A.I. Working Group? Come Explore and Help Shape it

Dear ApeCoinDAO community,

I hope this message finds you all in good spirits and eager to embark on new frontiers of innovation.

Today, I would like to introduce an idea that has been brewing within me—an idea that has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach AI in our projects and startup experiments: an AI Working Group.

The purpose of this proposed AI Working Group is to bring together brilliant minds, diverse perspectives, and technical expertise to shape and enhance the development of AI projects within ApeCoinDAO. By pooling our collective intelligence and experiences, we can create a fertile ground for groundbreaking advancements in the field of AI. But why should we consider this endeavour? Let’s explore the pros and cons of such a concept.


  1. Synergistic Collaboration: An AI Working Group would facilitate collaboration between like-minded individuals, fostering an environment where ideas flourish, solutions are co-created, and collective intelligence thrives. Together, we can tackle complex challenges and harness the true potential of AI.

  2. Comprehensive Feedback: Through active participation and engagement, members of the Working Group can provide valuable feedback on AI projects. This feedback loop enables continuous improvement and ensures that projects align with the goals and values of our community.

  3. Shared Knowledge and Resources: An AI Working Group would allow us to leverage the combined knowledge and resources of experts within the community. By sharing best practices, research findings, and technical insights, we can collectively accelerate our progress and push the boundaries of AI innovation.

  4. Widespread Impact: The services and solutions resulting from the AI Working Group would not only benefit our projects within ApeCoinDAO but also extend to our DAO operations, communications, and the broader web3 ecosystem. Furthermore, the integration of web2 brands and real-world solutions would allow us to create a more inclusive and impactful AI landscape.


  1. Resource Allocation: Forming and maintaining an AI Working Group requires time and effort. We need to carefully consider the allocation of resources, ensuring that we strike a balance between the Working Group’s activities and other essential tasks within ApeCoinDAO.

  2. Managing Diverse Opinions: Collaboration brings together individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives, and approaches. While this diversity can be incredibly enriching, it may also present challenges in terms of aligning visions and finding common ground. We must foster a culture of open-mindedness, respect, and effective communication to overcome potential conflicts.

  3. Sustaining Momentum: The long-term success of an AI Working Group relies on sustained engagement and active participation from its members. We must actively work to cultivate a vibrant community, nurturing an environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to contribute consistently.

With these pros and cons in mind, I invite all of you to share your thoughts, insights, and suggestions regarding the concept of an AI Working Group within ApeCoinDAO. Your valuable feedback will help us refine this idea and determine the viability and potential impact it holds.

Together, we can harness the transformative power of AI to shape the future of ApeCoinDAO, our broader ecosystem, and even the world at large. Let’s come together and make a difference!

Looking forward to your insightful comments and the vibrant discussions that may ensue.


To be clear, I would love for this Working Group to exist and would love for it to be given a healthy budget. I do not claim any expertise in AI, I’m learning like everyone else, I’m just hopeful that an AI Working Group will attract the brightest minds from within and outside our DAO so that we can all benefit from the outcomes.

(and yes, ChatGPT wrote most of the above – but only after several prompts and re-prompts) :rofl:


I think an AI knowledge base & strategy is important for ApeCoin (and every modern organization). A couple of initial questions:

(1) Would this working group primarily focus on implementing AI to increase efficiencies for the ApeCoin DAO itself, or to also work on AI initiatives for the greater Web3 community?

(2) Do you think AI could be an area of responsibility for the Marketing & Communications Working Group rather than a separate group?

Regardless of the direction you decide, I would definitely like to be involved. (My company is currently building AI solutions for integration with our AR technology.)


Hey Justin,

Thanks for the questions and for expressing interest in the AI Working Group.

