AIP-417: IP Ecosystem with CLIP Powered by ApeCoin

Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

Our team has reviewed and discussed @JasonJape 's AIP Draft and have sent a list of initial questions. We await answers.

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@JasonJape has responded to our questions and has provided consent to share them in this forum for the community.

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  1. Is the Ape Foundation expected to engage in any of the steps of the AIP implementation? If so, please specify the steps and elaborate on how it is expected to work.

ANS: Regarding regulatory compliance, the Ape Foundation is expected to be actively involved. We’ll collaborate closely to ensure alignment with the DAO’s guidelines and objectives.

**Please revise your Steps to Implement and Timeline section. As specified by the AIP Draft Template, outline the steps to implement your proposal, including the associated costs, key performance indicators, personnel requirements, any expectations of the Ape Foundation, and other resources needed for each step where applicable. This section should also provide relevant timing details, including the project’s start date and the key milestones(including the final expected Implementation date.)

ANS: [@Lost.Admin since we are unable to update the AIP-Draft now, we would like to provide the detail below and would appreciate if you can update the AIP draft for us. Thanks. ]


Implementation Period: May 2024 - October 2024

Expected Term: Indefinite

Execution Phases:

May/July: Platform Launch, Infrastructure Setup and Featured Project Announcements

In May 2024, we will embark on the exciting journey of launching the CLIP platform and unveiling 4-5 featured projects, as mentioned above. This phase entails the meticulous development of the CLIP platform, establishing a proficient development team, a robust marketing team, and the essential APE team to ensure the seamless operation of our endeavors.

August/September: Launch Marketing Campaign, CLIP Ecosystem Fund Available for Applications

As we transition into August 2024, the focus will be on igniting our CLIP marketing initiatives and hosting our inaugural conference event, in collaboration with TOKEN2049 Singapore. This pivotal phase will witness the launch of our marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, and engaging social media endeavors, complemented by influencer outreach and sales activities.

October: Exclusive Collectables Production to ApeCoin DAO Members and Full Implementation

In October 2024, following our successful event, we will commence the production of exclusive collectables for ApeCoin DAO members, inclusive of logistics coordination. This pivotal phase marks the culmination of our marketing efforts, signaling the full implementation of the proposal and the commencement of CLIP’s ongoing operations.

  1. As per the ApeCoin General Guidelines, “proposals will not be put up for vote if they involve illegal activity, hate speech, pornographic material, or are at odds with the mission or values of the APE Foundation.” Can you ensure that the content published through the CLIP platform would be in keeping with these guidelines?

ANS: Yes we will make sure the contents published will be following these guidelines

4a.) Regarding any granted permission to use ApeCoin trademarks by the Ape Foundation, do you expect to maintain full ownership rights to the content and/or IP which may be created as a result of the approval of your proposal?

ANS: CLIP will operate based on trademark guidelines approved by AIP-291.

4b.) Would your expectation be to keep complete ownership of all content produced from this proposal?

ANS: Ownership of content and IP resulting from the proposal will be subject to permissions granted by the IP owners. However, any technology developed by CLIP in accordance with our proposal will be owned by CLIP.

5a) What is the current status of the CLIP business?

ANS: We are a Singapore-based LLC company and already operational with existing deals lined up already

5b.) Does the platform have a current website?

ANS: Yes, our website is currently in development, and we will share it once it’s ready.

5c.) Has a business entity already been established? If so, can you describe the structure of the business entity?

ANS: Yes, it’s a private LLC company in Singapore. We’ll work closely with legal advisors and the Ape Foundation to ensure compliance with regulations following our proposal.

5d.) Is the entity prepared to facilitate the distribution of gross revenue back to the Foundation in a way which is compliant with both local and Cayman regulations?

ANS: Yes, we are prepared and will comply with the relevant regulations

5e.) If the business is not yet established, please lay out how you anticipate organising CLIP.

ANS: we are already established.

  1. Would you be willing to amend the proposal so that the Foundation would receive 50% of Gross Revenue in any instances of revenue returned to the DAO’s treasury? This has been the preference in the past.

ANS: Yes, if that will be the suggested option from the foundation.

  1. With regards to the production of the “high-end collectables”, would there be any commercial activity requiring the use of ApeCoin trademarks ? Please elaborate.

ANS: Yes, it is possible. We’ll follow the ApeCoin Brand Guidelines while operating.

  1. Are you requesting any exclusivity for the dedicated APE team?

ANS: No.

9a.) Regarding the budget outlined under the Overall Cost section, please elaborate on the expectations for the Events and Conferences.

ANS: We aim to engage, educate, and generate leads and awareness regarding CLIP, IPs, ApeChain and ApeCoin through events and conferences, and expose IPs and web3 with the broader community such as Web2, crypto and entertainment.

9b.) Would the production of the events be focusing on CLIP and development of the CLIP brand?

ANS: The production of events will indeed focus on CLIP and the development of the CLIP brand, with the ApeCoin brand being integrated into exhibition, stage sections, and workshops.

9c.) How would the ApeCoin brand be used during the production of these events, if at all?

ANS: The ApeCoin brand will play a significant role, being integrated into exhibitions, stage sections, and workshops.

  1. Your proposal also mentions a “Multi-sports Dome Establishment – A state-of-the-art, web3-inspired sports complex located in Ontario, Canada” with details to be announced in Q2 2024. Are any of these details available? Please elaborate.

[ANS]: We have the details but we cannot disclose at the moment as we are under NDA with the project owner. We have to respect the schedule of our partner but we will provide more details as soon as they become available.

  1. Do you provide consent to apply updates to the relevant areas of your proposal based on your responses to the questions above?

ANS: Yes.

  1. Do you provide consent to share these questions and answers with the community in this forum?

ANS: Yes

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We have no further questions for @JasonJape. This AIP is now under Administrative Review.

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Thanks for the edit and update

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Hi @JasonJape ,

Really interesting concept.

I have some questions:

  1. How is the CLIP Team making money from the services? Will there be an automatic percentage integrated in the platform?

  2. 50% of Net Revenue to ApeCoin DAO is a high percentage to have as standard percentage. Will it not limit the growth of CLIP for example in bearish times?
    Would it maybe be an idea to incorporate metrics. e.g. the DAO receives x % if net revenue if below x amount and x % if revenue if above x amount?

Amazing idea and amazing team! Totally here for it!


Hi KimoraGold

Thanks for your questions and interest. Please find our answers below:

  1. CLIP’s revenue comes mainly from platform fees and success fee. We will take a percentage in the range of 5%-15% depending on the nature of the deal.

  2. 50% of the net revenue generated by the dedicated APE team will be contributed to the APE Foundation. CLIP is an existing business and we have an overall growth strategy to ensure it is a sustainable business. We have a relatively higher percentage of profit sharing to the APE Foundation because we believe in our own project and we want to give back to the APE foundation and community, which is always our believe - build for the community and led by the community


I really love what you’re doing here with this. We’ve seen success from other communities around IP platforms (e.g. OverpassIP for Pudgy Penguins) and after meeting with @JasonJape and the team, I feel confident that they’ll do a great job. Looking forward to hearing community comments and seeing how they lead to refinements. I also feel like the 50% of Net Revenue for the ApeCoin Foundation is key…if this is executed well, it could be a great income stream for sustainable development.

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This proposal is live for vote at Snapshot. The voting period closes 13 days from now at 9PM EST.

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimize for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

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Thank you for your answer. Yes, this clarifies it. Good luck!

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Are there any plans to contribute a % of royalties back to the community?


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

The voting has closed for this proposal and it has not been approved.

This Topic will be moved to and remain in the Rejected AIPs subcategory.