AIP-396: LFG VENTURES presents: Made by Apes - Powered by ApeCoin

Hi @CaptainZwingli,

I’ve carefully reviewed AIP-396, while I appreciate the effort and enthusiasm behind the initiative, I don’t think it’s needed. I’ll explain:

  1. My primary concern lies in the nature of the funding mechanism proposed. The proposed grant structure raises concerns about the effectiveness of utilizing the treasury funds. Unlike a loan, which could potentially be repaid, a grant introduces a one-way flow of funds.

  2. Instead of allocating a substantial grant, exploring partnerships with established web3 vc might offer a more sustainable approach. By leveraging these VC relationships, the DAO could manage funds more effectively through fees or revenue-sharing structures, potentially achieving a better return on investment for the community. Fund-to-fund deals / revenue back / 2-3% management fee like VC…

  3. The ApeCoin community has a well-established process for funding projects through the AIP. It allows the community to vote on proposed projects, give authors to promote their products, and ensuring a decentralized decision-making process. I am not convinced that creating a separate fund outside this process is necessary, especially given the on-chain AIP process that coming lead by GWG.

Hope you can understand. Thank you for your dedication to advancing the Made by Apes ecosystem.

-Mr. Hype :fire: