AIP-351: Interim-Communications Action Team (CAT): Proactive PR & Setting-up the Marketing Working Group for Success

Somehow I missed this by a few days. Weird, that.

I think the auto-renew is simple to write-up in the “Overall Cost” section. See below. Bold emphasis are mine.

The total ask for this proposal which includes a 3-month budget for and the legal costs of setting-up the upcoming Marketing & Communications Working Group, the November/December Election Season Information Coordination, the November Art Basel IRL Activation and the ongoing PR, Comms and Social Media Amplification = 199,000 APE.

Of the above amount, which includes one-time costs, the amount of ??? $APE would be paid monthly (or yearly, quarterly etc. you choose) during the term of this AIP.

I understand the ApeComms issue. However, my concern is that if this - hopefully passes - that would make it a lot harder for ApeComms to make a case for their specific initiative. It’s why I suggested that you, who are also a member of ApeComms, find a way to create a similar initiative which, at the very least, should include Lost.

Though ApeComms is a MWF Spaces initiative, it’s something that’s familiar to us, it has competent and capable hosts who, even without funding, have continued doing it - for FREE. That the community has seen fit to reject funding for it twice, is a different issue. And so, seeing this expansive and more impactful AIP, maybe the voters will be more favorable to it. So, why not just add ApeComms monthly expenses as a line-item (like you did with other items in your AIP) in which, at the very least, provides some funding for it?

I have the utmost confidence that you can figure this out in some way. Getting it to pass is a completely different issue. But even so, we just gave $92K to AIP-314 with overwhelming support.

Also, my thinking is that, with the Marketing Working Group yet to be setup - and which probably won’t be a thing until maybe the middle of 2024 - at best, this is a better near term solution that encompasses and compliments whatever it is that group (assuming my Ape Assembly AIP fails to pass) is likely to be doing anyway.