AIP-137: The Special Council Nomination Process

Hi @Vulkan, thank you for your questions. I have provided the answers to them below:

  1. I have estimated to the best of our abilities the timeframe for each phase with the current information we have. There are also few days in the proposed timeline for contingencies (i.e. between nomination announcement and applications, as well as between the end of a phase and the Snapshot live voting). If the community prefers to extend one phase while shortening another, open to hear feedback.
  2. This AIP proposes a framework and process to nominate candidates for the Special Council election. The Special Council Election Process proposes a framework for elections, term limits, and frequency of elections. Cartan and Discourse are separate matters and separate AIPs would be posted for their renewal.
  3. The estimated timeframe takes into account reasonable estimates of each phase, including the number of applicants. I would be happy to extend the KYC and background verification process if the community has a recommendation for a phase they wish to reduce or adjust.
  4. I have adjusted the AIP and stated that it is per week.
  5. The 4 AIP categories are: Ecosystem Fund Allocation, Brand Decision, Informational, and Process. Brand Decision & Informational were put together but still considered as two separate AIP categories. I have adjusted the language to state the AIP categories listed below (i.e. removing reference to four).