AIP-24: Animoca’s Benji Bananas - Brand Decision

Proposal Name: Brand Decision: Animoca’s Benji Bananas

Proposal Category: Brand Decision


This document proposes a brand decision to acknowledge Animoca’s Benji Bananas as an integral part of the Ape Ecosystem. It is the first game to adopt ApeCoin as a currency that can be earned by players. Currently there are 5,000 passes minted and sold for players to earn ApeCoin. Outlined below is a brand decision to support Animoca’s Benji Bananas to further the DAO’s goals.


The main motivation behind this proposal is to acknowledge and support Benji Bananas as an Ape-specific initiative that has been led by Animoca Brands. There are currently 5,000 minted membership passes. Players holding these passes will earn an in game token that can be swapped for ApeCoin. This game represents the first that will showcase how ApeCoin can be used as a gaming token and method for distributing small amounts of ApeCoin to players.


Animoca’s Benji Bananas game is the first of many that will adopt ApeCoin as an incentive for its player base. A liquidity earning pool has been created on Uniswap and other exchanges. At launch, the first reward campaign has been completed, awarding $PRIMATE equally to each player. The second reward campaign is ongoing in a more competitive way.

Allocating a significant number of ApeCoin to the earning pools of this game can effectively distribute the token worldwide. Allocations made by ApeCoin DAO and sales of these passes will add more to the earning pool of this game. These additional ApeCoins allocated add more holders to our ecosystem and attract an audience of worldwide gamers and press.

Key terms

There are some key terms in gaming that are used to define games that are free to play. In this proposal and in the future, they’ll often be referred to in short form as F2P or P2E. Here’s a short list:

Free-To-Play (F2P) – A game setting requiring no money to play and often accompanied by in-game purchases to generate revenue.

Play-To-Earn (P2E) - A game setting (sometimes requiring a pass) where players earn ingame currency that can be traded for tokens such as ApeCoin.

These are common terms that are used across the game industry. For the purposes of creating direct and straight proposals, we will limit the amount of acronyms used to the above terms.


In the specifications below, we’ve compiled information about the Benji Bananas game and history. This proposal seeks to make a Brand Decision to further support Benji Bananas. Included in this document is information on the plans for allocating ApeCoin earning pools for players to earn inside of the game.


Benji Bananas has grown over the last 9 years to become a worldwide game. It balances a mix of fast-paced gameplay with strategy, while also rewarding players who practice mastery of the game mechanics. There are communities of fans and players throughout the world who love the product.

Benji Bananas Mobile Game was released in 2013

Considered a classic and popular game around the world

Currently a Free-To-Play Game with upcoming Apecoin Integration

Total of 50 million+ downloads on iOS and Android indicates longevity

Official Website: Owned by: https//

This game was acquired in its early days by Animoca and has continued to see great success and growth through consistent updates, responding to user feedback, and promoting a competitive 2-player mode.

Benefits of Brand Decision

There are numerous benefits to being associated and having an approved brand decision made by the ApeCoin DAO. These include allocations from the Ecosystem Fund, ongoing licensing of the ApeCoin brand and logo, as well as promising future opportunities unrealized within the Ape Ecosystem.

Steps to Implement

In the fast moving world of cryptocurrency, NFTS, and gaming: Animoca is considered a leader of the pack. They have completed setting up the initial liquidity pools for this game on Uniswap.

Animoca has begun tracking player metrics to awards players with a “leaderboard”

Upon creation of the initial earning pool, 5000 first members will begin to play

ApeCoin DAO will add to the uniswap $APE/ $PRIMATE liquidity pool for earnings

These first players will gain attention for earning ApeCoin through the game. It will attract an audience of worldwide players to look closer at our token and overall system. This additional liquidity gives more incentive for players to promote and play the Benji Bananas game and others in the ApeCoin ecosystem.


This is the first game to utilize ApeCoin and the play-to-earn feature has been announced to begin shortly. Currently 5,000 membership passes are distributed and additional passes sold in the future will add to the earning pool. The initial earning pool has been launched on Uniswap and other exchanges.

Overall Cost

An initial liquidity earning pool has been set up by Animoca Brands for the first membership pass holders of this game. There are currently 5,000 distributed passes in circulation across the globe. Player rewards have begun already and will continue for the foreseeable future. There are currently 125,000 ApeCoin dedicated to the initial earning pool for these players.

Initial membership passes of the game will earn from this first liquidity earning pool.

