AIP-318: APECOIN DAO Voting Reforms

A word about the abstain votes based on discussions with another DAO member.

Abstain is hidden during live voting. As per this thread, it appears to have been a change by the Special Council - without consensus or vote.


  1. We have real (Abstain) votes not being counted as part of the total.
  2. Example: 9 votes In Favor, 1 Against, 900 Abstain. As it stands now due to this arbitrary change, we have the pretence of this vote passing by 90% In Favor when in fact only 1% of actual total votes were In Favor.

We can go ahead and accept this example vote passed despite only 1% In favor and approve / fund the AIP. I’d much rather not, but that’s how it’s set up and it would at least be factual to say it passed with 1% of the vote. Pretending it passed by a factor of 9-to-1, with 90% of votes In favor is inaccurate; but that’s how the DAO does it.