AIP-428: MBA Documentary Series: Showcasing the Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Networking within BAYC

Made By Apes Documentary Series: Showcasing the Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Networking within the BAYC Community

Ecosystem Fund Allocation

My name is Ryan Miller, aka NFT Art Collective, aka Bored Ape 3127. You may recognize me from my recent HV-MTL mockumentary, Vote 4 Vote: The Road to Nowhere

I started recording music 30 years ago, added video production in 2013, and worked my way up to the director of post-production at Condition One VR. I’ve shot, edited and mixed projects for brands like Google, NASCAR, Participant Media, and the World Wildlife Fund.

I’ve also been an active contributor to the BAYC community, organizing a fundraiser for Project Chimps, with 100% of proceeds going directly to their rescue center. More recently, I used my experience playing HV-MTL to create a mini-mockumentary entirely by myself. “v4v : The Road to Nowhere](” was viewed and shared thousands of times, with hundreds of comments. I think anyone who watches, especially those who played, will see not only the quality of my work, but also my love for the club.

My unique blend of skills, experience and understanding of the BAYC ecosystem enable me to efficiently produce this series. Over the past 30 years I’ve worked with everything from budget gear to the finest cameras & microphones, by myself and with teams of all sizes, with budgets from zero to millions of dollars. I have extensive experience documenting a variety of subjects and a strong sense for finding a compelling story. Regardless of the situation, I know how to maximize a budget and bring exceptional value to all parties. I also know my limitations, and while I record and mix music, I don’t compose, so for that I will be using apes like Grammy award winner Richard Vagner, guitarist Sepak, and hopefully illaDaProducer and more!

The Made By Apes program is fantastic, but there isn’t enough exposure for the builders pushing our ecosystem forward. I’m seeking funds to produce a series of short documentaries highlighting MBA businesses and the networking that ties apes, ApeCoin, the DAO and MBAs together.

For the core of the series, I will travel to 3 major hubs for MBAs: LA, NYC and Miami, filming 3-5 businesses and a networking event in each city. Each featured business & meetup will have its own approximately 5-10 minute long episode and a short teaser. The first episode will debut about 1 month after shooting begins, with a new episode released every 3-4 weeks.

I will feature MBAs from many industries and show a variety of use cases and business strategies. Small boutiques like Frens Chocolate and international brands like Bored & Hungry have compelling stories, as do projects with existing links to ApeCoin such as the Bored Brewing Company, Aaron Haber’s Laughing Ape, and the Bored Ape Gazette, a potential distribution partner for this series. The Bored Trading Co’s unique model helps smaller MBAs distribute products at events across the world, an example of the synergy being created every day by apes, MBAs & the ApeCoin DAO, something that deserves far more attention. An episode featuring Horizen’s launch of ApeChain would be a unique opportunity to take control of the narrative and show tangible community and business utility within the ApeCoin DAO & BAYC.

As a gesture of my commitment, I’m proposing that full ownership of the completed pieces along with any streaming and distribution revenue belong to the DAO itself. Also, I will only work on this project for the entire term, collaborating with apes every step of the way, from selecting featured MBAs to hiring apes for music and organizing MBA meetups.

I’ve believed in BAYC’s potential as a modern social club since the day I minted. This series will celebrate the businesses and social capital being created by MBAs with the help of apes and the ApeCoin DAO.

This series aligns with the ApeCoin DAO’s mission to foster community led projects that drive culture forward into the metaverse. Entrepreneurship and IP have been a part of BAYC’s culture since the beginning, and Made By Apes is the next evolution. This series will bring much needed exposure to ApeCoin funded projects, highlighting the DAO’s impact in the real world and showing various ways apes have integrated BAYC into their own expressions of culture, from food & beverage to arts & entertainment.

By showcasing successful MBA & ApeCoin projects, it will:

  • Add to the sense of professionalism & community in the ApeCoin DAO by showcasing skilled creatives & entrepreneurs, including those who have already received ApeCoin funding.
  • Potentially increase demand for ApeCoin & ApeChain by demonstrating their ties to the BAYC community and showcasing real-world use cases for the tokens.
  • Show outsiders that BAYC is more than just a jpg one can right click ‘n save, but rather a passionate community of skilled entrepreneurs building in the real world across industries.
  • Educate apes on how they can leverage the MBA program for their own pursuits, providing concrete examples and inspiration for those looking to commercialize their IP or use ApeCoin in their projects.
  • Provide valuable exposure for the featured projects and the apes behind them, promoting their ventures and attracting new customers or even potential investors.
  • Show the power of networking & diversity of skills in BAYC to foster more collaboration within the community, and facilitate IRL networking via the meetups in each city.
  • Attract new members to the BAYC & ApeCoin communities by highlighting the unique opportunities for IP commercialization and the supportive nature of the ape community & DAO, both online and in real life.

By providing a behind-the-scenes look at the innovative ways apes are utilizing their IP, the Made By Apes series has the potential to drive growth and engagement for the entire BAYC ecosystem.

I can talk gear all day, so let me know if you’d like details, but all episodes will be shot in 6k RAW with Blackmagic cameras, cinema lenses and top of the line audio gear, then edited and delivered in 4k.

Considering 99% of NFT energy is on X, I think it would be wise to focus on that for distribution, perhaps with the ApeCoin funded Bored Gazette as the main X distributor, or ApeCoin’s official X account for monetization. The official MBA website should host the best episodes, and hopefully the main Yuga accounts on X and YouTube will also share. Since some of the stories have a ‘lifestyle’ aspect, they might perform well on Yuga’s Instagram too. As always, the community itself will be the main driver, but for one of the first times in several years, they’ll finally have engaging video content to share, something that’s been conspicuously missing.

I will continue to seek other distribution networks and media partners through former colleagues and the ape community, and any revenue from the series and final documentary will go to the ApeCoin DAO, which could also host a YouTube channel to monetize the series long term. I will also investigate screenings at web3 conferences & events to maximize exposure.


  1. Pre-production (1 month)
  • Choose featured MBA’s with the help of prominent apes
  • Create production schedule and travel itinerary
  • Develop interview questions and shot lists
  • Find Hosts & Venues for MBA Meetups in each City
  1. Production - City #1 - LA - Summer (1-2 Weeks)
  • Film & Interview 3-5 Featured MBA’s (1-2 days each)
  • Film a Meetup (1 day)
  • Film City, MBA / Ape B-roll & Pickup shots (1-2 days)
  1. Post-production - City #1 - LA (6-10 weeks)
  • Edit first MBA episode
  • Work with Ape musicians on music
  • Color grade and sound mix
  • Renders and Quality Control
  • Release Episode on Social Media
  • Repeat for remaining episodes from City #1

*Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for Two Additional Cities, NYC (fall) & Miami (winter)

  1. Production - ApeFest Lisbon (7-10 days, October 18-20th)
  • Film interviews with as many MBA holders as possible
  • Film an MBA / IP Meetup
  • Film MBA’s with business presence at ApeFest (booths, meetups, sponsors)
  • Film community feedback & reactions to the MBA program
  1. Post-Production - ApeFest MBA Episode (2 weeks)

-Same steps as #3

  1. Longer Form Documentary (As Time & Story Allows)
  • Edit individual episodes into a cohesive 60-90 minute documentary or 20-30 minute short
  • Conduct additional interviews or gather new footage as needed
  • Research and apply to relevant festivals, pitch to potential streaming partners


  • Pre-production: 1 month
  • LA Production: 1-2 weeks
  • LA Post-production: 7-10 weeks
  • NYC Production: 1-2 weeks
  • NYC Post-production: 7-10 weeks
  • Miami Production: 1-2 weeks
  • Miami Post-production: 7-10 weeks
  • ApeFest Filming: 7-10 Days
  • ApeFest Post-Production: 2 Weeks

Total time estimate:

  • Low end: 31 weeks (~8 months)
  • High end: 43 weeks (~11 months)

*considering the dynamic nature of producing a documentary, it makes sense to go with the longer timeline. Production issues can arise with changes in weather, event scheduling, flight cancellations, changes in subjects’ availability, acts of god, etc., but I will always do whatever I can to deliver on time. Ask anyone who’s worked with me in the past - I put everything I have into my projects and work tirelessly to deliver at a high level. If there is any time remaining after the completion of all episodes, I will continue to work on creating additional content around the MBA program.

Using the existing funds, I’m also willing to add trips to the schedule if it makes sense to cover a standout MBA like the opening of Bored Brewing in Calgary this summer. By shortening time in one of the core cities, or if there is additional time leftover after delivering all episodes, I can add another short trip or two along with additional episodes.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin DAO = $141,600 USD, to be paid in ApeCoin.

  • LA - 2 weeks; flight, hotel & car = ~$3,000
  • NYC - 2 weeks; flight, hotel & car = ~7,000
  • Miami - 2 weeks; flight, hotel & car = ~$3,000
  • ApeFest - 1 week; flight, hotel & car = ~$3,000
  • Music Licensing & Scoring - $20,000

I will bill my time at $60 / hour, less than industry standard, equivalent to $9600 per month. It’s hard to estimate exactly how long a project like this will take to complete, but on the high end, rounding up to 11 months, my salary would be $105,600. Combined with the travel budget of $16,000 and music budget of $20,000 we reach a total of $141,600 for 11 months of production covering at least 4 major cities (NYC, Miami, LA, Lisbon).

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I have an idea for Episode 1 and 2 additional pieces to share - all work done by myself.

Episode 1 could be a recording studio session in LA with multiple ape musicians creating the MBA series theme song. There are many ape musicians who would love to participate, and while not everyone will fit in the LA session, we can also have other apes contribute their own takes on a theme or background and vary the theme a little from episode to episode. I want to include as many apes as possible and can mix the different versions myself from stems & tracks sent over the internet. It’s yet another example of ape collaboration that fits with the culture, showcases BAYC talent (including some of the most prominent apes), and bridges the gap between the virtual & real worlds, another theme I’d like to highlight wherever possible throughout the series.

