AIP-256: ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement

Excited for us to have an action-inspiring mission statement that gives clear direction to the DAO!! Thanks for taking the lead on this Badteeth, and am so excited to see this proposal from the AIP Idea-a-thon come to life!!!

Also want to emphasize how sorely a clear mission statement is needed- every time I talk to builders, whether at hackathons like ETH SF, or the Miami Web 3 conference in Art Basel, people always ask “What type of proposals are you looking for?”. And when there’s no clear answer to that, it lessens proposal authors’ confidence in showing up & taking the time to build with our ecosystem.

An inspiring mission statement with clear direction would represent a huge inflection point in our ability to attract, keep, and grow with builders for the ApeCoin ecosystem.

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom: