYC.
  3. Marketing Strategies: $75,000. Implementing aggressive marketing campaigns to spread the MexiApe Eats vibe far and wide.
  4. Logo and Brand creation: $20,000. Designing a logo that captures the essence of MexiApe Eats and resonates with the Ape community.
  5. IP Registration Worldwide: $50,000. Ensuring the MexiApe Eats brand is secured globally through comprehensive IP registration.
  6. Integration with Tokenproof: $15,000. Seamless integration with Tokenproof for exclusive benefits to BAYC/MAYC members and Apecoin DAO members.
  7. Smart Tech Integration: $30,000. Implementing cutting-edge smart kitchen technologies and order management systems to enhance efficiency and provide real-time data.
  8. Customer Loyalty Program: $10,000. Launching a robust customer loyalty program, including exclusive perks for Apecoin DAO members, turning first-time customers into MexiApe Eats enthusiasts.

Use of Grant and Expected Outcomes: This grant isn’t just money; it’s fuel for the MexiApe rocket. From Apecoin transactions to Ape-inspired decor, your grant is turning MexiApe Eats into a banger franchise. Imagine MexiApe Eats becoming the go-to spot for every Apecoin DAO member, a place where good food meets legendary vibes.

Accountability and Transparency: We’re not just talking the talk; we’re walking the Ape walk. MexiApe Eats is committed to full transparency.

Past Successes and Future Growth: MexiApe Eats might be new, but our team is seasoned. The operating team has already been in charge of 3 different franchises.

Engagement and Collaboration: MexiApe Eats is more than a restaurant; it’s a community hub. We’re diving deep into Ape community engagement, from DAO meetings to wild Twitter townhalls. Collaborations? Bring them on. MexiApe Eats is here to be the talk of the Ape town.

Franchise options for members: BAYC/MAYC and ApeCoin DAO members will always have the first option to franchise and expand our concept worldwide. All the paperwork is ready and we are happy to discuss with our brothers.

Hope there’ll be tacos mate :slight_smile:


Main focus is in Bowls and Burritos, as long as margaritas and micheladas for drinks. Tacos are not as consumed in Spain but we will 100% include them in the menu


That’s awesome Gerardo :sparkles:

Would be an amazing opportunity to try out new recipes as well. Rooting for you :white_check_mark:

Thanks mate! You are more than welcome to visit us in Spain

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What an unusual and pleasant idea, it would be great to be able to have a snack and talk to people who share the same ideas in an environment like this

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Even better would be to spread across the world, apecoinDAO members from all regions.
But always connected by the projects that always keep us united!

I really wanted to see it here in Brazil.
You still don’t see Mexican cuisine restaurants around here…
There are few in some more specific places, not commonly in shopping malls.

While I was reading, I started drooling. I’m going to eat, I think)

It’s great to see ideas like this emerging, we’re beyond just web3 and the internet, bringing a lot of newness and value to the physical world, everything connected :two_hearts:

Awesome post, I’ll love to eat burrito if I get to Mexico :grin:

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