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Home for the nomination profiles of all nominees who have submitted an application and completed the KYC and background verification process. Nomination profiles are open for community discussion and interaction with nominees.


Can we get more info on ‘background verification’ - I’m hoping this means criminal record check for fraud, theft etc and crimes against women and children of course. I do not know any large organisation in the UK at least, that does not currently carry out full criminal record checks when recruiting - just I know there’s always small differences in terms used in the US and UK and they differ greatly at times. Looking forward to this being clarified.

May also cut down on the number of applicants and save the project funds in necessary admin costs, if this was made more clear - ‘we will not place criminals etc within our COUNCIL ever’.

IMHO certain types of crimes should make people ineligible right off the bat for COUNCIL member position, even if the conviction is spent.


What I find surprising is that you have all the information to apply but at no time do we explain to you concretely what your job will consist of, in particular the time you will have to devote to it?
25 hours / week for example

Does that seem to me to be a sound basis before proposing to people to introduce themselves?


Hi River,

Curious why the candidate profiles are automatically closing in the morning? Wouldn’t it make more sense to leave them open and keep the election discussion focused in Discourse? Thank you!

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Hey @river - I’m also interested in what @badteeth mentions above. Will they remain open for comments and if not, can it be reconsidered?

tagging @Pearson and @btang for visibility.

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