AIP-404: ApeCoin DAO Metaverse Working Group Budget

PROPOSAL NAME: ApeCoin DAO Metaverse Working Group Budget

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Fund Allocation


  • Dim, Metaverse Working Group Steward

  • David, Metaverse Working Group Steward


Dim, based in France, brings over a decade of expertise in blockchain, product design, and communication. With a fervent interest in web3 both as a founder, speaker in major European events and community member. Dim is committed to make ApeCoin the coin of Web3.

David is the founder of Chinese Ape Club and has extensive experience in the Metaverse space, actively engaging in its development and cultural promotion since 2020.


This budget request is to finance the first 6 months of operations of the Metaverse Working Group (MWG).

The operational guidelines for this Working Group are outlined in AIP-245. The proposal provides a comprehensive framework of Objectives and Key Results (OKR) aimed at ensuring ongoing growth and accountability and keeping the community informed about progresses. The Metaverse Working Group consists of a two-person team: David, based in Hong-Kong and Dim, based in France.

This budget allows the MWG to pursue their mission while keeping the flexibility to adapt to potential opportunities.


The main objectives of the MWG is to develop ApeCoin culture in the Metaverse and support Developers, Builders and Content Creators of the ApeCoin ecosystem through different initiatives like the creation of the ApeCoin Creators Assembly. But also through a specific grant program and the promotion of creator’s initiatives both online and offline.

The MWG is also developing the ApeCoin presence in different Metaverses and Game platforms through asset acquisition, development of experiences and games starting with the Otherside Strategy already in discussion in the forum (See AIP) and more in the work.

The MWG Stewards will publish quarterly detailed updates of the work achieved. These quarterly updates will be posted by the Stewards in their own communications channel (ie: Twitter/X) and in the Metaverse Working Group subcategory of the ApeCoin Forum.


1. Marketing & Operations

1.1. Online Promotions

Including and not limited to: marketing campaigns promoting the Metaverse WG and Creators Assembly initiatives, Social Media operations, Creators Assembly Website (online directory).

1.2. Offline Promotion

As part of the overall Metaverse Strategy, the MWG will be present at different events and in various ways including but not limited to: Booths, side-events sponsorship, meet ups and gatherings. The budget also include physical marketing material needs.

1.3. Creator Grant Program

As part of the Creators Assembly, a Grant Program will be introduced to support creators within the ApeCoin ecosystem.

1.4. Sponsorship

To develop ApeCoin culture, the Metaverse WG will organize in partnership with different Metaverses and Games punctual competitions with a prize pool in $APE and/or special digital collectibles. Agreements have been found already with many partners including Nifty Island, Valeria Games and Faraway (Mini Royale, Dookey Dash etc).

[Note: These above-mentioned activations will be branded as Metaverse WG or ApeCoin Creators Assembly mostly. If needed to be branded differently and using “ApeCoin” it will go through the current Trademark Request Process.

The Metaverse WG would like to be able to use the ApeKin mascot as part of these activations. ie: adding it as a character in metaverses/games. The use of the ApeKin/ApeCoin IP will never be done in a direct commercial way.]

2. Personnel

2.1. Metaverse Stewards Compensation

The MWG team brings extensive knowledge in project management, DAOs, community growth, and Metaverse integrations, complemented by a deep understanding of the ApeCoin ecosystem. The MWG is well-equipped to carry out operations, always giving priority to actions that align with the objectives of the group. Each Metaverse Steward will be compensated with $9,000 USD equivalent in $APE at the time of the grant agreement. Stewards are responsible for any taxes in accordance with their local regulations.

3. Third Party Services

3.1. Legal

Funds set aside for legal expenses and services if needed. This could include costs related to hiring lawyers, legal consultations, litigation fees, compliance with regulations, contracts, and any other legal matters essential for the operation and protection of the MWG interests.

3.2. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Covers expenses related to recording financial transactions, preparing statements, and managing financial data.

3.3. Non-profit LLC setup

Setup costs to establish the Metaverse WG nonprofit DAO LLC have been provided by the Governance Working Group, with repayment subject to our budget passing.

