AIP-337: Re-evaluating ApeCoin DAO Special Council Salaries Structure

Can we seek guidance and advice from the DAO legal team on retainer around this AIP?

It seems this may open the DAO up to possible future litigation if the current council conditions are impacted as a result of this AIP proposal.

The current members are not impacted by this proposal.


It can be kind of hard to find that information. They don’t have any control over the quality of AIPs that go to vote. You can find what the Special Council does here:

And they just started their weekly reports. You can find the first two here:

The Special Council also put up an AIP that is still in the process that would offer the community different options to choose from to reduce their pay:

Hope this info helps!


There was an earlier version of this AIP (AIP-277) that called for an immediate reduction in all present SC salaries, which was Returned for Reconstruction for reasons not unlike the ones you made mention of.

This one would apply to anyone appointed for the term beginning January 1, 2024… this upcoming election.

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This is an important proposal. I would like to point out that currently SC members are paid 44% more than a US Senator.


To be fair, I’m pretty sure “insider trading” is also part of a Senator’s compensation package.

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True, but I’m not sure how to work that into yours unfortunately.


It’s a lot of money hahahha

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US Senators also get things like Health Coverage, 401K (called TSP), Social Security, a pension (called FERS), and other benefits that is outside of basic pay.

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All accurate points but not entirely relevant for this thread. I was just reinforcing the point that others have made about SC scope/responsibilities being far less than what would be expected in other representative type roles.

I think its sort of relevant. I’ve seen this argument made several times, which is an interesting comparison, but to make it fair I think you also have to look at the rest of things that this salary has to pay for:

Health Insurance
Retirement (401K)
Legal (this a bit more subjective/speculative but is also worth listing)

This position appears to be full-time, so I would suspect that it should also compensate for these expenses.

The position is not currently defined as full-time, but several members of the SC say they work much greater than typical full-time hours. I do think future SC roles should be clearly defined as full-time, amongst other requirements. An actual list of requirements, including some hard requirements, is a change I’d love to see in many DAO funded roles.


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

The voting has closed for this proposal and it has not been approved.

This Topic will be moved to and remain in the Rejected AIPs subcategory.