AIP-250: Development of Staking Service Maximizing Ape Staking Rewards and Flexibility

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@wesleyliao0208 has responded to our questions and they are in our review once again.

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@wesleyliao0208 has responded to our questions and they are in our review once again.

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We do ask for consent from the authors to share the Q/A in the forum for the community, which @wesleyliao0208 has agreed to. Please accept my apologies for not publishing these earlier:

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  1. What are the Objectives and Key Results which would determine if this initiative were to be a success?

Objective 1: Enhance the utility of ApeCoin staking and the value proposition for NFT holders.

Key Result 1.1: Increase the number of ApeCoin stakeholders participating in the Pawnfi staking solution within the first six months.

Key Result 1.2: Achieve a significant improvement in APY for users staking through Pawnfi compared to traditional staking methods in the first quarter of operation.

Key Result 1.3: Eliminate the number of reported instances of staked token loss when NFTs are sold.

Objective 2: Deliver a flexible and efficient staking experience for the ApeCoin community.

Key Result 2.1: Successfully launch the Pawnfi staking solution by the proposed go-public date.

Key Result 2.2: Receive positive feedback from users regarding the flexibility and profitability of the Pawnfi staking solution within the first three months of operation.

  1. Please elaborate on the team’s expectations for the future.

The Pawnfi team is excited about the future of our platform and its interaction with the ApeCoin community. We believe that ApeCoin and the associated NFTs will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the NFT and DeFi spaces. Our key expectations for the future, particularly concerning the ApeCoin community, are:

Enhanced User Experience: As we continue to optimize our platform, we anticipate a superior staking and lending experience for the ApeCoin community. By expanding our infrastructure and services, we aim to offer more options and greater flexibility to our users.

Increased ApeCoin Utility: We envision Pawnfi playing a significant role in expanding the utility of ApeCoin, thereby increasing its value proposition. By introducing innovative features and services such as our Ape Staking solution, we aim to create more use-cases for ApeCoin, driving its adoption and demand.

Community Growth and Engagement: We understand the importance of community in the crypto space. We anticipate growing a vibrant ApeCoin community on our platform, actively involving them in decision-making processes, and ensuring that our platform evolves in line with the community’s needs and aspirations.

Mainstream Adoption of ApeCoin: We are optimistic about the mainstream adoption of ApeCoin in the future. With our innovative solutions, we aim to bridge the gap between the ApeCoin community and traditional finance, fostering wider acceptance and usage of ApeCoin.

Strategic Partnerships: We plan to forge strategic partnerships that will bring additional benefits to the ApeCoin community. These collaborations will not only help us scale our platform effectively but also extend the reach and influence of ApeCoin within the wider crypto industry.

In essence, we are committed to driving the evolution of the NFT and DeFi ecosystem to bring maximum benefits to the ApeCoin community. We’re excited about our journey ahead with the ApeCoin community and look forward to shaping the future of NFT finance together.

  1. Is the Ape Foundation expected to engage in any of the steps of the AIP implementation? If so, please specify the step and elaborate how it is expected to work.

We do not anticipate requiring the direct engagement of the Ape Foundation in the implementation of this AIP. However, the Foundation’s support in promoting and educating the community about the benefits of our solution would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, we would value the Foundation’s feedback and guidance throughout the process, to ensure our solution aligns with the ApeCoin ecosystem’s goals and values. Any necessary collaborations, such as integrating with existing contracts or platforms, will be handled by our team with the necessary permissions and cooperation from the Foundation or other relevant parties.

  1. Please elaborate on the security audit(s) to be performed on Pawnfi’s infrastructure.

Code Audit: We have been working closely with Peckshield, a renowned and respected blockchain security company, for auditing our smart contract code. They perform a comprehensive review of our code to identify any potential security vulnerabilities and ensure adherence to best practices. The audit includes, but is not limited to, checks for reentrancy attacks, timestamp dependency, arithmetic overflows and underflows, and potential gas limit issues.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and White Hat Hackers: In addition to formal code audits, we engage the community and white hat hackers to test our platform and identify any vulnerabilities. This approach, often referred to as crowd-sourced security testing or bug bounty programs, is a proven method to further ensure the security of our platform by leveraging the collective expertise and diverse perspectives of the community.

Risk Management: Beyond code audits, we also work with Peckshield to establish a robust risk management system. This includes measures to detect and mitigate potential threats in real-time and policies to handle any security incidents effectively. The risk management system encompasses all aspects of our operations, including smart contracts, web interfaces, backend servers, and more.

Ongoing Audits: As we continue to upgrade our code and introduce new features, we understand that new vulnerabilities may emerge. Therefore, we commit to looping in a new audit firm to reassess our platform for every significant update. This approach ensures that any changes or additions to our codebase are thoroughly vetted, and that our platform maintains a high standard of security as it evolves.

  1. How will Pawnfi’s solution integrate with existing staking platforms and NFT marketplaces? What is the roadmap for these integrations?

Pawnfi’s solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing staking platforms and NFT marketplaces, all while enhancing safety, flexibility, and profitability for our users. Here’s how we plan to achieve this:

Staking Platforms: Pawnfi only interacts with the Official Horizen Labs smart contract for staking. This ensures that our users are always interacting with the official, secure contract, minimizing the risk of mishaps. It also ensures that the staking process remains transparent and trusted.

NFT Marketplaces: Initially, we will launch our own marketplace. This step is primarily for safety purposes, as it allows us to maintain full control over the platform and ensure the highest standards of security and user experience.

Integration with Major Marketplaces: Starting Q3, we will begin the process of analyzing and developing integrations with major NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2. Please note that the integration with Blur is currently not possible as they do not support smart contract interaction. Our primary goal here is to allow users to list their NFTs via Pawnfi on these platforms, offering them a broader audience and more opportunities to monetize their NFTs.

Expansion to More Marketplaces: After integrating with the major NFT marketplaces, we plan to expand our integration to more platforms in Q4. This expansion will further enhance the reach of our users’ NFT listings and offer them more choices and flexibility.

Cross-Marketplace Listing: Ultimately, our vision is for users to be able to stake their NFTs on Pawnfi and list them across multiple marketplaces. This approach will not only maximize the exposure of their NFTs but also allow them to benefit from the unique features and user bases of different platforms.

This integration roadmap is designed to make the Pawnfi platform as user-friendly and versatile as possible. We are committed to delivering a solution that meets the needs of our users while ensuring the highest standards of safety and security.

  1. You mentioned that Pawnfi will not charge an additional fee for NFT owners to utilize these functionalities. How will Pawnfi generate revenue from this service, and are there any hidden fees that users should be aware of?

Additional Services: While Pawnfi will not charge an additional fee for NFT owners to utilize the Ape Staking solution, we do offer other services that may involve fees. These services include lending, trading, and more. Users can opt to use these services in combination with Ape Staking to increase their profits and flexibility.

Borrowing Fee: Pawnfi’s Ape Staking solution allows users to borrow Ape Coin from suppliers for staking. This service is similar to platforms like Aave and Compound. When users borrow Ape Coin, they will be charged a borrowing fee, which is a common practice in the DeFi lending market. This fee is calculated based on the amount of Ape Coin borrowed and the duration of the loan.

Compounded Interest Revenue: As Pawnfi’s Ape Staking solution grows and attracts more users, we plan to charge a tiny portion of the compounded interest revenue (not the principal) as a service fee. This fee will be used to cover the gas cost incurred by our Bot for reinvesting the rewards, ensuring the sustainability of our auto-compounding feature. We will keep the community posted when we decide to do so.

It’s important to note that there are no hidden fees involved in Pawnfi’s services. All fees will be clearly disclosed to users before they engage with our platform, and users will always retain control over their assets and transactions. We believe in maintaining transparency and fairness in our fee structure to build trust with our users and foster a healthy ecosystem.

  1. Could you provide more detail on how the 1,000 APE allocated for future gas costs will be used? Is this a one-time fund or will it be used continuously, and how will the platform ensure its sustainability?

Conversion to ETH: The 1,000 APE will be swapped into ETH, then be sent to our Bot, which performs the automated transactions required for the Ape Staking solution, such as claiming and reinvesting rewards.

One-Time Fund: This 1,000 APE allocation is a one-time fund. It’s designed to cover the initial gas costs associated with the launch and operation of the Ape Staking solution. We have estimated this amount based on current gas fees and transaction volumes, with a buffer to account for potential increases in gas fees.

Sustainability: While the 1,000 APE fund is a one-time allocation, Pawnfi has other means to ensure the sustainability of our platform. We offer a range of other revenue-generating services, including lending and trading. The fees collected from these services can be used to cover ongoing operational costs, including gas fees. Furthermore, as mentioned in previous responses, we plan to charge a tiny portion of the compounded interest revenue as a service fee to cover the gas cost incurred by our Bot for reinvesting the rewards. We will keep the community posted when we decide to do so.

  1. How will Pawnfi ensure a user-friendly experience, especially for those who might be new to staking or NFTs? Will there be an educational component to help users understand the platform’s features and benefits?

User Interface: Our platform will feature a clean, easy-to-navigate interface that simplifies the process of staking and interacting with NFTs. The interface will provide clear instructions and visual aids to guide users through each step of the process.

Educational Resources: To help users understand the platform’s features and benefits, we will provide a range of educational resources. This will include detailed guides and tutorials on how to use the platform, as well as explanations of key concepts related to staking and NFTs. We will also host daily webinars and Q&A sessions to address any questions or concerns that users might have.

Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team will be available to assist users with any issues they encounter while using the platform. Whether users need help with a specific transaction or just have a general question about the platform, our team will be there to help.

Community Engagement: We believe that a strong community is key to fostering a user-friendly environment. We will regularly engage with our users through social media and community forums, providing updates on new features and seeking feedback on how we can improve the platform.

We aim to make Pawnfi’s Ape Staking solution accessible and enjoyable for all users. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of staking and NFTs, we’re committed to providing a platform that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

  1. If users decide to stop staking through Pawnfi, what is the process for them to withdraw their staked assets and rewards?

At Pawnfi, we understand that flexibility and user-control are paramount. Therefore, we’ve designed a straightforward, two-step process for users to withdraw their staked assets and rewards should they decide to cease staking through our platform:

Trigger Termination: Users can initiate the withdrawal process effortlessly by activating the termination function within our platform. Upon triggering this termination, all staked APE tokens and accumulated rewards will be automatically released and transferred directly to the user’s designated wallet. This process is designed to be seamless, quick, and free of any complex procedures, providing users with a hassle-free experience.

Retrieve NFT: Following the successful termination and transfer of APE tokens and rewards, users have the option to reclaim their NFTs. This process depends on the user’s engagement with other services within the Pawnfi ecosystem, such as lending or selling. If the user is solely using the staking service, they can directly claim back their NFT. However, if the user is engaged with other Pawnfi services, they are provided with a choice to either continue availing those services or to retrieve their NFT.

Our platform is built with user convenience at its core. The procedures for staking and withdrawal have been meticulously crafted to be as simple and intuitive as possible, enabling users to manage their assets and rewards in a manner that aligns with their preferences and financial strategies. This streamlined process underscores Pawnfi’s commitment to user-centric design and service provision.

  1. How does Pawnfi plan to involve the ApeCoin community in the development and improvement of the platform? Are there any plans for a governance model where users can vote on key decisions?

Pawnfi recognizes the vital role that community participation plays in the evolution and success of our platform. As such, we have several strategies in place to actively engage both the ApeCoin and Pawnfi communities in our decision-making and development processes:

Feedback Mechanism: Recognizing the importance of user feedback, we are establishing a robust mechanism that encourages users to share their experiences, suggestions, and ideas. This feedback is invaluable as it helps us enhance the platform’s functionality and improve the overall user experience.

Community Forums: We plan to conduct regular community forums and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. These platforms will serve as a conduit for open communication, allowing us to discuss new features, respond to concerns, and gather insights directly from our users.

Governance Model: Pawnfi has an established governance model underpinned by our native token, $PAWN. This model facilitates a democratic decision-making process where $PAWN token holders have the power to vote on key decisions, from new feature proposals to changes in platform policies. Additionally, we are in the process of designing incentivizing programs for platform users, including those participating in Ape Staking.

By integrating the ApeCoin community into our decision-making processes, we aim to create a more engaged and committed user base. We believe that such community involvement is critical to ensure the platform’s continual alignment with user interests and needs, ultimately contributing to the sustained growth and success of ApeCoin Community.

  1. How does Pawnfi plan to scale the platform to accommodate increased user demand and potential expansion into other cryptocurrencies or NFTs in the future?

Pawnfi is fully cognizant of the necessity for scalability as we anticipate increasing user demand and potential expansion into other cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Our strategy for achieving this encompasses several key pillars:

Optimized Technical Infrastructure: Our technical team is steadfast in their commitment to continually enhance our infrastructure to accommodate a growing number of transactions and users. We adhere to industry-leading practices in software design and architecture, ensuring our platform remains scalable, resilient, and secure. This includes, but is not limited to, implementing measures such as load balancing, smart contract optimization, and distributed systems, all tailored to deliver an efficient and secure user experience.

Cross-Chain Compatibility: We are keen on expanding our services to other blockchains, enabling us to support a broader array of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. By fostering interoperability, we can satisfy a diverse range of user preferences and extend our reach into larger markets.

Synergistic Integrations: Our strategy includes forging integrations with other platforms and marketplaces, broadening the accessibility of our services to a wider user base. Such integrations will empower users to leverage our services seamlessly within their preferred ecosystems.

Empowering User Education and Support: As we scale, we recognize the indispensable role of comprehensive user support and education. We are committed to crafting detailed guides and tutorials that demystify our platform and its offerings. Concurrently, we plan to enhance our customer support capabilities to address user queries and concerns promptly and effectively.

Engaging Community Participation: We are firmly of the belief that our users are our strongest advocates. By involving them in our growth trajectory through avenues for feedback, governance, and rewards, we can ensure our development aligns with our community’s needs, expectations, and aspirations.

Strategic Partnerships: We envisage establishing strategic partnerships within the crypto industry. Such alliances can provide us with the requisite resources and network support necessary to scale our platform effectively.

In sum, our vision is to perpetually evolve and adapt to the needs of our users and the broader crypto market, maintaining Pawnfi’s position as a pioneering force in NFT finance.

  1. Please elaborate on the process and what to expect for a user listing their BAYC on Pawnfi for “upfront income.”

When a user wishes to list their Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT on Pawnfi for upfront income, they can anticipate the following process:

Consign Service: The first step involves the user engaging with our “Consign” service. Here, they will list their BAYC NFT, setting in motion the process for immediate monetization.

Upfront Income: Upon listing, the user is awarded an upfront income, which approximates nearly 100% of the NFT’s floor price in ERC-20 tokens. The percentage of this upfront income is influenced by the duration of the listing—the longer the duration, the lower the percentage. This income is effectively an instant liquidity provision against their NFT, enabling users to leverage their digital assets immediately.

NFT Listing: Simultaneously, the BAYC NFT will be listed for sale on Pawnfi’s marketplace at the desired price higher than the floor price. Future integrations will allow listings on additional marketplaces.

Ape Staking: While the BAYC NFT is listed for sale, it can also be staked in the Ape Staking program. This allows users to earn $APE rewards in parallel to the listing.

Sale Completion: If the BAYC NFT is sold, Pawnfi will handle the transaction process. This includes withdrawing the staked $APE and any rewards, which will be sent to the original staker. The sold NFT will then be transferred to the buyer.

Unsold NFTs: If the BAYC NFT does not sell, the user has the option to pay back the upfront ERC-20 tokens they received. Upon repayment, they can withdraw their NFT. Simultaneously, the staked $APE and any accrued rewards will be sent back to the user.

This process ensures that users have the flexibility to monetize their NFTs while continuing to earn staking rewards, with the option to reclaim their NFT if it does not sell. This multi-pronged approach adds versatility and depth to the BAYC NFT ownership experience.

  1. Your AIP mentions: “As NFTs are held in Pawnfi’s Ape Staking Smart Contract, Pawnfi will leverage their value to generate further passive income for NFT stakers through Pawnfi’s lending market.” Please elaborate on this in detail. When a user deposits their NFT into Pawnfi, how does Pawnfi “leverage” or generate value from that NFT?

When a user deposits their NFT into Pawnfi, the NFT is held in Pawnfi’s Ape Staking Smart Contract. At this point, an equivalent value of a specific ERC-20 token, which essentially represents a backed value of the NFT, is minted and supplied into Pawnfi’s Cross Margin Lending Market. This process is how Pawnfi leverages the value of the NFT.

The Cross Margin Lending Market is essentially a decentralized lending platform where users can borrow and lend ERC-20 tokens. In this case, the user who staked their NFT becomes a supplier of the equivalent ERC-20 token in the market. As a supplier, they can earn interest on the tokens they’ve supplied, similar to how a traditional savings account works. This allows users to generate passive income from their staked NFTs.

Moreover, participating in the lending market also provides users with additional benefits. For instance, they can earn mining rewards, which further enhances their income potential.

In essence, Pawnfi allows users to unlock the value of their NFTs and convert it into a stream of passive income. By staking their NFTs and participating in the lending market, users can maximize the utility and financial benefits of their NFT holdings.

  1. What measures are in place to protect users from potential risks associated with Pawnfi’s activity? Please elaborate on Pawnfi’s security practices and risk management techniques.

Pawnfi takes a multi-layered approach to mitigate the potential risks associated with our platform’s activities, implementing a range of protective measures to secure user assets and ensure platform stability:

Rigorous and Continuous Code Audits: We’ve partnered with Peckshield, a globally recognized blockchain security company, for a thorough audit of our smart contract code. They conduct an exhaustive review to identify any potential vulnerabilities and ensure adherence to industry best practices, including checks for reentrancy attacks, timestamp dependencies, and potential issues with arithmetic overflows/underflows and gas limits. As we evolve and enhance our platform, introducing new features, we acknowledge that potential vulnerabilities could emerge. Hence, we pledge to engage additional reputable audit firms to conduct fresh audits for every significant update, ensuring any changes to our codebase are diligently scrutinized and vetted, thereby maintaining the security standards our platform is built on.

Multi-Signature Security: Pawnfi employs a multi-signature mechanism for high-value transactions and crucial operations. This security measure ensures that no single entity can control the funds, providing an additional layer of security and significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access or misuse.

Automated Liquidations: Our platform features an automated liquidation process for loans that fall undercollateralized. This mechanism protects our lenders by ensuring they can recover their funds in the event of borrower default.

Control Mechanisms: We’ve integrated control mechanisms by selectively opening up specific functions, ensuring user behaviors, data, and other aspects are within controllable limits. This helps prevent platform misuse and ensures we maintain the integrity of our operations.

Real-Time Monitoring and Updates: We actively monitor our platform’s operations in real-time, making necessary adjustments based on the insights we gather. This proactive approach allows us to respond promptly to potential issues and keeps our platform in line with the latest security practices and market conditions.

These measures, in combination, aim to provide a safe and secure environment for our users, ensuring that their assets are protected and that they can trust in the robustness of our platform.

  1. Does Pawnfi use upgradeable smart contracts and if so, where there be additional required audits between every new deployment in order to protect existing users who deposited under a previous audit regime?

Absolutely, Pawnfi does make use of upgradeable smart contracts. This strategy enables us to dynamically adapt to an ever-changing landscape by adding new functionalities, rectifying potential vulnerabilities, and fine-tuning our platform to better suit user preferences and ongoing industry transformations. However, we are acutely aware of the need for meticulous diligence when implementing these upgrades to safeguard the interests of our users.

As we continue to upgrade our code and introduce new features, we understand that new vulnerabilities may emerge. Therefore, we commit to looping in a new audit firm to reassess our platform for every significant update. This approach ensures that any changes or additions to our codebase are thoroughly vetted, and that our platform maintains a high standard of security as it evolves.

This process extends beyond merely pinpointing potential security threats. It encapsulates ensuring the compatibility of new changes with the existing contract, guaranteeing that our users, who have entrusted their assets under a previous audit framework, will not be adversely affected.

By this means, we are able to persistently advance and adapt our platform, simultaneously preserving a high degree of trust and safety for our users. We are firm believers that this blend of adaptability and meticulousness is indispensable for a platform like Pawnfi to flourish in the rapidly progressing sphere of crypto and NFTs.

  1. Please clarify with regards to our question about upfront income. You mention the user will be given the opportunity to repurchase their NFT “if it does not sell.” Please clarify the timeframe for this, or when a user will be “margin called” to repay their debt, or liquidated and lose custody of their NFT.

At Pawnfi, our consignment process is designed with user flexibility in mind. Users who consign their NFTs can set a retrieval period ranging from a few weeks to six months, tailored to their individual needs.

Instead of a margin call, we follow a time-dependent liquidation process. If the NFT isn’t retrieved within the agreed timeframe, the NFT may be liquidated. However, we offer a 20% grace period following the term’s expiration. During this period, users can reclaim their NFT by paying additional custody fees.

Understanding that circumstances can change, we’ve designed this grace period to give users an extra chance to retain their NFTs. We advise users to stay updated on their consignment status and plan accordingly within this grace period to avoid potential liquidation.

To support our users, we’ve optimized our UX/UI and implemented features such as push notifications and web2 Calendar integration (e.g., Google Calendar) for reminders. Our goal is to ensure a fair, transparent, and user-friendly process, protecting users throughout the consignment journey.

  1. Re: passive income for NFT depositors, you mentioned the potential for “mining rewards.” Please clarify which chain, which asset, and which consensus mechanism NFT depositors would be exposed to. Please also clarify if Pawnfi would be the custodian facilitating block validation on behalf of NFT depositors.

When we speak of “mining rewards” for NFT depositors, we’re referring to rewards in the form of our native token on the Ethereum network. This serves as one of the passive income streams and is a key part of our incentive mechanism designed to reward our users.

The asset here is our native token, and we operate under the Ethereum network’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This PoS model empowers us to facilitate transactions and uphold the robust security of our platform.

In terms of custody, Pawnfi doesn’t facilitate block validation on behalf of NFT depositors. That responsibility falls within the Ethereum network’s purview. Our role at Pawnfi is focused on ensuring the seamless functioning of our platform, and guaranteeing a secure interaction for users with our smart contract and mechanism.

  1. Do you provide your consent to share this Q/A with the community in the forums?

We are more than willing to provide consent.



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The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimise for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

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This proposal is live for Snapshot vote at Snapshot. The voting period closes next Wednesday at 9PM EST.

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimize for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

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