Made available from the Ecosystem Fund for this earning pool is 425,000 ApeCoin

This allocation will be added to the Uniswap $APE/$PRIMATE pool for players to earn

Animoca has led the way in play-to-earn games and strategies. They have multiple gaming coins and great experience when it comes to managing expectations and player experiences. There are great advantages to granting them a Brand Decision and rewarding Apecoin players.


I was under the impression that they would have a lot more ApeCoin associated with the game. They were just telling us that the original amount made will also go back into it. If the plan for them was to just give back the amount people paid to mint that is pretty short sighted. I believe they were given a lot more ApeCoin from being a partner and plan to give some of that out in this game on top of the amount earned from mint.


No this isn’t an Animoca piggy bank. They can buy it on the market. Or wait for their unlock. They could also use the $APE from their Apes.


425K ApeCoin is way too high, much rather develop our own p2e game funded by the DAO


I’m taking this through the AIP process ultimately with the intent to push it to a snapshot vote. I’ve gotten some private feedback and public so far!

This game is the first Ape-specific initiative to encourage Apecoin adoption. I’m part of a group chat with other holders of the pass! There were members who were selling their pass after the announcement. “Pay-to-refund,” was the sad sentiment I heard from excited players! I think this DAO can help with that.

To encourage adoption of Apecoin by developers and players, we have an opportunity to invest into existing games that are part of the ecosystem. Benji Bananas is the first addition to the Ape ecosystem! I think it’s a good thing to support initiatives like this! Note that: This money does not go to Animoca. It goes to pool for players.

Hey! We have a limited number of game developers who are developing inside the Ape Ecosystem. We’ll see Yuga Labs’s Otherside likely need allocations, Ric Rac Equestrian Club is also working hard, and there are many who are anticipating Otherside land drop to develop on as well. There’s a growing number of options here!

My stance:
To encourage adoption we can aid some of these existing creators. The problem with investing in new games is they don’t have a community of players. Benji Bananas has 50 million downloads and 5k distributed passes. Players of this game are joining the Ape Ecosystem! They are first ones. We want to avoid Pay-To-Earn being seen as a $10 dollar a day endeavor!


I understand where you are coming from but Animoca was given a ton of ape coin. At the end of the day this is their game and people playing it does benefit them. They should be using their allocation for it. I also own one of the passes for what it is worth. If Animoca has no plans to add more than the amount they got from the initial sale that is extremely concerning.


The market kinda messed the pass up already. The botted drop ended up with most people buying in at a much higher cost basis per pass on OS. Even with the initial allocation plus all $ape proceeds from pass sales, the $ape per pass seems to come out around ~$400 if we all earn equally. Throwing more $ape into that pit is foolish. Those that bought on secondary are not getting their money out short term IMO. I own 2 that I bought at a high premium.


Hey, I wanted to give a day one update!

This is the first game of Apecoin Ecosystem that will bring players in to earn the coin. It’s really important that we back this with power.

I’ve had some great feedback and I’ve had some honest talks about the launch of the pass, the frustrations that users experienced. I’m listening!

It’s important that everyone know: I’m in chats with holders of these passes who are hopeful, and they are looking to this forums to see if ApeCoin DAO will back these initiatives! Please support this!

A couple of interesting conversations I’ve had with Bored Ape holders on the topic have been very positive:

  • Adding earning pools to existing games is a safe strategy to bring new players into the Ape Ecosystem. This game has 50m downloads!

  • By doing this we can instantly put the allocated game development fund (3.2% of ecosystem fund) into use. This is actionable steps to take!

  • This same simple AIP form can be used to support developers for the Otherside. Especially ifthey have an existing community and game built!

After making my post 6 hours ago: I’ve been invited into discord voice calls and responding to DMs with Developers who are planning to make games on Yuga Lab’s upcoming Otherside!

Here’s what excites them:

If they build a game in the Ape Ecosystem that is functional and has a community of players, they’d like the DAO to match or exceed the initial earning pool set for players. This is attracting attention!

Yes. It’s safer for us to use existing games to distribute ApeCoins. Instead of hiring developers who will sell their ApeCoin to pay to build games, we can reward land owners who are doing a good job by individually voting to allocate tokens to them!

These allocated tokens will be earned by players who can take and use them on other lands within Otherside! THAT IS EXCITING! :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend:

I’d like to have support for this AIP to allocate 425,000 ApeCoins to the initial player earning pool of Animoca’s Benji Banana passes! It will be paid for through the Ecosystem Fund. Support this!

