AIP-175: Establish ApeComms

ApeComms 2.0

Original Proposal (Click to open)

Original Proposal

AIP-142: Establish Communication Team (ApeComms)

Reason for Return

Reason for Return

Various reasons, summarized:

  • Lack of clarity around time commitment, responsibilities, objectives, and vested compensation schedule
  • Initial budget is too high
  • Team compensation and time commitments should not be uniform
Resubmission Updates

Resubmission Updates

Changes that have been made and why it should now be approved:

  • Clear breakdown of costs, responsibilities, and objectives
  • Roles are more defined and assigned to each team member
  • Compensation for each defined role is based on the role’s average US compensation
  • Total budget was greatly reduced and clarifies hourly commitment at a reasonable weekly time expectation, with an overall reduced initial time frame.
  • Clarification that ApeComms does not take custody of funds upfront: payments are made monthly and are subject to unlocks.


This proposal would put in place the ApeComms working group, which would provide full time AIP development assistance to community members in the ApeCoin ecosystem, educate and provide resources to community members about AIPs and other issues important to the ApeCoin DAO, assist the DAO administrators with communications, and develop a public discord.

Link to ApeComms Pitch Deck


ApeComms proposes to provide key services for the ApeCoin DAO, which are currently missing or would otherwise lack sufficient support and resources.

ApeComms proposes to solve three distinct problems:

  1. AIP authors struggle to develop AIPs on Discourse
  2. Official communications lack full-time support and resources
  3. There is currently no public Discord for the ApeCoin DAO to collaborate

ApeComms would provide three core services:

  1. AIP Education & Support
  2. Communications Support
  3. Discord Development & Management


The mission and guiding values for ApeComms are:

  • Awareness: Communication in the APE ecosystem should be transparent and consistent.
  • Participation: Driving proposals forward will create opportunities and more demand.
  • Education: Understanding ApeCoin DAO processes & decisions will encourage further action and DAO development.
Key Terms (Click to open)

Key Terms

  • APE Improvement Proposal Draft & Analysis Report (AIP DAR Package) - both the AIP Draft (submitted by the proposal author) and the AIP Analysis Report (submitted by the project management team engaged by the APE Foundation) as a package after the analysis report is conducted.
  • ApeComms Operating Fund - The budget included for the ApeComms initiative which covers initial and ongoing costs for legal consultation, Discord security & management, as well as CRM & project management tools. ApeComms does not take custody of these funds.
  • Discourse “Regular” Trust Level 3 - Regulars are the backbone of the community, the most active readers and reliable contributors over a period of months, even years. Because they’re always around, they can be further trusted to help tidy up and organize the community. To get to trust level 3, in the last 100 days: Must have visited ApeCoin DAO Discourse at least 50% of days, must have replied to at least 10 different non-PM topics, of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25%) , of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25%, must have received 20 likes, and given 30 likes. Must not have received more than 5 spam or offensive flags (with unique posts and unique users for each, confirmed by a moderator), Must not have been suspended or silenced in the last 6 months. (Currently only 7 members of ApeCoin DAO have reached this status, ApeComms represents 6 of those members- 0xSword, AdventurousApe, Amplify, Lost, RedVulkan, and SSP)


The ApeComms Team would be created to perform three primary functions:

Functions and tasks

Table 1: Tasks associated with each ApeComms primary function (click to enlarge):



Table 2: Deliverables associated with each ApeComms primary function (click to enlarge):

Please see the “Timeline” section for additional detail on deliverables.

