AIP-251: ApeCoin DAO 101: The Ultimate Guide For ApeCoin DAO Newcomers

Love this so so much Bojangle, amazing to see your Idea from the Idea-a-thon flourishing & coming to life!!

This is so dearly needed, and I totally agree with @capetaintrippy’s point that a tab from will allow this Idea to have maximum impact.

In terms of the points @Neenee and @adventurousape brought up about languages, I second that while the forum is mostly in English now and participation from other regions is low, that’s actually all the more reason why we should translate & become more inclusive to different language-speakers!!

From being a part of different language-speaking clubs around the world such as Chinese Ape Club, and more recently getting to know BAYC Japan, I can tell there’s a lot of appetite for ApeCoin news and ways to participate, but the barrier to entry is just too high for non-native English speakers.

I think the way to combat the difficulty on our end for translating is to empower local community members from those different languages to act as liaisons and serve as local hubs of knowledge for their languages.

As Adventurous mentioned, we’ve already seen this happening organically with community members like @dyorjdr who translates AIPs for the French Ape Yacht Club every week and acts as a point of contact and information transfer! As yet another example, a Chinese translation site has been created from the efforts of a passionate community member, and you can check out the website from right now to see the fruits of their efforts!

As we keep developing & implementing this idea, I hope we can keep in mind accessibility & inclusion for future multilingual communities to easily “plug in” and understand the ecosystem. This includes things like avoiding slang which cannot be easily translated or understood by non-native speakers and avoiding typos which make translations difficult- easy things we can keep in mind now to make it easier for other community members to join later!

Thanks for all your hard work on this Bojangle and excited to see ApeCoin DAO 101 go forth!!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom: