AIP-251: ApeCoin DAO 101: The Ultimate Guide For ApeCoin DAO Newcomers

ApeCoin DAO 101: The Ultimate Guide For ApeCoin DAO Newcomers

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The DAO relies on two main systems that dictate and govern the entire DAO. Snapshot & Discourse. However, newcomers to the DAO may not be familiar with these systems, and the lack of instructional material available to them, such as video content, infographics, or live training, can lead to confusion, inactivity, and low participation (the ApeCoin DAO may be their first ever interaction with a DAO). This leaves new DAO members on their own to find their way around. This AIP aims to provide a central, easy to understand source of information for new members to use as a reference. Getting new members of the DAO up to speed and answering basic questions on day one will benefit the DAO across the board.


First and foremost, the intention of this AIP is to build this guide in the open with the entire community and not behind closed doors. That being said, I, BojangleGuy am the one who is submitting this AIP and will be the one to ensure that not only is it done in a timely manner but that it is done with exceptional quality. This community has so many brilliant minds who can benefit this process in many ways and I want this AIP to be a culmination of everyone’s thoughts, feedback, and experiences.


The first impression of the DAO is a critical factor in attracting and retaining top talent and builders in the Web3 space. Currently, the lack of organized and clear onboarding materials undermines the potential of the DAO and fails to showcase the opportunities available to its members. By improving the onboarding experience, the DAO can project a more professional and organized image, demonstrate its value proposition more effectively, and allow new members to become active members from day one.


It is becoming obvious that the lack of onboarding material and processes causing inactive or confused newcomers isn’t just a one off issue or an irregular issue at that. Joining the ApeCoin DAO is clunky, difficult, and off putting. There is really no good answer as to why we don’t have a world class onboarding process in place. This AIP aims to fix that issue.


This AIP proposes the development of a dynamic and comprehensive onboarding guide for new and potential members of the DAO. The guide will be updated regularly for 12 months or until the marketing and communication working group is established. The guide will provide a centralized source of information on the DAO’s operations, processes, and systems, making it easier for new members to navigate and engage with the DAO.

The following formats would be used for the onboarding guide:
-Video Content (screen recordings, trainings)
-Live training sessions

Live training sessions would be a 1x a month onboarding call that would cover the basics of the ApeCoin DAO and get people up to speed as quickly as possible. This call will be held in the WG0 discord server and would be both a voice call and a screenshare. We will also broadcast audio to a Twitter space.

We will work with community members to translate infographics, FAQ, and recorded video content into as many languages as possible.

We would ask that the official ApeCoin twitter account tweets 1x per month about the live onboarding call.

Lastly we would ask for a “learn more” button be added to that would host a simple infographic and a link to where the full onboarding guide lives. (Still open for discussion but ideally it will be on Discourse)


-Conduct DAO wide survey to gather critical feedback of current onboarding process.
-Create infographics/videos/FAQ/training content
-Build in the open and allow the community to give input.
-Review all content with SC and Legal to ensure everything is 100% compliant.


Work will begin as soon as the AIP is approved. The new onboarding experience will be ready to launch within 6 weeks from the date the team receives funding.

$10,000 in $APE at time of funding


Yep, LOVE this idea. One of the most common responses when I ask other $APE holders what’s keeping them from participating is that it’s “too confusing.”

Done correctly, this would be a tremendous value-add, and I like the idea of a monthly live onboarding call as well. Ongoing education and information on the DAO will be critical moving forward.

Who are you proposing orchestrate this initiative, create the infographics, host the calls, etc? Is this an ask for the Marketing and Communications Working Group (currently in Administrative Review)? And what is the 2500 $APE for, exactly?


Hey @CryptoLogically ideally this would be built in public as a community. Not something done behind closed doors. Obviously I am at the helm and steering the ship but this is going to take everyone to get it perfect.

For graphic/design stuff @Brazy is onboard. He is the best in thee biz. I am more than happy to run the monthly onboarding call, I sold tech software for 4+ years so doing live screen shares and training is right up my alley. Once the marketing and comms group is set up and official if they would prefer to have those calls ran by someone else that is totally fine with me.

This is being stood up as its own AIP/Initiative in hopes that once the marketing and comms team is up and running we pass everything over to them to keep it going or run it under their direction as a workstream.

With or without a marketing and comms group this needs to happen and so we will get it started now as opposed to waiting.

2500 $APE would pay for design work, time that it will take to compile all the info (I have already started having calls with members of the DAO who have recently joined getting their feedback), pay for running the monthly trainings and keeping that info up to date, there will potentially be some web dev that needs to be done, etc. This isn’t something that will just be whipped up as a PDF in 1 day and sent out. It will be a world class onboarding process. Hundreds of hours will be put into making this perfect :muscle:


Hey @BojangleGuy !

I think this is a great initiative that can greatly benefit the DAO by making it more accessible and engaging for newcomers.

One suggestion I have is to consider adding a section to the onboarding guide that outlines the benefits and opportunities of being a member of the ApeCoin DAO. This could help create a sense of excitement and motivation for new members to get involved and contribute to the DAO.

Also, have you considered including some form of gamification or rewards system as part of the onboarding process? This could help incentivize new members to engage with the onboarding material and participate in the DAO more actively.

