AIP-109: A feature rich platform that creates token gated “profile pages” for your NFT’s


Our proposal aims to fund the creation of a beautifully designed platform that creates token gated social media like “profile pages” for your NFT’s.

By logging all the historical milestones, achievements, stories and commercial rights usage of your NFT on its page, you will be able to build the history of specific NFT - ultimately allowing you to sell and/or license your NFT for a premium.

As these are token gated, only the current owner can post on that specific NFT’s page & each page automatically moves to the next owner when the token is transferred.

The underlying engine of this platform will be powered by ApeCoin.


Currently, the NFT space does not have a consolidated platform that currently allows an owner to document every single piece of activity related to their BAYC/MAYC and other NFTs in a central location.

All NFT marketplaces like OS/LooksRare currently offer ONLY quantitative data on digital assets.

There is:

  • NO information on licensing or commercial use of an asset.
  • NO context about what activities the previous owners have done & their personal story with their NFT.
  • NO ability to see an aggregation of all the content created for an NFT.

These are factors that are going to become more and more important surrounding BAYC and the wider NFT projects purchasing/selling/licensing assets in the future.

Here is a great infographic of all the cool things our BAYC community is doing with their NFT’s - including but not limited to:

(credit: )

This doesn’t include the 1000s of pieces of derivative art, stories, lore and cool ways people are building with their apes/mutants/otherdeed/KODAs.

It ALSO doesn’t include the wider NFT communities that are doing similar things - i.e spiritDAO with Azuki, KingpinDAO with Gutter Cat Gang.

The good news is - we have already been working on this for majority of 2022 and have a functioning MVP that can be iterated upon. The groundwork has been laid for this platform to flourish and push ApeCoin to the forefront of running the engines of a very unique project. Keep reading further for more info!

You can check out our live, working MVP [Name and branding will be changed :slight_smile: ]

We would be using the funding to continue development on features, proper branding, expand collections supported - as well as integrate ApeCoin into our platform to become the main engine of minting, tipping, exposure/reach. There are also future plans for unique token mechanics out of the scope of this specific proposal.

Proposal Category

Ecosystem Fund (marketing/growth/utility for BAYC/MAYC + other digital assets.)

Motivation & Rationale

There are a few reasons why the DAO should consider funding this project.

This platform is perfectly aligned with the vision of pushing out additional value out of Yuga Ecosystem assets + the fact that we would be a net positive value adding service across the board to the entire NFT ecosystem.

Our platform will eventually encompass 100s if not 1000s of NFT collections on ETH as well as other chains over time. The DAO can proudly say that it is pushing innovation in the space as well as the following tangential impact for ApeCoin.

  • Reach/Exposure - with over 100s of potential collections to be immediately added on the platform, you are increasing the number of highly engaged members in the NFT space that are part of different communities to get exposed to & reasons to pick up ApeCoin.
  • Minting - our upcoming NFT pass would give additional functionality to the users of the platform. This mint pass will also have the option to mint in ApeCoin as well as ETH.
  • Tipping - Users can tip exclusively in ApeCoin for a specific NFT on its page. Whoever owns the NFT can redeem it if it reaches a certain threshold. (i.e 3-5 ApeCoin) This will reward people in various NFT communities that are highly engaged and developing their nft IP/brand and be highly motivating for NFT’s that are not worth extremely high prices.
  • Paying Creative Consultants - We want to bring together content creators who have the skill to build the IP/brand around an NFT with people who want to pay for these services. We would use ApeCoin to continue powering the interactions between these 2 parties.

EDIT - Later on, you will see a CCAAS section on working with NFT owners who want to create branding and develop the IP of their pages through storytelling, art creation, videos etc.

Something that will not cost any money OR time to development but add additional utility to ApeCoin would be to allow a snapshot vote of curated pages to allow apecoin holders to choose which NFT pages to develop.
For example - as a platform, we would choose 3 NFT’s that we would put up to a vote asking something like - “Which of these NFT’s should we focus on developing first with our team?”
This would add another layer of governance that is added to apecoin holders.

Progress to date

  1. The platform
  2. Asset Security
  3. Downstream Services API
  4. Paths to long term sustainability - Mint Pass & CCAAS
  5. Team

The Platform

Like I mentioned, the platform already has a working MVP live to tinker with.

In a nutshell - the platform is a website where users connect their web3 wallets (i.e metamask, Coinbase wallet) to launch an application in the browser. Here they will be able to provide read only access to prove that they own the ERC tokens on the Ethereum blockchain in their wallet. The ability to post on page of the specific NFT’s profile is token gated and can only be accessed by the owner of the token, thus selling the NFT will automatically transfer the ownership of the “profile page” to the next person.

Exhibit 1 - A screenshot of my BAYC 786’s page - I can give it a custom name, description, make posts, follow the NFTs page to get updates on a custom newsfeed. You can see a post I have made for it which talks about why I bought the ape and my story with it. It also has tags, ability to share and flag and if I was logged in, I could edit/delete the post as long as I owned it as well.

Exhibit 2 - Right now our MVP only supports 6 collections - we would be planning on adding atleast the top 50-100 ETH NFTs supported at launched, handpicked. We would also have a procedure in place for all the additional collections we want to add support for.

Exhibit 3 -

You can see a public feed of updates from NFTs. You also have a custom feed after logging in and choosing which NFTs to follow.

Asset Security - Protecting your wallet

We are already working on a Vulcanbot style solution for our platform that allows users to connect to the site and verify ownership of their wallet without connecting their vault to our site. [ ]

Downstream services API

One of the most important things we are looking to do is provide marketplaces, analytics tools and other services our API to connect and take our feeds directly into their platform. For example, you can see all the activities around an ape you are looking to purchase directly on OpenSea or LooksRare.

You can even have new metrics of measuring a communities strength for analytics platforms such as Icy Tools. (# of followers, posts, metadata of content quality)

Paths to long term sustainability - Mint Pass & CCAAS

NFT Mint Pass - (smart contract already 90% completed)

Value adding features that enhance the user experience of the platform - a premium membership to the site.

  • Twitter integration for cross posting and leveraging existing social channels in creative ways.
  • Post delegation for social media management.
  • Token gated mega pages (incredibly exciting feature… multi-collection trait based groupings - think every BAYC, Azuki, GCG with a cigarette trait can have their own token gated “club” page)
  • Licensing button - aggregate option to connect to various licensing platforms.
  • Exposure through content discovery sections - spotlighting NFTs, posts, users.
  • Claiming tips at lower threshold (ApeCoin benefit)

Content Creation as a Service (CCAAS)

An inhouse team to help develop Brand/IP for digital assets. Paying Creative Consultants.

  • Extremely valuable assets with commercial rights, opportunity to help build the decentralized Disney or Marvel Universe.
  • Owners aren’t always content creators - 95% of assets don’t have the ability to sell or be licensed by themselves.
  • Mutually beneficial service - Money spent on this service directly adds value back to the NFT.
  • Partner with NFT projects - own assets from the projects and build out our own asset vault. Can essentially have 1000s of licensable assets owned by the platform that we start building out their profile pages.
  • Powered/paid via ApeCoin - Can also put proposals up for votes from the DAO in the future to choose which NFT’s we develop IP/branding for.


TEAM INFO + LINKS - Track the Myth

Doxxed founder + longtime BAYC/MAYC member : Akhil Potdar working fulltime on project.

Currently onboarding 2 more BAYC members on for software development - not listed on site (@0xDegenealogy @brainy)

Working with dev shop ATM - vetted and already working with a development house that can keep working on development while we build out a full inhouse team - They have built our MVP over the last few months.

Codepace -

  • CTO/Founder - Daniyal Bilal/Max Miskow
  • head engineer/solutions architect
  • FE developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • project manager
  • QA/Dev Ops

Advisory -

We have 5 talented individuals that we have onboard to advise on the project - 1 content creation advisor, 2 tech advisors, 1 startup advisor, 1 marketing advisor/consultant. Fully Doxxed.

Legal Council -

We have a very talented lawyer with decades of experience + has also gotten into web3 full time supporting us.


  • Our platform works as a regular site that has web3 connectivity on desktop - you can take a look at what we will build on at
  • We have a great browsing experience on mobile without the wallet connectivity.
  • As it currently supports ETH NFTs, it has the option to login via a metamask/ CB wallet connection. This is all on ETH base layer 1.
  • We will explore the options to upload entries to the blockchain on sidechains/L2.
  • We are working on a Vulcanbot style login option where you don’t risk connecting your vault at all to our site for verification of assets. We leverage OS trust to get the signature on their site.

Steps to Implement & Timeline

Total - 8 months delivery time from time of funding. High level Breakdown below.

Overall Cost

We have already spend a lot of our own capital developing the MVP.

We expect development costs to include software engineers (at the very least - 1 lead, 1 full stack, 1 front end,1 flex support), project manager, marketing, general overhead & operational costs, advisors, legal etc.

We are asking for a total between 150k to 170k ApeCoin [Dependent on USD price before voting - aiming for approx. 700-800k USD worth]


The DAO has a unique opportunity to fund the development of a very interesting project that adds value not just to Yuga asset holders, but the wider NFT ecosystem. We have already been working on this platform for months now which allows for a much faster delivery timeline at a lower cost to the DAO than would be required to build from scratch.

It will also spur adoption and give another use case to ApeCoin itself.
I humbly ask that the DAO take this chance on this ape from your community.

Here is a link to a companion video to the proposal that we have created as well.
youtube video link here


If this proposal passes, we will pick 3-4 options for the name of the platform that we are picking from and put it up to a vote as an AIP. Would be a fun little bonus for the DAO!

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Thanks mods for approving the post! I will be posting some more info about the following topics by tomorrow in the replies:

Info on Vulcanbot and how that will work.
Info on the rebrand.
Some future plans for the platform.

Please take a look and if you have any questions at all, happy to hop on a quick call if required on top of replying here.


Hey, I wanted to give you a lot of credit for making the youtube video. I think that was super helpful for explaining the product you’ve created. This is a really neat idea that people can use immediately. Tracking the history of how an NFT has been used is an awesome thing!

I’m curious about the rebrand & also your future plans. Looking forward to hearing more!
I’m unsure if the AIP process can be used to vote on a rebranded name, but its a fun idea.


Just a followup -

Info on Vulcanbot and how that will work.

Vulcan bot is an alternative wallet verification discord bot just like collab-land. The main difference being that Vulcanbot does not require you to connect to their site. You essentially enter your wallet address into a popup, the program generates a random string of characters for you and you have a specific amount of time to put that string in your OpenSea bio - after which it makes that connection for you. It is essentially a “login with OS” option.

Info on the rebrand.

While we love the name and got positive feedback on - the reality is that it is a very long name that we have noticed is difficult for people to type into their browser. We have approx 10 ideas for short punchy 5-7 character words that we would love to put up to the DAO for a vote to choose what should be our site name if this proposal passes!

Some future plans for the platform. [OUT OF THE SCOPE OF THIS PROPOSAL]

Tokenomics - [long term] with newsfeeds, content, posts and engagement on the platform, we can reward users with $APE overtime for being power users of the platform and use it as an underlying asset to jumpstart our own DAO.

Long term creation of DAO structures, more NFT passes, creation of new unique gamification and experiences on platform - whether it is narrative based or RPG style. Merging of service with an ApecoinDAO backed marketplace or licensing platform.

In the future, as this concept is chain agnostic, we would have plans to keep using apecoin to drive value even if the NFTs we add support for are on different chains.

Claiming ApeCoin from DAO activities (posting, commenting, creating content, licensing, cross posting)


Thanks for your proposal. Really like this idea!

It would be great for showing things like royalties that the NFT may receive that follow the NFT (i.e. Jenkins the Valet licenses).

Not sure if you saw it, but there’s an updated Ecosystem map from Sept 4


There is a twitter space planned for this starting in about 5 minutes. Here’s the link and replay usually is available for upto 30 days:


After speaking with @wabaam about the proposal - one of the ideas that came out of that discussion was an additional utility to apecoin in this proposal. This adds no extra cost or time to develop as we can use existing platform like Snapshot to integrate this in our plans.

This was the section added to the proposal

EDIT - Later on, you will see a CCAAS section on working with NFT owners who want to create branding and develop the IP of their pages through storytelling, art creation, videos etc.

Something that will not cost any money OR time to development but add additional utility to ApeCoin would be to allow a snapshot vote of curated pages to allow apecoin holders to choose which NFT pages to develop.
For example - as a platform, we would choose 3 NFT’s that we would put up to a vote asking something like - “Which of these NFT’s should we focus on developing first with our team?”
This would add another layer of governance that is added to apecoin holders.


Good addition ser. I just sent you a little more feedback by DM on Discord, but the jist of it is: if ApeCoin is central to the monetization of the platform, I would suggest highlighting/expressly stating that.

Hi @akhilttm,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


I love social integration tools … hope this gets push through a bit more & we can break down pro’s and con’s more … The biggest hurdle as always when creating social media- esque tech is … Why should someone switch to your app?

Hey, appreciate you checking out the proposal man.

This q is less so to do with the proposal and more so to do with the business side. This service really isn’t looking to directly compete with existing social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, or wherever else.
It is much more complimentary to them. One of the things we definitely will be doing is having cross posting, specifically to Twitter to begin with.

You can definitely go ahead and start a social media page on Instagram as an example for any NFT. This could be the platform where you log a lot of milestones that are achieved on other platforms (i.e growth, engagement stats, viral moments).

The grant will allow us to provide an API to pretty much every single marketplace for free so that it allows you to feel the impact of your brand building + extract value from posts that you make directly.

Have a lot more in terms of strategy that isn’t necessarily in the proposal. Always down to chat to clarify.

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Thank you @akhilttm for your ideas and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @akhilttm please see your messages for the next steps.


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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@akhilttm has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,


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