Reporting & KPIs

Reporting & KPIs

Table 3: Reporting elements & KPIs associated with each ApeComms primary function (click to enlarge):

ApeComms Roles & Responsibilities

ApeComms Roles & Responsibilities

Table 4: Responsibilities for each ApeComms team role (click to enlarge):

Our Team & Experience

Our Team & Experience:

Table 5: Team member experiences and qualifications (click to enlarge):

Steps to Implement

Communications Structure

Communications Structure

  • Directs Ape Foundation, including Special Council, to provide proposal status updates to ApeComms
  • Directs Ape Foundation to coordinate with ApeComms for use of ApeCoin Twitter Account
  • Directs Ape Foundation to assign Moderator(s) to co-host Spaces using ApeCoin’s Twitter Account
  • Directs Ape Foundation to join new & existing channels for interacting with ApeComms Team
  • Directs Ape Foundation to provide a direct link to the ApeCoin DAO Discord server on
  • Directs Ape Foundation to immediately begin sharing with ApeComms all past, present and future DAR packages, including the Ape Foundation moderator notes from the AIP Moderation phase
  • Directs Ape Foundation to facilitate ApeComms attendance at Special Council & Administrator meetings, including “Office Hours” calls
ApeComms Operating Fund

ApeComms Operating Fund

  • The ApeComms Operating Fund would remain in ApeCoin DAO control, ApeComms would not take full custody of funds
  • Directs Ape Foundation to assign a Moderator(s) to co-manage the Operating Fund with ApeComms
  • The Moderator(s) assigned would be granted signing authority for invoices submitted by the Project Director
  • Any unused portion of this budget would remain in the Ecosystem Fund.


The timeline to implement the ApeComms initiative would begin immediately upon approval. The ApeComms team formed and began work several months before proposing a formal AIP, so much of the initial legwork has already been done.

Table 6: Timeline and deliverables (click to enlarge):

Since this initiative is among the first working groups from the ApeCoin DAO, and as we are reliant on information from the Ape Foundation itself, ApeComms may exercise a certain amount of discretion in implementing this timeline.

Overall Cost

Overall Cost

The total cost of this proposal is $ 114,129 USD for a 3 month term.

Please note: ApeComms is not taking custody of the total budget up front or in full. Contributors would be compensated directly by the Ape Foundation on a monthly basis. ApeComms Operating Fund amounts would only be accessed as needed. Breakdown of compensation vs operating fund is available below.

We have been advised by the administrators during our previous AIP submission that we should provide an exact day each month to receive compensation. For our purposes, the first day of every month would be ideal to receive team compensation. For the ApeComms Operating Fund, for which we will submit invoices to be paid by the Ape Foundation, we kindly request those be paid as needed. We were also advised by the administrators to request an amount in USD, which is why we have done so.

Table 7: Total cost to implement the proposal (note that this cost is for 3 months - click to enlarge):

Table 8: Data used to calculate 3 month compensation (click to enlarge):

Table 9: Comparables that were used for compensation rates (click to enlarge):

Table 10: ApeComms Operating Fund “OpsFund” breakdown (click to enlarge):

Any ApeComms members who are appointed or elected as Stewards of WG0 will not receive any compensation under this proposal. The compensation for those members that was outlined in this proposal will not be withdrawn from the ApeCoin Treasury.

How we vote

How we vote

ApeComms members would make “Formal ApeComms Governance Decisions” by majority vote. A split vote is considered a vote against.

“Formal ApeComms Governance Decisions” include decisions to remove or replace team members; decisions to spend amounts from OpsFund; decision to approve a discord moderation program; decision to approve a contributor program; amendments to “Formal ApeComms Governance Decisions” voting process, etc.

ApeComms members may vote by e-mail, in discord, or in another technological medium as ApeComm members deem fit.

Adding or removing members

ApeComms members may be removed or replaced from the team by majority vote.

Note that the ApeComms team was selected for their continuous long-term participation in the DAO including assisting w/ proposals, creating newsletters, performing data analysis, hosting and coordinating community Twitter spaces, helping others through unofficial channels, and more.

ApeComms will release a qualifications and criteria document for future team members.

Milestones (Cont.)