3.4. Communication, Digital Services and Graphic Design

This allocation will be used to cover expenses related to communication tools, digital services, and graphic design needs. This budget ensures effective communication strategies and visually appealing branding materials to support the MWG’s marketing and operational goals.


  1. A strong foundation: Establishing the transparent and compliant legal structure for the Metaverse Working Group to facilitate a smooth and sustainable transition for subsequent Stewards.

  2. Empower creators: With the creation of the ApeCoin Creators Assembly the MWG aim at stimulating cooperation within the existing community and expand it further.

  3. Develop ApeCoin presence in the Metaverse: Onboarding new community members through experience and partnerships creating a broader ecosystem.

  4. Support Otherside development: Laying the groundwork to become a lead resource for ODK integrations and support content creators and builders in the Otherside. Developing a strategy for the purchase and usage of DAO owned Metaverse assets to benefit the community (See AIP draft).



We draw here from AIP-245’s definition of “Metaverse:”

ApeCoin Creators Assembly: The ApeCoin Creators Assembly will be the collective of creators from the ApeCoin ecosystem including: Developers, Builders and Content Creators.

Otherside (as per Otherside is a gamified, interoperable metaverse currently under development. The game blends mechanics from massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) and web3-enabled virtual worlds. Think of it as a metaRPG where the players own the world, your NFTs can become playable characters, and thousands can play together in real time.

ODK: The Otherside Development kit will allow creators to make things for the Otherside, including characters, outfits, tools etc.

Otherside Strategy: A proposal to identify what Otherside assets should be acquired by the DAO and how they should be used.


Above and beyond the standard ApeCoin DAO platforms like Discourse and Snapshot, the Metaverse working group aims to leverage Metaverse platforms like Otherside, and possibly other Metaverse and Gaming platforms yet to be identified. A website would also be created for the ApeCoin Creators Assembly.


The Metaverse Working Group started on January 1st and has since laid down the base of its strategy, Consulting the community on the different projects and goals. The MWG is confident the objectives detailed hereafter will be realized by the end of H1 2024.

The MWG will take on these distinct Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to be achieved through clear milestones by the next Funding Window in July, 2024. These OKRs serve as a compass for our Initiatives, offering a means to gauge and quantify our advancement.

Each OKR is formulated to ensure consistency in the actions, results and accountabilities of the Metaverse Stewardship with timelines in place.

OKR1: Establish the Metaverse WG non-profit legal entity

KEY RESULT 1: Establish the legal entity to operate Metaverse WG activities and be the grant recipient of this budget. The time taken to create this entity should not impede any other OKR’s from proceeding.

OKR 2: Develop a strategy for the development, purchase and usage of DAO owned Metaverse assets

KEY RESULT 1: By January 31st 2024, publish the ApeCoin DAO Otherside Strategy draft up for discussion in the forum to gather feedback from the community on asset acquisition and usage.

KEY RESULT 2: By mid March 2024, publish the Otherside Strategy AIP and implement a comprehensive governance structure for decision making on asset acquisition process.

KEY RESULT 3: By March 31st 2024, publish the project draft in the ApeCoin Forum for at least 2 more Metaverse strategies and/or experiences.

KEY RESULT 4: By April 30th, start the acquisition process of Otherside Metaverse assets and initiate their usage as part of the Otherside Strategy.

OKR 3: Build and support the ApeCoin Creators Assembly

KEY RESULT 1: Create an assembly of builders including, but not limited to, established communities and companies building on ApeCoin. This is being worked on and will be detailed in a forum post.

KEY RESULT 2: Organize at least 1 monthly online workshop featuring a special guest to share experience and knowledge with the Assembly. These workshops will be hosted via Zoom and guest speakers have already been identified from companies like Animoca.

KEY RESULT 3: By end of Q1 2024, introduce a grant program to support builders of the ApeCoin community with a comprehensive and transparent process for grant attribution. All the details are being worked on but in regards to the selection of the winners, an independent committee will be selected to assist.

KEY RESULT 4: By end of H1 release an online website directory featuring the members of the assembly to facilitate networking and stimulate cooperation.

OKR 4: Promote the ApeCoin Metaverse Working group initiatives both online and offline

KEY RESULT 1: Participate to at least 2 physical events such as conventions with a booth to promote the Metaverse Working Group and the ApeCoin Creators Assembly initiatives.

KEY RESULT 2: Launch an online campaign promoting initiatives from the Metaverse WG and the Creators Assembly.

KEY RESULT 3: Host bi-monthly community spaces to promote the initiatives of the members of the Creators Assembly.

OKR 5: Lay the groundwork for a mass adoption of ApeCoin in Metaverse, Gaming platforms and Services.

KEY RESULT 1: By end of Q1 2024, introduce a program to sponsor competitions or special events in web3 Metaverse and games with an ApeCoin prize pool and/or limited edition ApeCoin digital collectibles. The program would work through partnership with the different games/platforms and the winner selection would be based on the game/platform but can be via leaderboard, quests, etc.

KEY RESULT 2: By end of Q2 2024, sponsor at least 4 competitions or special events.

KEY RESULT 3: Integrate ApeCoin culture in Metaverse and Gaming platform. For example: ApeKin mascot as playable character.


This budget proposal requests an allocation of $APE tokens equivalent to $415,500 USD to cover the Metaverse Working Group’s first six-month operational needs.

The Metaverse WG LLC will be the recipient of the grant, and the funds will be received in the multi-sig wallet with both MWG stewards as signers. In the event that any of these budget line items extend beyond June, the third elected MWG Steward would be added as a signer to the multisig wallet.

The Metaverse Working Group shall invoice the Foundation against this budget as needed but still reserves the right to take custody in full, as approved through this AIP.


More than happy to get behind this amount.

We voted yes to the MVWG creation, so imo the least we can do is approve their first budget request - especially when it is less than asked for by comparable WGs.



Well written — and excited to see with this goes.

Good job here guys…



Do you guys think it’s possible to unite marketing, legal, accounting costs under 1 structure. It feels like the cost could decrease instead of each working group having to cover these costs themselves.


Looking forward to hearing the community’s voice and feedback. We are always here to build a better Metaverse Future.


Hey Buuvei, thanks for asking.

For marketing side, we focus on promoting the apecoin adoption and metaverse strategy. So it will different goal of other working groups

For legal and accounting side, we have discussed this internally and think it would be better to do it seperately.

Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions. :blush:


Creator Grant Program seems something interesting, how do you plan to support creators with this? What will encourage them to come build?

P.S. Love it!! LFG <3


Thanks for the positive feedback Evil! There will be more announced around the Creator Grant Program once we fully unveil it along the ApeCoin Creators Assembly. But the idea is to support creators, not only financially which is one piece of the puzzle, but through a stimulating network of cooperation and promotion.


Everything makes sense, and you have my full support.

The only thing I’d consider for all future Workgroups is a better jurisdiction for the non-profit LLC, as this cost is quite high compared with multiple Northern / Western European alternatives, which may also lower the other third-party service costs (I have first-hand experience with this).

But for the time being, I would not start challenging this, and just say GO!


Nice.I looking forward to seeing more promotion in Metaverse.
I would love to be the creator .


Thanks @harpiewitch for the feedback! Indeed Eastern Europe is interesting. For this one we are choosing the same jurisdiction as the Governance Working Group who’s helping us with the setup.

I love it! It’s clean, clear, and concise. It’s an honor to work together as part of the WG! You have my full support, 100%!:pray::+1:


Congratulations for the job already accomplished.

We are lucky to have 2 hard workers who know what they are talking about.

This budget seems reasonable to me compared to what is currently being done, especially since the impact will be significant, visible and rapid.


Thanks for your support dyorjdr


Thanks Evil. More details will be announced soon


Welcome to Join us :blush:

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I adore it! Clear, concise, and immaculate. You have my complete support. Exceptionally written

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