AIP-368: ApeChain - A zk-Powered Polygon Layer-2 to Support ApeCoin Growth

whoa! Something pulled Hank out of the swamp!

I agree with the building part. However, we can’t achieve that - to any meaningful extent - unless we change our voting system. It’s our biggest problem atm - and one which doesn’t have an easy fix because, short of the Special Council doing anything about (as per my AIP) the voting, only the whales have the power to change it. And they’re not likely to do it as that would be giving up far too much power and control of the treasury.

FYI, it’s not just y00ts they gave money to. The Web3 landscape is littered with Polygon funded dApps and initiatives. And their BD and marketing teams are some of the best in all of Web3. But the fact is that those days of easy money are long gone.