AIP-243: The Ape Inn - EthGlobal Project

Gm WebMoss :blush:

Thanks for submitting this proposal, I loved seeing your entry in the Scaling Ethereum hackathon & am so glad to see you take the next step & come forward with a proposal! Excited to see the continued crossover between AIPs such as @maariab’s AIP-230 funding public goods and the AIPs which come as a result of that funding.

Including some notes/questions below on each of the 4 goals for you to consider as you move forward in the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem:

Goal 1: ApeCoin Staking

  • What experience do you & your team have with Solidity & staking contracts?
  • Given how critical security is for work of this nature, have you budgeted for an auditor for your contract work? What other steps will you take to ensure the integrity of these contracts?
  • There are other popular ApeCoin staking solutions such as BendDAO or ParaSpace, how do you envision your staking dashboard to be different from the existing solutions?

Goal 2: NFT Marketplace

  • To confirm, this proposed marketplace would take a 1-2% marketplace fee on top of OS’s existing fees?
  • For context, ApeCoin DAO currently has a marketplace voted in per AIP-98 which features $APE listings for a .25% marketplace fee.
  • For additional context, the DAO has recently voted down a marketplace proposal with zero cost & a 0.3% marketplace fee.

Goal 3: ApeSwap

  • Would love to better understand your team & their experience with DeFi & NFTfi platforms, as well as their respective backgrounds.

Goal 4: Ape Shop

Other Notes:

  • In terms of DAO tooling, would love to highlight some existing DAO tools from passed AIPs, such as ApeTalent, Catapult, Karma, and Thank Ape. Excited for you to seek more synergy with existing tools!
  • Some existing news feeds that may be of interest: Bored Ape Gazette, @RedVulkan’s newsletter, and @0xSword’s newsletter.
  • Does your team have plans to service other DAOs or ecosystems as well? Would love to better understand your vision for a governance token for the Ape Inn.

Overall, I’m very glad to see your proposal come in & am excited to see you keep developing this idea & building in our ecosystem!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom: