AIP-277: Re-evaluating ApeCoin DAO Special Council Salaries Structure

I know what the SC is setup to do; but though I don’t see that quoted in the AIP, I was speaking to the rationale of just cutting the amounts without justifying why that’s being done. You need to have a reason for doing it. And if it’s tied to performance, then that needs to be laid out and explained. That was my point.

erm, your proposal is suggesting that it be reduced by 50%. I get that it won’t be implemented unless the AIP votes to do it, but the inference is still there. You think it’s high, and you want the community to cut it.

Fair point. But I think it’s rather unfair to the community because you can’t make assumptions without something to back it up. It’s why I keep asking you to justify why you’re proposing these cuts. It’s not enough to say “they’re too high”.

Then again, the SC can just sit on this AIP and run out the clock until their term ends. It’s what I would do if someone were threatening to cut my pay without telling me why. Heck, even if they tell me why, I’d still run out the clock. lol.