AIP-260: Forever Apes // Welcome To ApeCoin, The IRL Onboarding Kit

Thanks @swickie - appreciate you taking the time to read through and comment!

The goal would be that this functions full circle as a welcome kit, which then drives newcomers directly into the digital onboarding that @BojangleGuy is creating. We feel that the two projects (if passed) will have a ton of crossover and same goals, and essentially work in tandem as one to bridge the gap between an IRL welcome package and a digital educational platform. You can check out his proposal here for more info. We plan to work closely together to ensure it’s a cohesive experience that simplifies all of the many complexities that new users face with onboarding.

We’ve been to a ton of meetups and IRL events in the web2 world where we’ve seen a lot of low effort giveaways with no real goals, so this has been stewing in our minds for a while out of necessity :sweat_smile:

For web3 we want to have more purpose with a focus on onboarding, education, and discoverability. Will be a great chance for other product/project/creators to be seen as well via event sponsorship!

If you have any ideas or input, we’d love to hear it – we’re all ears!