Overall, I think this is a well thought out proposal and I’m excited to see how it develops. Do you have any plans for measuring the success of the new onboarding process once it’s implemented?

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Hey @MisterHype thanks for the kind words!

We will for sure have a section that includes all the benefits/opportunities being a member of the DAO provides. We won’t want that section to sound/look like we are a shill project trying to “buy” people into the DAO. I would love to hear any thoughts you may have on how that section should look.

As I mentioned above we don’t want people to be here simply to get paid. That being said I think what ThankApe is doing is a great way for people to be rewarded for their participation within the DAO. Some of their rewards directly correlate with some basic onboarding steps. We will let the ThankApe team continue to handle that as they have an amazing team putting it all together. We will for sure direct new members to ThankApe as a benefit/perk of the DAO.

We will have a new member survey that we will ask all new members to take (won’t be required) to gather feedback and judge the success of the guide. The real measure of success will be seeing new users providing value and contributions to the DAO from day one (no more inactive members who join and never participate :sunglasses:)

Thanks again for your ideas and feedback!


Thank you for submitting this AIP to improve the onboarding experience for new members of the Apecoin DAO, its much needed. I would use something like this personally to learn more about the DAO. :saluting_face: I have a question regarding the language accessibility of the onboarding guide. Have you considered creating versions of the guide in multiple languages to cater to a wider audience? As the DAO expands and attracts members from all over the world, it may be beneficial to provide resources in languages other than English. This could help new members who may not be fluent in English to better understand the systems and feel more comfortable participating in the DAO.

Do you have any plans to incorporate multiple languages into the onboarding guide, and if so, how would you approach this?


I think you meant to say “This is not* something” :orange_heart:

I’d love for this to live here, on Discourse. Just a pinned post in Help or something, link to everything from there. YouTube videos for video content.

I def like the idea, but it seems there isn’t that much new stuff to explain, just more of a place from which to link to all the great resources and articles that already exist + a few new videos + the monthly town hall like you proposed. So I’m a fan of keeping it simple.

Would def love compilation FAQ page/post for stuff like “Can DAO take a donation back?” “Can DAO pay in installments?” and so forth.

Hope this passes!


Hey @Neenee glad to hear you would find this helpful!

This is definitely something we are considering. I definitely see the value this could bring to potential members of the DAO. One issue I do see is that the DAO as a whole really only operates in English. Would it be worth the time and energy creating all this content in multiple languages if everything else is only in English?


Got that fixed :grinning: Thanks for pointing that out.

I agree that having this info on discourse would be very helpful. We would just need to make sure it is very obvious and clear what it is and where it is right from the home page. Do you think it would be helpful to have a link on the page, discord, twitter? To me it makes the most sense to link to the onboarding guide in as many places as possible that all funnel back to one location (discourse). Would love your thoughts on this.

And you’re right. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here. All this “content” is already out there. Its just in 10 million different places. The goal is to simplify and streamline all of it.


Happy to support this proposal and utilize AIP-88 to help you build out this onboarding experience.

I had started some ideas for a fundamentals course here: ApeCoin Fundamentals - NiftyKit

Tbh, it does get exhausting helping onboard people to ape without the help of some educational (and entertaining) content.

If you are interested in making it more engaging/hands-on would love to help, reach out please. Selfishly it would help me scale up how I communicate why someone should be in ApeCoin DAO. I haven’t been as active recently cause of life, but think this could be something I can help slingshot for you. hmu


No, but only because Discourse is a required tool. And it’s already linked to.

But as you said, as soon as they come here, it needs to be in their face. Which is easy to do:

1 - upon account creation, a bot messages new users. In that message should be the link/call to action.
2 - there should be a certificate / achievement (or multiple) for completing a bot tutorial about stuff like AIP process, forum behavior guidelines, etc.
3 - needs to be on front page, top, obvious

With these three, if someone STILL misses it… well… maybe it’s for the best :laughing:


Dan! I am reaching out know. :heart:

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Love these ideas. And yes if they STILL miss it then it just ain’t for them :rofl:


If you umm need a discourse facilitator to help implement these ideas if the AIP passes, I’m up for a vote later :wink:


Discord or Discourse :upside_down_face:


Many thanks for for thread!


I’m glad to hear that you’re considering providing an onboarding guide in multiple languages. Although the DAO mainly operates in English, offering the guide in different languages can foster inclusivity and diversity within the community. This can also attract a broader range of potential members.


This is so good!
Way to go Bojangle



I am in complete agreement that onboarding is a huge area of improvement.

Wasn’t Catapult intended to help with this? To be clear I think this guide needs to be implemented and I would be keen to help out in anyway I can, just want to make sure we make use of the tools the DAO already has at its disposal.

In that vane could we link up with Thank ape? If we are doing training/introductions we could link to their platform to achieve something similar to what Coinbase where doing during the last bull run. Ie watch this video pass this quiz and then get some free tokens.

I appreciate ApeCoin DAO needs to do things differently, but there are plenty of examples we can benchmark this idea off and in doing so come up with a more effective impact in the end.

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I think catapult was intended to give all members of the DAO a way to show who they are and what they are capable of. It was a tool built to introduce/onboard people into the DAO.

I think it is worth exploring the possibilities of a ThankApe reward for completing the onboarding but I also want to be careful to not have people just farming rewards and then never participating within the DAO.