Add coin utility by promoting products priced exclusively in apecoin

One of the reasons I’m excited about Ape coin is that Otherside intends to price items in it exclusively. This DAO could encourage others to follow Yuga’s lead, not to mention open up a potentially new utility-game-theory angle… just create a trusted ledger in which ape coin holders can advertise items they price exclusively in ape coin.

I assume such a thing would not be very expensive, but lots of good things can happen. Easiest to imagine is that apes might offer utility to each other with apecoin-only businesses / offers / giveaways. Some online businesses may find the marketing is worth enough to offer some products for sale in apecoin exclusively, in exchange for being listed.

I’m imagining each listing just gives the product / service / opportunity it offers, and the limit on the number of apecoin holders that can participate, if any. Perhaps our centralized ledger also allows ape coin holders to sign up for limited offers, maybe with some rules about claim frequencies, all to be discussed and agreed by the DAO of course. Maybe we can allow users to give feedback on services eg a 5-star rating system + comments.

By encouraging certain products to price exclusively in apecoin, we broaden the number of people that have a reason to learn about the coin. Besides the marketing, items priced exclusively in apecoin inherently give the coin more value, allowing the community an easy way to increase the coin’s value by offering useful products / services to each other.

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This could be interesting, an ApeCoin only marketplace. Registration could be handled through MetaMask (instead of long forms and passwords), sellers can post their “widget” and specify a base price in a stable currency which could continually update the accepted price in ApeCoin (would need some sort of price discovery bot that aggregates a few exchanges rates to limit any risk of one exchange from going down or misreporting market rates).

The exclusive deals to ApeCoin holders would probably be a very attractive feature and may incentive a loyal user base.

You probably need two developers (one MetaMask expert, one Shopify / commerce platform developer). You would need a few folks to manage the admin of the site (returns, managing bad listings, support for slow transactions), you would need a custodian account to hold your float and manage treasury, partner with some Apes to do the communication and marketing?

Just some thoughts to help collaboration here.


Yeah you totally get it. I’m trying to find just a small incremental step to encourage apecoin-only commerce, but it has a lot more potential if the DAO was into it. Love your thoughts trying to sketch it out.


I agree with this. This has helped a ton in the Decentraland community with MANA as well. I have sold real life products for MANA to the community and would love to do the same with $APE !!!


I’m behind this proposal 100%

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I like this idea. I would love to see ApeCoin used globally. We can start from Otherside and expand from there. Example is the restaurant of “Bored & Hungry in the USA”


Yes! I imagine that “Bored and Hungry” ape might be willing to offer some items on their menu that can only be purchased with apecoin. They get listed on the apecoin ledger as a place to go in that area, perhaps bringing in some extra business from apes who go a little out of their way to support the cause. Meanwhile, “normie” customers just passing through see apecoin-only options on the menu, it adds a certain fun / exclusive angle to their lunch, maybe it gets them over the hump to download a wallet and buy their first coin, thus onboarding a new supporter.


This idea sound very productive and expands utility. I like it and could vote for something on these lines. Your idea to start with something small is the right direction. There was a post abt someone making actual BAYC custom novelty tokens quite a while ago. Even something as small as a souvenir that was a bit less custom and generic at the restarant could be a foot in the door. I personally would like to take something like that home if I had a chance to visit bored and hungry…and actual ape coin souvenir for one Ape…

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