AIP-224: Ape Protocol Extension (.ape domains )

Proposal: Create and deploy [ .ape ] name extension for the apecoin ecosystem

Category: Ecosystem and Allocation

Abstract: Create .ape naming infrastructure to expand the Ape ecosystem further

Previous discussion and reviews from the community can be read here

Motivation: In order to expand Apecoin DAO’s adoption and its use case, something is needed that can initiate the sense of belongingness and contributions towards the DAO. Prime example of showing culture around web3 and NFTs are PFPs, pseudonyms followed by name extensions. Naming extensions give an exclusive sense of belonging without the use of PFPs as well and are undoubtingfully used by a wide variety of audiences.
Thats where APE name extensions comes. Not everyone can afford to get their hands on BAYC/MAYC and other NFTs that revolves around apecoin nor they can show the their support towards the $ape other than hodl. A name extension dedicated towards the ecosystem solves that, followed by the endless ways the community can use their name extension to create sub-domains and other opportunities that awaits.

Rationale: Mission is to expand $ape thats why .ape names should exist. $ape being the prime currency in order to obtain the name extension, building around the infrastructure and will be a strong hold for people entering the ecosystem. Above all, I believe that apecoin holders should manage their own domain names and have control over them, specially coming out from the DAO itself.


Specifications will be categorized in 3 parts:

  1. Main Infrastructure of Ape extension
  • dApp( Alex ): The ENS web app enables the use of the ens protocol this web app will need to be redesigned and refactored to support the new .ape extension. Utilities to interact with the .ape registrar and subgraph will be integrated into an ape-centric user experience. The web app will allow users to purchase and manage domains from a web browser. This is one of the most time-consuming pieces of the .ape extension proposal.

  • Domain Resolver: Ethers.js and Web3.js are the most popular packages used to interact with the EVM blockchains natively resolve ens domains allowing for ens domains to be used in place of wallet addresses on virtually any dApp. This has allowed ENS to be the defacto web3 domain provider. The APEjs package will allow developers to easily resolve .ape domains in their dApps. This package will be lightweight and easy to be integrated on top of ENSjs, ethers.js, and web3.js

  • Protocol Logic: The ens protocol is open-source MIT licensed consisting of audited EVM smart contracts and subgraphs to enable the decentralized purchase and transfer of Ethereum domains. These pieces make up the logic of the current domain protocol and will be modified for the ape coin doa allowing anyone to register domains with the .ape extension. The smart contracts will be deployed with minimal modifications, to allow the first-party purchase of domains. The stable price oracle inside of the ens repository will need to be maintained by the Ape Coin DAO these processes will be developed by All modifications to the smart contracts will be reflected inside the subgraph.

  1. Maintenance and Deployement
  • Project Management ( Smit ): Looking over the dApp, updating and managing the entire protocol. Communicating and maintaining the brand that Ape Protocol Extension will be, both in the front and back end. Making sure the goals we’ve mentioned are achieved on time.

  • Senior Frontend Engineer : Nextjs, ReactJs ; maintaining the dApp, plan and design the best in class user experience with minimum issues, errors and downtime.

  • Integrations Engineer: Integrations engineer will be interacting with wallets and protocols to integrate ape protocol.

  1. Community Management
  • Operations ( Evil ): Managing Team, getting a small team to work on the project for the given period of time within the budget. Building the brand and taking the creative direction towards what Ape Extension would stand for. Creating partnership to make the product a flagship for Apecoin DAO. Copy writing content that will go up on the site and other platforms.

  • Community Manager: Emerging projects need someone who can connect with the audience and provide a smooth onboarding experience for them. Creating a welcoming environment for those who are exploring and get feedbacks from the community, understand them and convey it with the team, vice versa. A couple of mods will be required who will handle various social media, checking in security with bots for discord and more. Having an engaging community deserves someone who understand them.

  • Designers: Creating brand identity, being in constant touch with the core team and CM to create engaging content for the community and its update. Scope of work varies from creating media collaterals to producing short videos and podcast.

  • Marketing: Working with all of the above, marketing will also include interactive giveaway of the .ape extension to winners, organizing contest and more. Something we wish to achieve is making ape extension official for major exchange platforms and digital wallets, which as of now are only limited to ENS and classic addresses.

Steps To Implement

  1. Create the dApp and beta test it.

This will be done by, once created it will be deployed on test net and tested by the core team and DAO members. This will help us understand where we can improve and if possible fix things that can help people mint easily with low gas fee and with ease.
At the same time a limited edition free claim NFT will be also dropped by us that will be on first come first serves basis via manifold contract. This free NFT will make one eligible for the main net beta testing, where “n” number will be open editions for a short period of time

  1. Beta Testing

Once we are done with test net, we will deploy it on mainnet and closed beta testing will start. It will be closed to only those who claimed the free NFT mentioned above. This will help us determine if the infrastructure is working fine, gas fee during mint is decent and more.

  1. Open minting for BAYC/MAYC

Unique ID mint for the original Yuga Labs NFTs. People can choose to claim their ENS counterpart or mint their new name

  1. Mint open for $ape holders, limited to 1 per address during this phase.

  2. Public Mint open for all.

This public mint will be opened for letters greater than 4
For example:
Bored.ape, xOoOx.ape, 42069.ape

  1. Public Mint open for all.

This public mint will be opened for letters greater than 4
For example:
Bored.ape, xOoOx.ape, 42069.ape

Once the infrastructure is created by and tested, regular maintenance and update will be done by the devs of the core team. Community engagement and updates at every step. Above mentioned phases will help create scarcity of names before public mint for all, followed by daily premium names.


  1. dApp Infrastructure and deployment - n weeks
  2. Enable Limited claim for alpha test- n weeks
  3. Alpha Test - n + 2 weeks
  4. Beta Test - n + 4 weeks
  5. Open minting for BAYC/MAYC - n + 6 weeks
  6. Open mint for $ape - n + 8 weeks
  7. Public mint open - n + 10 weeks
  8. Special mint open - n + 16 weeks

Overall Cost
Infrastructure : 25,000 APE
Maintenance and Deployment : 24,600 APE
Community Management : 18,300 APE

Total : 67,900 APE


Can’t wait to secure a generally small list of words and names I have noted down. :rofl:

One question, I guess to the community is just WEN??? :sweat_smile:

GL - LFG!!!


Thank you haha
I 100% believe that this will play a huge part in shaping the future of the DAO as well. Just like you have a small list of words, I have a small list of plans for phase 2 as well.
Also answering your question, if this gets passed and funded, within 4-5 months everyone will be able to mint.
Ty again for the support and have a great day!


Hey @Evil, this is an awesome idea and one we had on our roadmap for our proposal as a longer-term idea. If this gets through we would love to collaborate on adding .ape domains to Ape Pages.


Oh hey! Would love to know what you are building! Kindly DM here or on twitter if you want.
Have a great day!


@apecoincarpetman here is the AIP Idea you were asking about on Twitter


but how does shopify integeration work ser?

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:eyes: :eyes:
Whats up!? Would love to answer any questions here


Really like this idea.
One extension of the plan could be to apply for (& ideally secure) the .ape TLD via ICANN as well. That would allow for greater flexibility, strength & protection of the .ape extension.


@apecoincarpetman was asking about this idea on Twitter so I directed him here to ask his questions.


Thank you for suggesting this and will 10/10 take a look at this, I have so many ideas down the line with this one if this is passed, specially for phase 2 where I plan to create an entire social media platform, limited the bad content that usually floats around the traditional platforms as we see now.
Also thank you mentioning ICANN, first time seeing this and simple google search helped me to see what this is.

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Wow nice!
@apecoincarpetman feel free to DM me here or on twitter, sadly due to timezone difference I miss all of the discussions. Would love to answer your questions or anything else


Ok wow, explored about this a bit, honestly in my phase 2 idea I had plans to have a front-end zero code kind of thing for people to have their own sub-domains using .ape extension. But this ICANN suggestion you gave, this changes everything <3
Thank you for your amazing idea ser! Hopefully we can make this a reality soon


Hi bro,

What’s your twitter?


Thanks for guiding me to right direction


Hit me up anytime here :
A bit busy today but will be able to reply.

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Update: After discussing one final time within the core team as well as community, I’ve edited the final ask from 80,000 APE ( in case of price fluctuation ) to the original projected budget that was 67,900. This is an edit in original post that would go unnoticed so mentioning the edit here as comment as well.
Have a great day everyone


Hi @Evil,

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with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a
further 7 days?

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We look forward to hearing from you.



We’ve got feedback and reviews from community members and its all good!
Last 7 days were amazing. Would love to see this go to AIP draft process.
Thank you <3


Thank you @Evil for your ideas, and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions! A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @Evil please see your messages for the next steps.