AIP-315: Formation of the Steering Committee and Publish Language and Market Focus Strategy for 2024-2025

This proposal is live for Snapshot vote at Snapshot. The voting period closes next Wednesday at 9PM EST.

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimize for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

The voting period has closed for this proposal and the community has accepted Option A2 with a 97.05% pass rate. The proposal will be passed on for implementation.

Follow this proposal under the AIP Transparency and Execution Category. A new post has been created here, Implementation Update | AIP-315: Formation of the Steering Committee... for 2024-2025, and further updates will be posted.



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