AIP-13: APE FOUNDATION Merch - Top Drawer - Ecosystem Fund Allocation


Utilizing the Ape Foundation IP, give Papasito the discretion to work with professionals to design $APE merch echoing the Ape Fest 2021 merch with a unique design pertaining to the DAO to generate revenue.


Utilize a full-service merch company to streamline the process, create a merch drop for only ape coin holders, that is limited in quantity to generate revenue for the DAO.


Merch has and always will be a source of notoriety for BAYC, and we within the APE COIN DAO should capitalize on the trail they blazed by creating merch with the IP Yuga gifted us. It should be new but also conserve the spirit of the BAYC merch to provide buyers with instant recognition. This will generate revenue for the DAO, add utility to $APE and help us to grow as the merch becomes trendy.


Utilizing the APE Foundation IP work with Top Drawer Merch to design and successfully implement a merch drop that is for Ape Coin holders only, has a limited window and only purchasable through with APE COIN.

Any ApeCoin not used from the budget will return to the DAO ecosystem fund.

Papasito will have no stake in the profits, all profits will go to the DAO ecosystem fund.

Details on all the sales and the profits that were made will be made available to the ApeCoin DAO community after the merch sale.

Steps to Implement

1: Mock designs created (already done)

2: Funds transferred to Papasito

3: Utilizing a full-service company have them design and prepare to fulfil a merch drop. Designs will be approved by Papasito before being finalized.

4: Design and create online store with simple UI based on that only allows the merch to be purchased in ApeCoin.

5: Store opens to all ape coin holders with a limited window to purchase.

6: Profits and any unused funds are transferred to the DAO ecosystem fund as well as records of sales and usage of funds made available to the community after the sale.


This would go into effect immediately if this AIP passes, merch designs will be finalized and the store tab for the website will be built and implemented before the merch sale goes live. Regular updates will be given to allow people to prepare for the merch drop.

Overall Cost

Use a maximum of 130K USD equivalent in ApeCoin from the DAO treasury to accomplish all tasks.


The costs of store creation is far too high. How did you come to these estimates and what experience do you have with this market?


The purpose of the AIP Analysis Report is to square away all those costs, I also mentioned advertising and other costs such as hiring employees temporarily for customer support.


Will the ApeCoin DAO receive the profits from this investment? Will you be developing a payment solution with ApeCoin? I would definitely buy some merch, but I’m not sure an investment is needed?


The DAO would generate 100 percent of the profits.



Why do you feel the costs for the creation of the store is too high? Based on what data or experience?

What would you estimate as a more accurate figure?

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How do you envision that capital flow and contractual obligations to work?

Hey! I feel the store development costs are expensive because there are services like Shopify or otherwise that can be quickly deployed. There are also merchandise dropshipping services to reduce all upfront costs to near $0.

Essentially if a person at home can deploy a store for few hundred dollars, I see no need to build a storefront from scratch. Does that make sense?

From a practical standpoint I see a lot of people remaking the wheel over and over. I can deploy a really nice functional store with limited edition merchandise for very little $$. I can even token gate certain items for a bit more w/ developer skills!

Having said that, for the benefit of the community and ecosystem, i think there’s a happy middle between my “maximum money for DAO” direction and others ideas. I’m a team player here!


I would not personally be developing the payment solution, such is why I allocated 30K for such things in the proposal.

To me it makes sense for the DAO to do the investing and for the DAO to generate all the revenue. For it is the DAO that owns the IP.


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The voting period will close on June 1, 2022 at 9PM ET.

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