AIP-358: Ape Assembly Restructuring For Independence

For those interested, our efficient secretary @Vulkan has a table that shows all the DAO funding to date.

"I have this table where I’ve been tracking the total grant requests of all approved AIPs vs. rejected AIPs. Please note some of these are estimations as some AIPs requested ApeCoin and I wasn’t sure what the exact $ amount of the request was at the time.

I also left off AIP-22: Staking Pool Allocation Reloaded - Ecosystem Fund Allocation as it is over a 3-year period and the exact amount is unclear."

For easy access, I took screen images to give a quick idea of the DAO funding to date.

The list gives an outline of the types of grants that get voted for, compared to those that don’t.

It’s rather hilarious to me that I had a hard time identifying grants that benefit the DAO to any tangible degree. Aside from the fact that once the money is out, that’s basically the end of it, and there’s literally zero accountability or follow-up to see what happened to the money.

And looking at that list, some of these very same people voted down a small $63K ask to fund something like ApeComms which is the primary outreach voice and portal for the community. Activities like this can be handled directly by the Ape Assembly through its budget without having to engage in the time-wasting and arduous AIP processes and resulting voting drama.

This - again - is why people believe that DAOs simply don’t work. Especially when you automatically onboard a massive number of people via token holding.

My AIP - if it passes - will solve several problems all at once. And the companion AIP to streamline the AIP process is a part of that.