AIP-337: Re-evaluating ApeCoin DAO Special Council Salaries Structure

They are currently running about 31 days avg to bring up AIPs to vote.

There are currently 14 AIPs in admin review, with no indication as to when they will actually go up for vote.

So, with barely 4 voting cycles left in Oct, and with AIP-138 indicating that Nov-Dec is the cycle one time-line for voting, I am not sure that AIP-337 will be up for vote before the Nov election cycle.

Also @Moonlyght, I think we need an AIP that provides certainty as to the timeline for an AIP to go from drafts to admin review to vote. I will probably write up that one because right now there’s no transparency or timeline for when AIPs go through the process - and so, we just keep guessing as to when they actually leave admin review and go up for vote.