Intention to publish communications policy

ApeComms will adopt these policies to be shared with the Ape Foundation & Ape Community. These will be shared publicly on our website, which will be linked to our main twitter page. The policy will be finalized during the first quarter of 2023, and will be updated to include any new terms set forward by the ApeCoin DAO. Including:

  • General Conduct
  • Security & Tech
  • Team Qualifications
  • Recruiting & Volunteer Program

Intention to build discord moderation program

ApeComms intends to build a discord moderation program. This program would ensure that the discord is moderated and secure. A portion of the OpsFund has been set aside to pay for additional moderators beyond the ApeComms team.

Intention to develop a contributor program for ApeComms

ApecComms intends to develop a contributor program and will go about scoping this process. This program would ensure that fluid onboarding onto the ApeComms team is executed in a fair, transparent and organized way.





We’ve worked really hard for months to build this. Apecomms 2.0 continues to deliver on the best features of earlier versions. This updated proposal clarifies our time commitments, and in some cases, has reduced the amount of hours spent by each member to more effective levels.

  • Check on proposal statuses, access to board meetings & DAR documents
  • Discord for builders, holders, & ecosystem projects
  • Continued twice weekly twitter spaces now on the official Apecoin acct
  • Shorter time length + minimal salaries

Builders in the ecosystem know that we are active & proven. We will continue to welcome new builders, make introductions, & collaborate between them. My job on the team is to help with AIPs. I’ve advised ~30 proposals on ways to integrate $APE.

Our group social media account is We support international builders, community members, & delegates. :gorilla::loud_sound::handshake::world_map::hammer_and_wrench:


Hello again everyone! I wanted to reintroduce myself as a member of the ApeComms team, highlighting some of my experience. :slight_smile:

I have been a very active long time contributor to the ApeCoin DAO since its inception, becoming the third member to reach “Regular” status on the Discourse Forums. (See: Profile - Amplify - ApeCoin DAO ) I have also been a BAYC holder since June of 2021. I began researching cryptocurrencies in 2016, and began contributing to DAO’s in 2019.

Starting with MakerDAO, I would attend community calls hosted by and contribute to MakerDAO’s RocketChat. I helped with product feedback for Maker’s second product, Multi-Collateral DAI and the Collateralized Debt Position user interface and workflow.

In January 2022, I acquired a position at Babylon Finance, first as a Discord Moderator and later as their Community Manager. While at Babylon, I worked closely with while providing product feedback and ideation, partnership proposals, (See: AIP-31: Apecoin Investment DAO + Staking Mechanic - Ecosystem Fund Allocation) copywriting and editing the weekly newsletter, (See: as well as participating in community calls, Q&A’s, writing FAQ’s, and creating User Guides, (See: User Guides - I also created 3 investment clubs on Babylon with unique strategies, and participated as a strategist in 2 others totaling an AUM of ~$2.4M.

In August 2022, I began consulting for Archimedes Finance where I research potential stablecoins the protocol may want to utilize in their architecture, as well as add support and context during outreach and partnerships with other DAOs. I personally helped scale Archimedes’ Twitter followers from 300 to 18,000. In addition to providing internal support for the core team and the Chief Marketing Officer, , I provide high quality Discord moderation preventing spam, scams, and other nefarious activity.

I occasionally help Archimedes and other projects with copywriting and editing tasks. You may have read some of my articles! :slight_smile:

I have over 80% ApeCoin DAO voter participation @ 0xamplify.eth, 3600+ transactions, and a DegenScore of 2313, rank 14 overall.

I’m super excited to help out at the ApeCoin DAO and really bring awareness to some of the amazing ideas our community has!! :raised_hands:


Hey everyone,

The team contributing to ApeComms has spent the past week compiling and discussing feedback from across channels, and ultimately reiterating our proposal. Firstly, welcome back @RedVulkan ! Vulkan is the original author of this proposal and has continued to volunteer his time to support us. @boredelon will continue to contribute to ApeComms, but in response to feedback and since he is a qualified Special Council Nominee, he has decided to step away from any potentially conflicting compensation with ApeComms and is running for a seat on the Council!

We will continue to work together with the ApeCoin DAO towards building consensus around our proposal before the next vote. Our previous AIP thread is one of the longest discussions on our forum here, and we are still excited to find the right path forward with the community. We are encouraged that so many unique voters were in support of our previous proposal, we hear you. Thank you.


We followed the template for resubmitting an AIP after Snapshot, as recommended,



Thanks @Lost for posting our v2 proposal and thanks in advance to everyone in the community for taking the time to read through it, provide feedback, and ask questions. Here is a quick background on myself.

I currently write a newsletter for our DAO as part of AIP-66 and also track various engagement and participation metrics on the DAO here. This analysis has led to proposals like AIP-144 seeking to improve processes within the DAO.

I have also participated in numerous calls and chats helping people of our community become familiar with the AIP process and what to expect along the way.

You might remember me as the author of this initial proposal but not part of the team behind AIP-142. Back when the initial proposal was in the works, I decided to step away and build a few things on my own. However, to be honest I felt a little lost after doing so. My place has always been alongside this ApeComms team working to improve communication within the DAO and educating people on the DAO and proposal process.

I’m extremely grateful the team allowed me to come back and we are as motivated as ever to build something the DAO values. We have listened to feedback provided the first go-around and will continue to listen right up until our proposal goes up for a live vote again. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or anyone else on the team if you feedback or questions.


Major props to you all for taking the feedback and revising your AIP. The costs look much more reasonable in this version. The detail of roles and responsibilities is much improved.

I was a bit surprised to see 3 additional full-time mods at 30k each in the OpsFund, but won’t harp on it.

A few questions:

  1. Of the team members, how many (and which, if you can share) are currently employed or self-employed full-time? (IRS definition: 30 or more hours per week or 130 or more hours per month)

  2. If some members currently working full time, will they continue? Can they handle the 70-80+ hour weeks?

  3. Do you anticipate submitting an extension prior to the 6 month grant period ending? If an extension were to fail, would any of the things in this AIP live on without funding?

Part of me feels that a team of 8 + 3 FT mods is still too much, but at this point I think the DAO desperately needs improvement. Hopefully the community will grow into it to the point that you need to hire more to keep up with the activity.

Overall, I’m in support of ApeComms.


Glad to see the V2.0 of ApeComms. it’s good to see all the updates including detailed responsibilities and lower costs. ApeComms team has been working without budget for months and delivered solid outcomes. I’ll support it and hope to see ApeComms bring more value to the community.


Heya NFTC,

Thanks for reading our resubmission and for your ongoing support. Appreciate you appreciating our listening to the community and refining our deliverables to the DAO.

Let me do my best to answer your specific questions:

  • All team members are committed to Web3 full-time. We live, work and breathe Discord, Discourse and Twitter and ApeComms is our main commitment.

  • None of the team are working full-time elsewhere except our part-time Data Analyst who works about 30 hours a week in a normie job. However, his day gig is pretty flexible and he’s been handling both his Web2 and Web3 work brilliantly to this point.

  • Yes, we expect to submit an extension just prior to the 6-month grant period. As ApeComms is helping create the infrastructure of the DAO, we fully expect to continue building upon what’s working, refining the aspects that require improving and making the communications pipelines better and better. If for some reason a follow-up AIP were to not pass, we’d again listen to the community, address the feedback and do what needed to be done to provide the communications the DAO requires.

In addition if I may, just a couple of notes for clarification:

While every team member will be all-hands on deck in Discord to begin with, only Halina and myself will be responsible for managing the server on a day-to-day. There is so much work to be done in laying down the communications infrastructure, that every team member will be full-time with their own roles and responsibilities - not to mention the unsung work done when you live and breathe all things ApeCoin DAO.

We expect activity and engagement to increase dramatically and only have additional mods in the budget in case we need the support - and remember, unused funds remain in the treasury.

As you say:

Again, thanks for taking the time to dig into the details and asking the questions.

We’re here for the community.

Cheers – SSP✌🏽


Awesome - it’s great to hear that 3 additional Discord mods are earmarked, if the additional support is needed.


:triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post:

Be very careful with parasites from the ApeComms team. Their mission is to infiltrate the trust of this DAO, gain influence and then empty the DAO pockets.

An example of how they work.

@0xSword from the ApeComms team worked hard to gain your trust and received a grant from the Foundation for his newsletter.

Then he used this newsletter to attack my proposal because it comeptes with the ApeComms proposal that they created after they saw support from the DAO for my proposal.

He also lied when I asked if he used The ApeCoin Foundation resources to get an advantage over my Discord proposal.

I also suspect the the ApeComms team made a deal behind the scenes with moderators to kill my proposal, because it was ignored by them for 4 months, and no one answered my questions. I managed to to push them to move the proposal forward only when made the problem public.

Before that I also thought that ApeComms here to help us, and I contacted 4 of them: @halina, @0xSword, @Amplify, and @Lost. All of them ignored me! Now I understand why.

Maybe they can help you if you can be used by them, true.

But they’ll muddy you up and kill your endeavors if you stand in their way.

:triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post:


Firstly I’m thrilled that @RedVulkan is back on the team; excellent news for all of us.

Secondly, I like your move and development from the last proposal, where I was one of the first to comment on the uncertainty in budget allocation or team responsibilities. After reading the updated proposal, I think you solved all of the main reasons why the original proposal was declined :+1:

Personally, I don’t see any problems, unclarity, or budget concerns. The ApeComms team already did a lot for Apecoin DAO and should officially get these roles. So, I will be voting in favor.

And maybe one more thing: I would recommend you consider inviting people like @0xWave & other voters here to get feedback before voting.


Ecstatic to see this back on the docket, and with the comprehensive approach we’re accustomed to seeing from the team. Once again, you all have my full support.


This seem like a massive amount of money. Initial estimated costs of $650,000 pa - almost three quarters of a million dollars a year!!

You also say:

Please note: ApeComms is not taking custody of the total budget up front or in full. Contributors would be compensated by the Ape Foundation on a monthly basis. ApeComms Operating Fund amounts would only be accessed as needed.

So this means, that each month you’d like the amount of APE adjusted as it falls in price relevant to the FIAT figures you stated - which is absurd.

I deleted my previous comments as I come across as just ranting, but this is by far the most CASH GRAB proposal I have seen in a long time imho.

No one expects these features to be built for free, but what people do expect is that community members help create the spaces, we don’t need corporate level salaries paid to run a discord, you went in way too high initially and have now revised the figures using 6 month schedule to make it more palatable, but it is still an absolute joke and if people have any sense this will not pass.

We need to take care of our funds, build out well, but build out with passion, not just by people with their eye on the CASH. Makes me so mad and sick in my stomach ngl, most of what you propose is over lapping over remits and operations already running, the others are at best an added bauble and nothing more and possibly of zero benefit to the community as a whole.

You are asking such high sums for what most people have and will continue to do for free!

You’re proposing running a discord and a twitter feed, nothing else, to me this has to be a joke right?

Let’s just say it one last time - almost THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS [$650,000 estimated].

This is also so disrespectful to all the project managers, MODs, discord and community managers, admin staff etc within the BAYC, apecoin, otherside etc communities that already give their time and have done for years some of them.

You suggest to pay MODs 30,000 dollars a year right off the bat, three of them, SMH, this is just to line pockets, why would you need three full time discord MODs when your twitter has only 1K followers in two months, where is all this traffic and work coming from if we take your twitter as a kind of comparable product - the need for the MODs initially is coming from securing more CASH for your team of collaborators! SMH

I realize you all want to get reimbursed for your time etc, but lets be realistic here, maybe work on a delivery and reward basis for first 3 months initially - then we take the temp of the community and see if it has been worth it and whether it should be continued and then maybe talk numbers, realistic numbers I mean, this is absurd in current format and figures imho.

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I stumbled across this on Twitter today…

Love to see the ApeComms team reaching out to people who voted “no” the first round, seeking their feedback for the revised AIP! They really are taking community feedback to heart and incorporating it into the revision.