  1. My thinking is both. The primary focus of the AI Working Group could indeed be to implement AI solutions that increase efficiencies and enhance operations within the ApeCoin DAO. However, my main thoughts extend beyond that. We should aspire to leverage the expertise and insights of the Working Group to contribute to AI initiatives that benefit the greater Web3 community as well. By collaborating and sharing our knowledge, my hope is that we can create a positive impact in the wider ecosystem.
  1. While it is certainly possible to incorporate AI responsibilities into the existing Marketing & Communications Working Group, and while there is some overlap in the skills and mindsets needed in both groups, I think the core talents required for either are distinctive. I generally believe that we should aim for having a dedicated AI Working Group with a more comprehensive focus on AI technologies, research, and development that will help every other Working Group, AIP and project.


Keep in mind though, the individuals with a better handle on AI will help shape this Working Group, not me. And sure, you may be utilizing AI in your own AR ventures currently, but you may also be just the type of member that the DAO needs to help lead this group – if interested :rofl:

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Appreciate you @ssp1111! Count me in.

I like your approach in establishing ApeCoin as not just representing the interests of the DAO, but also the interests of the greater Web3 community, which are one & the same.

I’m still trying to gain an understanding of the distinction between initiatives that are better suited for independent AIPs & those better suited for Working Groups. My assumption was the latter are to serve the ApeCoin DAO directly (i.e. marketing & comms for the DAO), while the former are to serve the broader Web3 community.
Is that the case, or is my assumption incorrect?


Always appreciate your ideas @ssp1111. Would you consider making this an AIP Idea instead of a General post? Curious what your thinking is, as an AIP in Idea stage would still need an additional seven days after it’s been posted.

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You and me both :rofl:.

I think it’s all a work in progress and this conversation is part and parcel of our efforts to define the rails, direction, “realm of authority”, etc.

I imagine it could come down to the budget needed and whether the intention is a long-term DAO-led effort or shorter-term and possibly better suited as a separate entity.

And if that turns out to be the case, then I would vote for an AI Working Group with its own budget, mandates and deliverables separate from other Working Groups and separate from an individual AIP.

This is presuming that the Working Groups construct gets community support and is able to pass “large” budgets easier than separate AIPs.

We may have a podcast around this subject on ApeCoinRadio – smart guests with open minds always welcome :rofl:.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

Hey Chris.

I’m kinda hoping that someone that interned last summer at OpenAI comes in and runs with this general idea.

Also, I need to get a win or two under my belt before I draft any more AIPs with my name on them :rofl:.

Decentralized Events Network coming soon – fingers-crossed.

By the way, is there a logistical reason behind the scenes when one should choose to go to AIP Idea versus a General Post/Idea?

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

Hey, you’re always a winner in my book, amigo.

Makes sense, especially if you’re just getting a community discussion around a topic you’d hope someone with perhaps more domain expertise puts forth as an AIP.

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Ran into the phone booth to put my Facilitator suit on real quick.

We strongly encourage anything that could possibly eventually be an AIP Idea to be posted as such. Given how long the process takes, an Idea that was originally born as a General post would still need to incubate an initial seven days to get community feedback, even if there was a wealth of feedback already on the original General post.

AIP Ideas of course can always be extended for any period of time the author sees fit, as well as withdrawn for any reason. To this end, it never hurts to label a General post as an “AIP Idea” even if one were not immediately interested in drafting it up. There’s no harm nor foul to the author, and it could potentially get the Idea to Draft (and ultimately Implementation) much faster even if one didn’t initially plan for it to make it that far.


Love this idea. I wonder if we make just a “Tech Working Group” to include things like AI, AR/VR, full in house dev team etc.

Either way. We need more tech and we need more devs.


Hey BG – you may be right in thinking that this falls into a Tech Working Group.

The way I see it currently though, is how much attention, how much demand, how much money is being invested into anything A.I.

So much so, the funds I’m involved with have pretty much shifted almost all new funding over to A.I. and now all the other consumer software apps, SaaS startups, etc are getting almost zero $$ – eek.

It’s also what nudged me this morning to finally write-up the idea.

