AIP-379: Thank APE - Phase II: Amplifying a Movement

Ultimately, we know nothing is guaranteed around the DAO and the ApeCoin community decides if offerings are worth an ongoing relationship. Therefore, Thank APE (if this passes) will be judged on the success of its implementation. Is it a large program? Yes, but we are confident at opportunity to showcase what we can do together with the community to deliver it with much success. And of course we are planning for long-term success because if that is not our intention then we shouldn’t be putting up this kind of AIP.

I always encourage the entire ApeCoin community to put up an AIP that they feel is best for the DAO that they can execute, and this is what we have done with Thank APE Phase II. No AIP is going to tick all the boxes for every member at the start, but Thank APE is uniquely flexible and can collaborate with all community members throughout it’s implementation. We’ll continue to encourage giving feedback throughout the program.

At the end of the day, it is up to the DAO to decide if Thank APE Phase II is a shot it wishes to take. Everyone ApeCoin member is free to propose their vision for how to push ApeCoin DAO forward and fortunately we, as a DAO, have multiple bullets available (i.e. treasury) for the community to fund numerous ideas.

There’s a misunderstanding here - this is not the effect of passing the Thank APE Phase II AIP. There are no exclusivity rights being asked to limit any other potential AIPs; ApeCoin DAO is free to propose and pass any other incentivization mechanisms it would like. For example there is the AIP-387 On-Chain grants AIP in the pipeline.

I always appreciate you SSP and I hope we can work together on bringing some of your ideas to (funded) life via Thank APE.