AIP-370: The Mutant Apes (toy line)

Love this concept, would be super cool to see it IRL!! Would be curious to see some visuals attached so we can have an idea of the concept/visuals you’re thinking of!

Your concept of plastic/vinyl toys reminds me of these BAYC toys that I saw in Target- would this be similar to the concept you’re thinking of for MAYC?

Either way, excited to see you develop this vision- best of luck!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


I absolutely love that!
My personal vote for bust vs body would be body. I feel like busts are more oriented towards collectors and bodies are more kid-friendly. But that’s all very much subjective.

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Great, thanks so much for that reco, Evil. @Brazy contact me on Twitter?

Can’t thank you enough for these photos. Super helpful!
Yes very similar in concept. See also @Fuego suggestions above, I think you might enjoy those.

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One thing I haven’t gotten much feedback on yet is the ability to use the toys in various digital ways, for instance in Roblox games (though they’ll be able to be connected to any website, app, game or even smartcontract that wants to participate).

What do you all think about that aspect?

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Thanks for highlighting @Fuego’s comment! I personally would prefer full body as well, as the bust toy versions I have now from @NFTyFIGs feel more like a display item & less interactive.

Another cool feature from NFTyFIGs that I think might be cool is a “gold” or rare version of each collectible that you have a much smaller chance of collecting (the Target box says in fine print that 1/12 figurines will randomly come lined in gold)- adds another layer of rarity to Fuego’s concept of “gacha” blind boxes for toys.

The digital NFC aspect seems super cool to me too- I’m curious if it would add significantly to costs for the toys, and if the average buyer (like a kid or non-web3 native) would find the concept intuitive to understand.


Totally, I can do a live demo of the tech for the NFC part. It would make it possible for anyone to create mainstream digital utility for any of the toys in the line, specifically using them in Roblox [and similar] for instance.

For the end user (holder of the toy), accessing the experience requires a smarpthone or tablet with NFC reader (most of them) and does not involve any account creation. Very simple.

The entire community would be able to create experiences and/or games, not only crazy adult-friendly stuff, but especially kid friendly stuff - which would definitely go miles to improving this ecosystem’s reputation and image.

What’s more, so many people in this ecosystem do have kids, and young ones. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind us all providing fun, kid-friendly stuff for their kids to consume (and also for their friends who are not yet onboarded to enjoy).

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This is a brilliant idea to integrate the physical world with the digital through a MAYC toy line! The use of NFC for games and experiences is particularly promising. It would be interesting to further discuss the structure of IRL royalties for MAYC owners and to ensure that the production quality upholds the value of the MAYCs. Very excited to see how this will develop!:star_struck:


Thank you thank you thank you :pray:

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However I do not feel that I have enough information yet. I would like to extend this Idea thread by another 14 days if possible please.

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Grabbed my attention, good luck to make it. Keep it going.


This idea sounds a lot more interesting after today’s Pudgy Penguin announcement.

I too agree they should be full body. Not feeling the bust idea, and it’s already been done by another company.

I also feel the “blind box” is the way to go. There’s a whole section for that in stores. I went to Five Below with my kids to get the Pudgy Penguin Igloos and they had at least 5 brands on that shelf including Disney.


Mutant apes toys drop with the BAKC pet toys would be rad. We can take over all toy stores in fashion


I have one of the Super Plastic mutants that are full body and have to agree that maybe if it was just a ‘bust’ style I’d have probably not bought it tbh.

Defo think we can also capitalise on the PP success - strike while the iron is hot maybe? ‘Voted’ yes at top. LFG


Mutants are so beautiful, can’t wait to see them as a toy!

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