AIP-326: Platform to Enable ApeCoin Powered Payments & Rewards for Apps & Games

@MIKER thanks for the well-articulated answers. Everything noted and understood.

As someone who has spent over half my lifetime building engines and tools, I see a lot of potential here - but alongside a lot of risk - especially where there already exists a lot of the same or similar turnkey solutions that you’re looking to build. It’s going to be exceptionally challenging to build all that, let alone get devs to use it alongside $APE. Just because it’s “Powered by ApeCoin” isn’t enough of a hook for a dev to dip their toes in. It’s something that I too pondered for weeks - and it’s not easily solved. At least not without a significant amount of time, resources and funding.

If you’re familiar with Yield Guild Games, TreasureDAO etc. then you already know that they’ve spent years and millions of Dollars on building out those platforms for exactly this. In fact, I have an AIP template to build something like that for ApeCoin; but seeing how my expansive and all-encompassing game AIP, through lots of feedback, went from $5M to $2M to a pure $500K token use, I just tabled it rather than waste my time. I will probably create it at some point - just for feedback and the resulting lols.

It’s rather unfortunate that the current state of the DAO coupled with the voting restrictions ensures that big ideas aren’t going to pass; otherwise this would have been a multi-year, multi-million Dollar project that covers all the bases. Instead, similar to the ambitious AIP-209, you’re forced to basically shoe-horn a massive amount of work and high risk into a 10-month, $490K spend. And like AIP-133 (among others), there’s a good chance that, like Feld, you’re going to end up spending more than that by the time you’re done.

Currently every single shred of Web3 tech that’s going into both of my forthcoming Web3 games, is based on middleware in which we don’t use a good portion of the bloat that they contain. It’s specifically why I tend to build all my own tools to do specifically what I need - without all the useless fluff. So, a slim, targeted tool suite like this is definitely a good approach; though adoption of even the best ideas and tech tends to be a major climb.

Good luck with it.