AIP-412: Streamlining Working Group Elections: Improved Second-Round Voting Strategy


What you are suggesting is a combination of weighted voting (which we already use in round 1 of elections) and Approval Voting. However, approval voting doesn’t support a mix of weighted voting, so if you have 3 choices then they all count for 1/3rd of your vote each.

A new voting type might be possible but this would require snapshot team to role it out… However, there is a beauty in simplicity in terms of getting more APE to vote, we are already up to about 45m APE for the ApeChain AIP.

If people want to go down the Apehole read below:

Snapshot Voting Types

Voting type is defined in the space settings or at the level of an individual proposal (unless it has been already defined in the space settings) and can allow the users to: