AIP-245 - Metaverse Working Group Steward - Interest List

I think it’s totally fair to require proof that people are who they say they are, and have the experience they say they do.

Since we are both in the gaming industry, my hunch is that you could probably send the details of my submission (plus the images I used) to your circle of former and current Riot employees and they will most likely know exactly who I am.

And- if you are located in Los Angeles, I’d be more than happy to meet up and chat gaming and Metaverse topics with you. Sounds like we are both passionate about the space and it will only be better with more folks having your experience and knowledge involved.




And this wasn’t just about you btw, since some people here already know who you are. I was specifically speaking in terms of the community knowing who their leaders are if they’re going to be in a leadership position that requires trust.

Also, which corp or bizdev person is going to engage in any discussion with some anon person they don’t know? Since you’re ex-Riot, you should know by now how it all works and why these positions must have known entities who are going to be speaking with authority obo the community.

I have been doing this a long time; and I just hope that people understand that I speak from vast experience and that it’s not a personal thing.

This is what I posted on Discord related to this:


My primary concern about how best to have the community breakout is being anon isn’t going to cut it. The entire crypto scene has a very bad rap primarily because of that.

I feel that anyone in a leadership position should be known. Heck, we know who guys like Alex and Yat were. So why not? There isn’t a single serious corp entity that’s going take any discussion seriously, let alone a meeting, from an anon. I have been around a very long time to not know this.

Interested to hear what you folks think."


I think a good middle ground is fine. There are valid reasons to not doxx such as security concerns.


Telling people your name and who you are isn’t doxing though. It’s only doxing when it goes beyond just someone’s name, and done with malicious intent.

As @badteeth pointed out above, it’s up to the individual to determine whether or not they want to divulge their RL name to the community.

My comment was solely for the purpose of this steward leadership position. I am not inclined to take on a leadership position of responsibility with people I don’t know, because it’s a massive risk which can have consequences down the road. When someone applies for a leadership position which will involve taking on responsibilities which affect a community and indeed its operation, you simply can’t be anon. That’s absolutely not the way to do it. And I can 100% guarantee that ANY activities outside of this community will fail to yield any tangible results if third-parties don’t know who they’re dealing with. Especially since the general public are already wary of everything related to crypto and Web3 in general.

To wit: If the community doesn’t know your name or who you are, but you’re OK identifying yourself to a third-party (e.g. a bizdev person you’re trying to get involved in the Apecoin Metaverse initiative), what does that say? To me, it says that you would rather a third-party know who you are, but not the community that you serve. Because reasons. Seriously?

I believe that @Doc_Mutant understands all of this fully since he’s been in a leadership position before.

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As one example: Several members of the Yuga team were attacked with highly credible death threats to the point that they had to hire full-time security. While an extreme example, there are absolutely valid reasons not to want to provide identifying details to the public at large.


I am very familiar with death threats since I too get them from time to time. It comes with the territory because some people are just nuts. Regardless, you cannot conduct any meaningful business - especially one that puts you in a position of authority - being anon. You just can’t.


Hi everyone, Ramon Govea AKA “American Ape” here.

I’m thrilled about this working group and wanted to express my interest in participating. Here’s a detailed background for those that don’t know me beyond being an active BAYC builder in the NFT space for the last 2.5 years.

If you don’t yet know of my company, Myth Division, I’ve been building consistently in preparation for an “Open Metaverse” for many years in the storytelling and IP development sector of Hollywood. I’ve been a pioneer of the “transmedia” or multi-platform philosophy that now dominates the major tentpole franchises like the MCU. I’m most known for comics, digital marketing and producing animation and commercials, but my team and I have been actively building environments for both The Sandbox Game and in UE5 for the last 2 years, in anticipation of the Otherside launch and integration with other platforms like the Ape-owned IGL City.

I’m an early BAYC holder, buying my first one on secondary on May 8, 2021 and since then I’ve dropped over a dozen collections featuring art, future metaverse/IRL utility, and the longest running BAYC comic book to date. More importantly some of these collections have been dedicated to character and storytelling integrations for the virtual real estate we own (Orangurock Residents, Midnight’s Passage) and include licensing to be included in our main canon lore. We recently used the “Open Edition burn” meta to integrate storytelling in an innovative burn-to-play RPG, where holders decide a story path by burning rare items we plan to integrate into our Metaverse experiences.

I’ve been the architect of integrating virtual settings, official canon lore via comic books & animation, and planning future IRL activations. Here’s a peek at some of what we’ve been building for our community, to launch at the right time:

Here’s a more relevant biography for everyone. It’s in the third person since it’s an official bio. I think my strengths are in the fact that I’m already building in the space, I’m an active member of the community, and I’m genuinely interested in improving accessibility and monetization strategies for the average NFT holder. Looking forward to getting to know everyone else better!

"Ramón is a versatile and accomplished writer, producer, and world-builder, with a proven track record in developing narratives and producing content across multiple platforms, including film, comics, games, animation, and Web 3.

In 2010, Ramón founded his first video production company that he led to develop, produce, and license content for a range of digital distributors, such as GaiaTV, WB Digital, Machinima, and Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. In parallel, he leveraged social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to build thriving niche communities in the ancient archaeology sector, pioneering the art of “content marketing” and cumulatively raising over $1.6 Million for crowdfunding clients and self-published comics.

Ramón’s expertise in multi-platform storytelling and his holistic approach to storytelling led him to handle marketing/copywriting for Scopely’s “The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.” He soon after founded Myth Division, a comic book publishing imprint, successfully launching his creator-owned comic series, Alt Control Delete, after selling and landing a publishing deal for Incidentals with Lion Forge Comics and licensing his third series, Starseed Memoirs to the now massive digital publishing company, Tapas Media. Ramon has successfully navigated and negotiated licensing and publishing deals for several creator owned IPs.

In 2017, Ramón took on the role of Chief Content Officer for NBA All-Star, Baron Davis, where he oversaw the development, production, merch design/manufacturing, and digital distribution of animation, books, and games for Baron’s Black Santa brand. Ramón also produced live action content officially used for NBA All-Star Weekend telecasts and promotion including producing and managing content around live events."

(Here’s a quick pre-NFT showreel from 2019, showcasing my work as an independent writer/director/producer/editor : Ramon Govea - Writer | Producer | Editor Reel 2019 on Vimeo)

“In 2018, he anticipated the inevitable rise of the Metaverse and added more focus on building the cross-platform infrastructure for Myth Division, a franchise development studio that aims to bridge different mediums together, now through the connective power of Web 3 and storytelling. In 2023 and beyond, Ramón is committed to maximizing the value of world-class entertainment while providing access and a platform for monetization of community-generated content and NFT-native characters.”

All that said, I’m pumped to see how we can all use our skills and talents to elevate the Apecoin DAO community and start defining what the interoperable Metaverse looks like! Thanks for your consideration.


I remember back in end May 21 I stumbled into a crowd funding for Myth Division web2 comic release. I was bummed that I missed it being the comic lover that I am, but thankfully found your Sandbox access token collection and there was no looking back. MD has been building in Sandbox and from what I recollect, you’re building for the Otherside too. I think you’ll be a good fit for the Metaverse WG.


I agree that knowing who’s the person in the leadership position is important but I think ‘last mile doxxing’ isn’t required. I’m okay if I know the identity of someone and have interacted with them and those folks personally know the anonymous person in the leadership position.
I’m not sure if I’m clear about this but someone trustworthy in the line of communication from the anonymous leader to the information seeking community member should be able to vouch for the anonymous leader.


Indeed. But while that would work within the confines of a community such as this, it won’t work out in the real world. e.g. no way I introduce myself has SmartApe to a bizdev person looking to do business with ApeCoin. They wouldn’t even respond. :joy:


When you put it that way :raised_hands:t4::sweat_smile:


They’d be like…


I’ll be nominating myself for this! Thanks for listing and starting this conversation @badteeth

My name is Squiddy, and most recently, I was the “Community Maestro” for Plai Labs, the studio behind Champions Ascension. Plai Labs is a spinoff from Jam City, a Prestigeous mobile gaming studio. The studio raised $32 million dollars in January, led by a16z, which covered one year of runway (it’s a very expensive, true AAA game to make with a team of 50 devs). Previously, I was a community manager for Dapper Labs / NBA Top Shot.

What was my role as Community Maestro?

  • Lead and oversee all community aspects, both internally and externally
  • Develop and cultivate relationships with all of the “web3 game studios”, as my constant belief is rising tides raise all ships, and thought it was important for the top studios to be working together since we are so early in this space
    -Set and maintain the culture, and represent Champions Ascension amongst the wider NFT / gaming space
    -Partnership management
    -Marketing (with zero budget allotted)
    -Streamer / content creator relationships
    -Middle man between executives, devs and players
    -Serve as the voice / face of the game

I humbly believe nobody has the relationships with game studios that I do in this space, and will be a beacon of $APE in terms of raising its awareness and culture within the web3 gaming space in general.

I also host a twitter space called the “Gaming Apes Show”, alongside other OG BAYC holders for the past 6 months, where we highlight different games / studios each week.

I just recently celebrated my two year anniversary in BAYC, so I’ve been in the club for some time and have a great understanding of its culture.

I’d be bringing my experience as a community builder, a network / relationships with studios that take years to cultivate and develop, and just a winning pedigree.

Along with two other incredible candidates with different skill sets, I believe the metaverse working council will be a huge asset to the DAO

The network that I bring and the relationships that I have when it comes to potential games using $APE gives us a running head start on the relationship side, and the ability to be a relationship manager / account manager to these games will be of the upmost importance.

Excited to meet with other candidates and let it rip!



Yo Ramon! What ya’ll are building in The Sandbox & UE5 look rad. Would love to get a peek at more of what you have built in TSB specifically! Looking forward to exploring the Metaverse with you more in the future!


What a great profiles of people.

Best of luck to each one of you.


Irony I have only been rugged by doxxed founders. In all cases have been North American.


Interest list thus far. Not in any particular sorting order.

Doc_Mutant (ex-RIOT game dev)


Nice list! A team of legends! :saluting_face:


I am also interested.


Some strong runners in here, looking forward to seeing this WG evolve