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So you are telling me a major ape coin partner in Animoca has no intentions of adding more ape coin to their play 2 earn game? If that is truly the case I would strongly consider removing them from our board. You don’t sell something with the entire intention of people playing just to get their money back. That makes no sense.


We’re going to avoid fudding Animoca and Board members here. It’s not acceptable talk. Just as we put faith in Yuga Labs, Animoca Brands has a rich history of successful blockchain games.

Especially Benji Bananas which is considered a classic game on Android & iOS. I have additional thoughts on this that I’ll present each day.

This AIP is the first of its type that I will present throughout the rest of the year to allocate funds to developers and games that use ApeCoin.

All of these future gaming AIPs will be games like Animoca’s Benji Bananas and land owners making use of the upcoming Otherside. It’s a safe strategy to distribute Ecosystem Funds.

It serves as a way to bringing more players into the Ape Ecosystem. All players become Apecoin Holders who will spend their coins in other games. This is where we should start. That’s my stance!

Lets not call it fud lets call it what it is. If they sold a play 2 earn with the entire intention of just getting back your funds that is as close to a rug pull as it gets. Especially when they likely received millions of $ape from the initial airdrop.

Do you have any confirmation from Animoca that they have not set aside more $ape for their game?

Also I will add I am open to having tokens set aside for play 2 earn but it is going to need to be very carefully vetted and ideally it still gets dispersed from within the DAO. Would require way too much trust to be giving projects these amounts of $ape and hope they use it correctly.


(Hey, I think you’re approaching this wrong. Please remember all of this will be on record. Show some respect for the board members please. Thank you!)

I’ve got data on the Benji Pass Sales:

5000 passes minted @ cost of 25 ApeCoin
A total of 125,000 ApeCoin were spent to mint

Animoca has put 100% of the sales to the initial earning pool. I think that was really cool of them to do. They did not profit from these pass sales!

This game is an Ape-specific initiative to bring in interest and players to the play-to-earn space. It’s also been the talk of NFT Twitter Space.

Many many many people want to see play-to earn be serious business and be adopted. And they have a lot of hopes that $APE can do that. So do I!

Animoca did not profit on Benji Pass Sales!

I am not going to change my thinking because the company is on the board. If I would say it about another company doing it then I will say it about them.

The good news is that I think Animoca has no intention of only putting 125,000 in to the earning pool. The 125,000 going towards the initial pool is in additional to a lot more that is planned for that pool (I really hope this is the case at least).

If any other play 2 earn type game wants to build with $ape, I welcome them to share their plans and if it makes sense and can be done in a secure way we can vote on giving them the allocation and then they can do their initial sale. You don’t sell a project as a play 2 earn and then push to get those earnings afterwards.

Until Animoca says otherwise I would assume the pool is going to be bigger than just playing to get your money back.


(Thank you for understanding why it’s important to not call for duly-appointed board members to be removed. This is the first AIP for ecosystem allocation funds and sets a precendence for future ones!)

You and I are going to be the ones testing and vetting these companies, both land owners and their games all year. One differentiation that id like to end our night’s conversation on…

I believe that all ecosystem games should make an initial earning pool and smart contract before Apecoin is allocated by the DAO. Then as a DAO members we meet, play, and vet the teams behind these projects. They should have games already made!

I like that Animoca’s Benji Bananas has 50m downloads and I like that they’ve already allocated 125,000 ApeCoin to an existing earning pool for players. To me it’s an ideal situation!

We’re not giving Animoca funds to build a game, we are distributing our ecosystem funds to further the first game within the ecosystem, Benji Bananas! Again, I think that’s really cool and I’ll talk more everyday bout it!

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I agree with you on the general process of how it should work and support the idea of having ape coin allocated for p2e when it makes sense. I disagree however on doing it for Benji Bananas for a few reasons.

  1. They billed it as a p2e and sold passes with that expectation. The DAO should not bail them out if they had no plans to actual make it p2e instead of play to get your refund.

  2. The passes are limited to 5k. So all this really does is prop up those passes. 50 million downloads is cool and all but if only the 5k pass holders are benefiting its not very relevant and having the DAO with 45k holders have to give away $4 million to just benefit those 5k pass holders doesn’t seem right.

  3. Animoca almost certainly was given a very large amount of apecoin for being a Yuga Labs partner so they should be adding some of that to the pool themselves because there is a good chance they were given ape coin with the expectation that some of it would be used to help it grow.


Ooo. You present some cool topics.

Could we allocate a smaller amount to free-to players so they all become web3 users?

Ima sip on some tea and think. You’re absolutely right, we’re not here to prop up the passes!!

Mass adoptions of web3 is the goal!!!


Good morning! Here is day two’s update:

While I don’t approve of most of the above comments and spreading of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) remember there’s many people who are not coming onto these forums to like and comment because they don’t want to be trolled. I’ll be your Sword, I’ll fight these battles. I’ll be here all year.

You can DM me, you can call me on discord, contact me! I will advocate for you.

Here’s what is agreed upon:

  • Allocating ApeCoins to P2E earning pools is a great strategy.
  • Adding to these pools can be one-time or recurring based on voting.
  • These pools require a fairly large allotment of ApeCoin to function properly.

Here is what is disputed:

  • Animoca’s Benji Bananas membership pass (5k distributed) had a rocky launch.
  • Only 5k holders will be benefit from the proposed alotment of Apecoin!

Conversations for today I’d like to have:

  • Can we use Benji Bananas 50 million downloads to onboard new web 3 users?
  • Can we allocate an earnings pool for free-to-play users to earn a small amount of Apecoin?
  • How can this same type of proposal help land developers on the Otherside?

Thank you for having these conversations and following. Don’t trust the <3 numbers above and take notes of who is liking FUD and non-factual information. We’ll remember all of them!


I don’t think accusing people of FUDing when they make valid points is a great way to garner support to your idea.

Here are some of my problems with this proposal.

1: Benji Bananas was not developed as a P2E game, it was already made and Animoca decided they wanted to experiment and implement a P2E feature. While I am not against adding P2E to already successful games, Benji Bananas does not make a good first impression and because first impressions are so important I do not support bolstering the ecosystem of a P2E experience that was poorly executed from the start.


Here’s what excites them:

If they build a game in the Ape Ecosystem that is functional and has a community of players, they’d like the DAO to match or exceed the initial earning pool set for players. This is attracting attention!

This to me would be a bad precedent to set, it is of my opinion that we do not want Developers to come to us asking to match contributions and be used as a source for grants with no compensation for the DAO. Based on my interpretation of DAO guidelines any proposal that does not aim to increase the DAO’s relevancy within web3 should not go to a vote until it accomplishes this in some way.

From AIP-1

APE Foundation serves the ApeCoin DAO in fostering a community of creators and everyday innovators with aligning motivation and values to shape the future of web3.

The short-term vision is to facilitate the launch of the best product feasible today in a way that aligns with the DAO’s motivation and values by balancing productivity and governance with bottom-up contribution, while minimizing politics.

To me this proposal does not serve the DAO in fostering a community of creators or innovators, it takes a game with little to no innovation and attempts to siphon the DAO treasury to make up for the mistakes in their launch, it does not align with the DAO’s motivations nor does it come close to delivering the best product feasible today. It simply is a rushed project, Animoca should allow the users to earn the entire ape coin they have allocated to this game and move on to a new project with more potential.

To me this misses the mark, rather then onboard members to web3, we should be attempting to onboard members to the DAO. Which can only be done by making sure the DAO is central to whatever proposal is passed.

This all being said I see how passionate you are about this and you have a lot of good ideas, I just believe these ideas could be implemented with more creativity into a game owned by the DAO rather then Animoca. I’d rather take a longer time to make such a game and support that then to open our arms to every P2E game that wants to adopt ape coin.


( @Papsito Thank you for your complete thoughts on this. You present quality feedback that encourages fair debate and further analysis. I’m comfortable having back and forths with you on these conversations, as you continue to prove everyday that you are devoted to DAO success!)

For day 3’s update, I’ve got Google Play data for Benji Bananas!

(The above download data is for the month of March 2022 on Android Devices Worldwide)

  • Benji Bananas Mobile Game was released in 2013
  • Considered a classic and popular game around the world
  • Currently a Free-To-Play Game with upcoming Apecoin Integration
  • Low monthly revenue indicates this game is focused on player enjoyment
  • Total of 50 million+ downloads on iOS and Android indicates longevity

Allocating a significant number of ApeCoin to the earning pool of this game can effectively distribute the token worldwide. There are debatable options for doing this. All players of the game who earn tokens effectively become holders of a small amount of ApeCoin.

  • Currently there are ~45,000 wallets holding ApeCoin (coinmarketcap)
  • Distributing small amounts to game players increases this number 10x-100x
  • Immediately these earning pools can begin distributing ApeCoin
  • More holders means more engagement and involvement in DAO community

My stance today: We can use this established game to distribute tokens!