AIP-179: NFTCG Generation 2 - ApeCoin DAO Physical & Digital Trading Card Game

Welcome to the DAO @Lycaon.eth and thanks for sharing your first post and idea.

The cards look brilliant! The Moonbirds’ version looked great, the BAYC ones equally great.

Quick question: is there a reason why the BAYC packs are priced at $15 each, as I recall the Moonbird’s were $10 each?

Frankly, I’d be thrilled just to collect the simple physical trading cards – adding a game and NFC tech to it definitely takes things up a notch or two, and I’m wondering if it’s required - I’m sure you have a Web3 reason :laughing:.

By the way, have you read AIP-112 and AIP-148? They are the physical cards and games proposed by Forever Apes. Might be worth joining forces, if it makes sense.

Anyway, just wanted to welcome you to the community, congratulate you on your first post and for taking the time and effort for sharing your idea.

Looking forward to your answers and to reading the community’s feedback.


SSP :v:t4: