AIP-403: ApeCoin DAO Marketing & Communications (MarComms) Working Group Budget

ApeCoin DAO Marketing & Communications (MarComms) Working Group Budget

Ecosystem Fund Allocation


  • Linstro - MarComms Working Group Steward
  • Popil - MarComms Working Group Steward


Linstro - ApeCoin Dao MarComms Steward, over 20 years of experience in Media, Production, and Brand Strategy, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer roles for Media/Ent. Group, Production Studio, Hospitality/Trade Group, and Brand Management Agency, professional expertise in leading an award winning production studio, brand development agency that specializes in client-facing strategy, partnerships, licensing, ad endorsement, and social/digital strategy.

Popil - ApeCoin DAO MarComms Steward, Ex-OpenSea Community Manager. Mocaverse Hall Co- Host. XR Artist passionate about Web3. Founder of BoredTea, BoredArt LLC, BoredIn. Building BoredIn MBA & IP Newsletter. Supported BAYC, Ladies of BAYC, WoW, CoolCats, and Mocaverse communities. Collaborated with Nike, Apple, and MoMa. Procrete, and Adobe. Published seven books in Asia.


With over three decades of professional marketing and brand development experience, the MarComms Working Group team is excited to outline our budget proposal that addresses identifiable needs and leverages our unique expertise & network.

This can be constructed into 4 simplified categories:

  1. Brand Strategy & Development
  2. Community & Culture
  3. Management (Personnel)
  4. Administrative

The mission starts with establishing a cohesive brand foundation that amplifies into a persistent brand strategy & identity for ApeCoin. To accomplish this, we will set transparent guidelines, and actively foster positive public relations, structured communications, meaningful partnerships, tent pole community events, and content production for the ApeCoin ecosystem.

The MarComms team has already hit the ground running since inception by contributing to ongoing and new initiatives throughout the ApeCoin ecosystem. Given the dynamic needs of ApeCoin past, present, and future, the delineated budget allows us to capitalize and build on the momentum to showcase our strategic vision to supplement and augment the ApeCoin brand.

The desired outcome is to:

  1. Drive consistency across touchpoints.
  2. Increase the frequency of transparent communications.
  3. Provide coordination across brand initiatives and partners.
  4. Develop a content ecosystem that brings to life the diverse colors of the community & culture, aimed towards positioning and magnifying the brand.
  5. Produce a series of global events that bring the talents and strengths of our membership together.
  6. Establish the legal, operational, and budgetary groundwork for the MarComms WG.



1.1 Brand Guidelines

Ensuring brand consistency by developing a core brand and visual identity that will steward the brand strategy for the community at large. Setting the foundation from which all other efforts can stem from. This includes key elements such as:

  • Core Values
  • Mission Statement
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Taglines/Headlines
  • Visual Identity
  • Asset Library/Media Kit

The brand guidelines will cover aspects such as Positioning, providing insight into why ApeCoin stands out and presenting ideas; About ApeCoin, offering a general overview including its history and origin story; Target Audience, with a brief overview without diving into detailed personas; Brand Why, the purpose, mission, and vision; Brand Message, including the mission statement; Brand Values, visually representing concepts like fun, global reach, and leadership; and Tone of Voice, brand keywords or taglines and tone of voice, possibly revisiting a keyword exercise; Identity, the portrayal of the brand visually; Goals, a written overview of the visual direction; Logo, breakdown of different orientations; Color Palette, including primary and secondary usage guidelines; Typography, establishing a hierarchy of type usage and font selection; and Brand Application Examples, featuring mockups demonstrating the brand’s utilization across social, digital, and physical platforms.

Reference: AIP-291 ApeCoin DAO Brand Guidelines, AIP-274 Powered by ApeCoin **

*Any suggested changes or updates to the brand and brand guidelines will be communicated internally by the MarComms Working Group to the Foundation and Special Council. If necessary, we will openly discuss these matters with the community via AIP.

1.2 Dynamic Public Relations & Communications Strategy

A broad scope that covers multiple levels of strategic needs for ApeCoin such as:

  • Coordinating resources to share information via social media, Discord, and during IRL events. Actively engage and expand, as ratified through AIP-251: ApeCoin DAO 101.
  • Leading social media management and sculpting ApeCoin’s narrative for broader outreach to a global audience.
  • Crafting consistent content across platforms and developing new channels to create a multi-platform marketing system.

Harnessing influential media and partners to magnify content. Implementing transparent scheduling frameworks and optimizing internal communication channels.

1.3 Content Ecosystem

Stories bring brands to life. The production of a documentary-style mini-series telling cinematic stories that highlight the many colorful values of the ApeCoin culture in a cinematic manner. The aim is to create evergreen, high-quality content to illuminate the brand culture and reach global audiences. We plan to engage professional production teams to ideate, coordinate, produce, and distribute across our multi-channel brand ecosystem. This will be a global undertaking that encompasses a the following key line items:

  • Pre-Production & Wrap
  • Shooting
  • Location & Travel
  • Art Department
  • Equipment Costs
  • Media
  • Director/Creative Talent
  • Post Production, etc.
1.4 Additional Content Needs

Engaging professionals from a variety of expert backgrounds that include but not limited to graphic design, copywriting, public/media relations, brand merchandise, and digital development to ensure premium quality and consistency across all touchpoints.


2.1 Establishing Tent Pole Events for ApeCoin community

By coordinating, crafting, and producing brand-centric events for ApeCoin alongside a global schedule of Crypto/NFT events. This undertaking will seek to bring the community and partners together, and actively engage the membership to deepen collaboration, culture, and attract potential newcomers. We are actively seeking to produce a series of events within a spectrum of production requirements within the given timeframe. We will work with professional event planning teams with global capability to ensure a premium and well-crafted experience. Budget Considerations include:

  • Venue
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Projection
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • F&B
  • Decor
  • Labor

Following a thorough vetting process, tent pole events would be selected using the following criteria: events that align with ApeCoin’s values, target audience, and strategic objectives, considering factors such as audience demographics, brand alignment, and potential for community engagement.

2.2 Partnerships Support Deployment

Cultivating robust partnerships by fostering relationships with pre-existing and new communities that encompass ApeCoin’s unique values. From deepened internal relationships with other Working Group teams, the Special Council, and approved AIPs, to outbound engagement with the many communities that already encircle ApeCoin’s unique offerings. Our goal is to encourage creativity, IP growth, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Some existing examples include MBA, ThankApe, ApeComms, already approved AIP initiatives, and beyond. MarComms will actively assist potential brands’ bold and imaginative creators, and their IP & communities. Together, we’ll explore more ApeCoin ecosystem opportunities, including but not limited to derivative products from ApeCoin-related events, exhibition collaborations, and the establishment of small rewards ‘Powered By ApeCoin’. Let’s truly spread the ApeCoin brand and culture into real-world usage scenarios.

2.3 Powered By ApeCoin (PBA) Reward

Highlighting our commitment to supporting IP growth, creators, and the MBA initiative, this section will focus on the ‘Powered By ApeCoin’ reward. Through this initiative, we aim to incentivize and recognize valuable contributions to the ApeCoin ecosystem. This reward system will serve as a catalyst for creativity and innovation, empowering community members to actively participate in shaping the future of ApeCoin. By offering incentives and recognition, we aspire to foster a vibrant and thriving ecosystem where ideas flourish and talents are celebrated.

Powered By ApeCoin (PBA) rewards may include but are not limited to content creation, community engagement, project development, and promotional efforts that align with the goals and objectives of the PBA reward initiative. The allocation of rewards will be based on predetermined criteria and performance metrics, with transparency guaranteed through regular reporting, community feedback mechanisms, and governance oversight.**


3.1 Personnel

The ApeCoin DAO MarComms team is comprised of seasoned Marketing & Brand professionals Linstro and Popil, with expertise in branding, communication, event planning, content production, partnerships, and community engagement. We are key members of ApeCoin DAO and significant contributors to BAYC, MBA,CoolCats, World of women, Moca communities.


4.1 Non-Profit LLC

Establishing the legal entity for MarComms Working Group. Setup costs to establish the MarComms WG nonprofit DAO LLC have been provided by the Governance Working Group, with repayment subject to our budget passing.

4.2 Legal

Budget for professional legal service providers to cover regulatory needs, consultation, litigation, and compliance.

4.3 Bookkeeping & Accounting

Expenses for all financial, accounting, and statement requirements.


This proposal aims to refine the ApeCoin branding, enhancing standardization and proactive communication. Strengthening internal and external communication, encouraging onboarding, and increasing community participation. Initiatives such as social media engagement and in-person events will effectively structure brand narratives. MarComms aims to foster a more creative, globally-connected, and linguistically diverse community environment.

  • AIP: Ape Improvement Proposal
  • IP: Intellectual Property
  • PR: Public Relations
  • MarComms: Marketing & Communications
  • WG: Working Group
  • MBA: Made by Apes
  • PBA: Powered by ApeCoin
  • Slack - Dayliy Work tools
  • Notion- Content tools
  • Twitter/X - Spaces, Video Content
  • StreamLive -Twitter/ X live Space and Youtube, Video Live
  • Youtube - Podcast/ Live / Video / Tutorial
  • TikTok - Short video/ Tutorial
  • Discord - Communication
  • Spotify - Podcast Host
  • Design tools- Photoshop, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate
  • Video tools- Adobe After Effects,
  • Google Tools- Google Email, Google doc, Google PPT, Google Form, Google Drive, Google Meet


1. Brand Guidelines

Upon receival of our budget, we will immediately develop and deliver the budget guidelines in a format for all to engage, refine, and implement. ETD: 1 Month

2. Social Media

Marketing coordination is already underway and will continue to be structured with all teams, initiatives, and partners in an adaptive and consistent manner.

3. Public Relations & Extended Media

Coordination has already begun and a budget will be deployed to extend our reach and usage. Timeline is driven by a seasonal and event driven calendar.

4. Content Ecosystem / Mini-Series

Once budget is confirmed, we will identify, vet, and collaborate with a global team of professionals in the field of video production to develop and deliver a mini-series. In order to streamline and optimize, we will also deliver trailers, teasers, and other marketing material in accordance to a premiere timeline.

While there are no current plans to monetize the YouTube-hosted mini-series, if such plans were to arise in the future, royalties from content would be distributed equitably among content creators, contributors, ApeCoin DAO, and stakeholders involved in the production process.**

5. Other Content Needs

Will be persistent and evolving to the brand + community needs. Coordination has been ongoing.

6. Event-Series

Once budget is confirmed, we will identify, vet, and collaborate with global event planning professionals to coincide community-focused events with relevant key global Crypto/NFT events. Events will be paired with marketing plans that coordinate the above disciplines, such as Social Media, PR, and content development.

7. Partnership Support Deployment

Will be a rolling initiative as an additional layer to all of the above initiatives. The goal is to provide ongoing support to all brands, creators, and partners of the ApeCoin DAO.

8. Administrative

Immediate setup of all legal, accounting, bookkeeping, and organizational structures.

This budget proposal requests an allocation of $APE tokens equivalent to $493,500 USD to cover the MarComms Working Group’s operational needs for the first six months.


:heart_hands: We’re thrilled about this proposal and eagerly anticipate the community’s feedback! Thank you, everyone!


Looking good team!! Lots of vision here!!



Thank you! AC, have been great to work together as WG. Learning a lot from you!



“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


He has got to be right, he can even ride a bull!


Impressive work, team! Your collective vision shines brightly, showcasing abundant potential and promising prospects for our endeavors ahead.


Thank you! :raising_hand_woman:t2: We’re thrilled to cook, learn, and create together! We strongly believe in ApeCoin Brands’ values and culture.
Appreciate your support :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s right! We need to together and building more! So glad to be a WG Team🔥


I appreciate it, and let’s build together!:heart_hands::heart_hands:

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I have worked with @popil, she puts in 110% and I have no doubt she will put this money to good use to move the Apecoin DAO forward.


Looks really interesting and needed. I think this and our powered Ape Rewards App, AIP-398 would also complement each other.


Awesome proposal would love to see where this lead in the following months


It’s my honor to work with you! Looking forward to building more together :raising_hand_woman:t2:


Looking forward to bringing more brand creativity to the community! :pray:Thank you for your support! And love our community


GM! Thank you for shared with us! Looking forward to support everyone :pray:


Thanks for the support!:heart_hands:


Hi @popil & @Linstro.eth !! Awesome proposal and vision! Looking forward to the ApeCoin brand coming to life with both of your leadership :muscle: :muscle:

Got me some quick questions! hehe :grinning:

  1. The Content Ecosystem sounds exciting! Is this something that will document a specific period of what Apecoin’s achieved already or more of a running social media campaign that will regularly publish content?

  2. Also, with Tiktok listed among the Platforms, what are we expecting the content the short form videos to be? Curious if it’s more on the DAO updates lens, or the Apecoin promotional materials lens.

Good luck again and looking forward to watching yall coooooooook!


Gm Gm. :eyes::heart_hands:

  1. Concerning the Content Ecosystem, we prioritize content that encompasses ApeCoin promotion, operations, and social aspects, aligning with each WG’s releases and the overall needs of the ApeCoin DAO. Our goal is to swiftly disseminate and bolster the PR growth of the ApeCoin brand through MaeComms and Content. We eagerly anticipate inviting more ApeCoin creators to join our dynamic Content Ecosystem!

  2. TikTok, as a vital platform for youth content sharing, presents a prime opportunity to expand the reach of ApeCoin culture. Our TikTok content will be creatively curated, featuring engaging onboard tutorials and concise updates on successful AIPs, complemented by playful filters and effects.

Ultimately, our aim is to produce enjoyable and shareable content that amplifies ApeCoin DAO culture globally, exemplifying the essence of our MarComms WG.:pray: Can’t wait to building together :heart:


Looks good so far. Do you envision any support roles being created to assist you with the execution?


Thank you, @Apewhale! You might be interested in checking out the “2.3 Powered By ApeCoin (PBA) Reward” section. Highlighting our commitment to supporting IP growth and creators, this segment focuses on the ‘Powered By ApeCoin’ reward. We believe this initiative will be instrumental in onboarding users and fostering collaboration. Looking forward to building more together!