Anyway, your input is appreciated in this conversation, keep it flowing - we need all brains.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Thanks for posting this @ssp1111. I’ve been talking with a few people who are experienced in AI and might be interested in being involved with this. I believe they actually might be submitting proposals soon as well.

I’ve been thinking about AI lately too. With how much it is disrupting industries (in mostly a good way), there are many opportunities for the DAO to explore.

All statements and opinions are my own, not on behalf of the Ape Foundation.


Hey @ssp1111,


Thank you for introducing the idea of an AI Working Group within ApeCoinDAO. I believe this is an exciting opportunity that can truly propel our projects and startup experiments to new heights. The pros you mentioned, such as synergistic collaboration, comprehensive feedback, shared knowledge and resources, and widespread impact, are indeed compelling. I’ll add to that, as I thought suggesting it, I thought of making AI labs that research and develop AI tools interact with $APE as well give official opinion to AIPs that involve AI (as we would expect to see in the future and as we don’t have much knowledge of what is innovation tech and what is already done - the AI industry changed just in the last 2 months from co-creation to creation as the NEW innovative thing).

Regarding the cons, I agree that resource allocation is a crucial factor to consider. Finding the right balance between the Working Group’s activities and other essential tasks within ApeCoinDAO will be essential for its success.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Few slides about AI from venture who represent in OECD AI working group, and leads a lot of AI and GenAI in the last 10 years (I can reach out to big minds in this industry):

Hope it will helps.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Here’s another A.I. conversation and idea for the community - thoughts?

I’m surprised you aren’t talking about GI instead considering how genuine and not artificial you are, SSP.


I think we should put an emphasis on the research and development of open source AI applications + fund research papers via academic grants (This part shouldn’t be and isn’t limited to Artificial Intelligence)

We have a lot of fragmented efforts under the umbrella of Open source AI implementations, what we need is a unifying force. One which can coordinate these efforts between academics, project implementations and the end user efficiently.

If I may, I’ll put it in physics terms. We’re like vectors, the efforts we’re putting in are but we lack the collective sense of direction. Due to which despite our best efforts we cannot live up to our true potential.

Ex : If person A and B put in equal efforts but in opposite directions, the collective work would be 0. If the same person A and B put in the same work in the same direction, the collective work would be double the individual’s work.

If we can channel all this effort effectively, then I think we’d be a truly formidable force and be able to fight back against dystopian outcomes which are increasingly becoming a possibility with the tech we have at our disposal today.

Tech is but an enabler, it only enables the kind of life you wanna lead. Be that a life which empowers individual liberty or one which completely violates it, ultimately it comes down to us.

We have couple of good open source alternatives to Open AI but those systems still have a long way to go in order to catch up, but with determination and perseverance we’ll get there eventually.

These sophisticated technologies cannot be allowed to be concentrated at the highest levels of the society. That’s just my personal opinion, that’s the opposite of democratising access.

If we’re not gonna act on it, at least we’re not gonna quicken our demise.

This tech and the subsequent power it’ll allow one to hold would be invaluable in the coming years and I wouldn’t count on Microsoft to act responsibly and no way in heck am I gonna trust them to do so out of the kindness of their hearts.

I’ll end with this “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”


All great points Anky.

What are the next steps? Are there next steps?

How is the ApeCoin DAO involved?


So I envision The DAO acting in these two broad categories, more to come

  1. Sponsoring academic programs alongside Research and Development for Open Source AI and ML projects.

  2. Coordinating efforts between projects and teams and facilitating collaboration in order to decrease lead time.

The first step in this would be the formation of a charter
I think. Then we’ll figure out the exact role we should be playing

What do you think on this fwen ?

How do you see pulling all this in with the Alliance that @ApeJumper is proposing?

I know you’re passionate about this stuff so does it make sense for you to join the Alliance, especially as you also bring in the experience and ApeCoin DAO knowledge?

They’d be lucky to have you


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