Only for me the proposal looks like it is written in a way so that almost no one would read it or understand?

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Very exciting to see @RedVulkan back in the mix and that you guys have taken the constructive feedback to get this proposal back on the table. Very appreciative to the hard work you all continually put in.

Feel like at times what you guys have done, are doing, and will continue to do for the community has flown under the radar.

Full support for this team!



We must note approve this idea ever!!!

Is it only me that sees how dangerous it is to give this much power and influence to an outsourced team?

We should never ever OUTSOURCE such power and responsibility, there is no need to do this. Companies outsource due to necessity, and they then bring the service back in-house when they have grown and have the money, we luckily are already in that position so it makes no sense to outsource such a fundamental, ever.

I have thought about this all day, and there is no argument of any kind that could make outsourcing the APECOIN DISCORD a good idea.

We need to keep this service in house and do it in a way that is appropriate to the power that the APECOIN DISCORD would have.

I propose that we should be thinking about doing one of the following:

  1. Elect a DISCORD setup and oversight team. They will decide on the structure, positions, salaries etc and continue overseeing the running, maybe we switch out members every year etc. We would all determine these steps and processes over time decided by votes, polls, mini discord related AIPs perhaps, but you get the idea here - we keep the service in-house and gradually set it all up properly and fairly.

  2. We keep things as they are for the time being and have no discord (do we even need one/is it worth the costs to do right).

  3. If we decide to have an OUTSOURCED DISCORD team [an all-in-one setup] implemented, then before we do this we need to elect a small oversight panel, this of course is an additional cost, but extremely necessary. Panel is answerable to the DAO directly, has final say over and above the discord team always on all matters and is publicly contactable for related complaints also.


I know I have had differences with some apes in the past, but I call everyone to VOTE against this if it gets to that stage and actually try and shut it down right now.

I think we actually need to setup an oversight team regardless at some stage to look out and check for collusion, bias reporting, unfair accounting of situations, unape like behaviour and a clear way of reporting it and powers for the panel to act accordingly.

To rush a major service like this through and also to just give it away to a clickie team is MADNESS.

Let’s slow down, keep this in house, elect a panel or small team to oversee it and do it right, there is too much power and influence here to be so quick to sell it off.

Let them continue to setup boringtv and apecomms etc, but this will remain unapproved, and they can also still make as many AIPs as they want to get funding for these and other ideas, BUT WE DO NOT GIVE THEM CONTROL OR OUTSOURCE THE DISCORD TO ANYONE, has to be a team we all elect & oversee and it must always be keep in-house, it is just FAR TOO IMPORTANT, INFLUENTIAL AND INTEGRAL.

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I agree - this is far too much power and influence - we need oversight immediately tbh, checking and calling out and putting a stop to this bias and clickie kind of behaviours.

We want an open and honest, fair and inclusive system, not one that is dogged by bias articles and back door dealings. We are all better than this. This is such a disgrace, I see where it’s heading and makes me physically sick in my stomach.

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Hi everyone!

I’m late to comment, but I want to thank everyone for their feedback and for reading our resubmitted AIP. The original idea for this team was started back in midsummer by @0xSword. He brought together some of the most active people on Discourse to get involved. We all have different backgrounds, but share a love for the DAO. We’ve been spending our time working for free, reading and replying to AIPs, as well as trying to help others understand the process and how things work. Living by the ApeComms guiding values and the guiding values of the DAO and web3 is important to us, even though it isn’t always the easiest or most understood path. Our ability to communicate with each other, adapt, and reach consensus is what make us strong. I’m very proud of our team.

We put forth our new AIP with the feedback we received from the community in mind. We are open to new feedback and have been trying to reach out to those who voted against us to incorporate theirs as well. We want the support of the community and what’s best for the DAO.

I also want to thank those of you who have supported us along the way! It really means a lot! :heart:


Hi @Lost,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.