Here’s a portfolio piece I recently finished at Dead Aunt Thelma’s in Portland with a band called Love Dean.

And here’s another mini-doc that’s about the length the MBA pieces will be. This one features a local Alpaca Farm called Whispering Songs.


Love the idea. Any thoughts on expanding the scope both beyond the 3 major cities listed (either through UGC or contracted recording) and/or beyond MBA and focus on any ApeCoinDAO funded company?


Gm! :wave::sunglasses:

Could you share details around your plan to have the documentary be seen/viewed?

I was a part of some really good film content production in a past venture, and one of our biggest challenges was to get the right exposure, to get it circulated properly.

Is your expectation that by producing the documentary it would automatically be shared virally inside the Yuga ecosystem? Or do you have a more, for lack of better word, comprehensive plan for the launch of it after it’s produced?


Thanks for engaging, much appreciated!

I wouldn’t mind perhaps using some UGC content in individual episodes, but I want to keep the quality really high & prefer to do all of the production work myself. If I were to contract anyone, I think the costs would rise significantly because I’d likely have to hire a small crew whereas I’m able to handle audio, video, lighting & gear without any additional expenses since I’m doing the work and own all the gear. Also, shooting my own material makes editing much faster because I already know what happened and what I captured. I’m extremely efficient with all of the work I do, and I think that’s part of what brings more value to this project while keeping expenses down.

However, I’m 100% willing to adjust the shooting schedule to work in other cities. That’s part of the reason I did up to 2 weeks in each city - I could split that into 2 cities, 1 week each, or even 1.5 weeks in one city and then a fast trip to another for a big event. Flights aren’t that expensive, I travel as cheaply as possible, and with the exception of NYC, hotels are about the same no matter where I travel. I could easily do more cities if it needs to be done to feature the right MBAs.

For example, I’ve been invited to film the opening of the Bored Brewing Company taproom in Calgary this June, and they’re an MBA plus powered by ApeCoin. As far as other ApeCoin powered projects, I’d definitely like to cover Aaron Haber’s Laughing Ape, including a live show, and I’ll be speaking with him soon about ideas for an episode & how we could highlight his use of ApeCoin. I know Bored & Hungry accepted crypto at their US location but not sure where they currently stand on that for their international sites. I’m interesting in covering more ApeCoin powered businesses. Do you have any specific ones in mind? I would love more collaboration with the community, including suggesting & later choosing which MBA’s & ApeCoin businesses to feature!

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Hi MemeBrains, thanks for the question! First, I totally understand your concerns about putting in time and then not getting eyes. In the past, I worked at a small film studio, and we’d film national bands as they came through Dallas. 10-12 people filming, recording live audio, then all post production - a massive number of man hours only to be viewed maybe 1,000 times…not great.

I do think the big difference here is that apes themselves, especially the featured MBAs and really anyone with an MBA or DAO involvement, are eager to see and share positive stories about everything being built in the ecosystem, and so far there’s been very little content to share. Many people, even apes don’t realize how much is being built around them, and I think they’ll welcome the opportunity to take control of the narrative with better content and storytelling. Even my HV-MTL mockumentary did quite well and I have almost zero reach on X…

As far as the core series, which will end up being around 15 episodes, approximately 5 minutes long each, I think social media is the best route. I’d like to see Yuga put the best episodes on the MBA site itself but won’t count upon that. I’ve been speaking with Bored Ape Gazette, also powered by ApeCoin, and they are down to distribute / debut the episodes via their channel on X.

When it comes to the stretch goal of a longer form doc, I won’t pretend that I’ll be able to get it on Netflix or even that people would watch something like this on Netflix. I know apes that have bigger connections like this, and if the documentary turns out well enough I will reach out to them, but that would be the cherry on top. Getting into film festivals would be easier and I’ll certainly spend some of the budget on that if apes want to see that happen in the end.

I’m open to any ideas the community has about distribution though!

p.s. attention spans are very short these days, so I’ll likely do even shorter versions that people can share as well.

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No specific projects, just think it’s a great idea and I love seeing great ideas scale. Your approach makes complete sense. Good luck with the process.

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Thanks again for responding. I’m hoping others will join and suggest more MBAs & ApeCoin businesses to feature even if they aren’t in LA, NYC or Miami. There’s a ton of energy in the club right now and I want to film the best businesses as efficiently as possible!

Thanks VonFrontin. let me know if you come across any projects you think should be featured or have any other suggestions.

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If this goes through, I would solicit this publicly to see who pops up. I guarantee there are amazing builders I’m not aware of.


Got it! Thanks for the thoughtful reply :heart:

So in summary, basically yes; you’ll be relying on organic vitality from within the existing community.

Is this correct?

Yes, that’s correct.

I’m open to any distribution suggestions though!

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You could also edit some short form videos for the MBAs for their socials (shorts/reels). Could use b-roll from the documentary itself, no need to shoot something specifically for this. Good promo for the businesses and more visibility for the DAO + creator.


100%, love this suggestion. It’s easy to cut something from the longer pieces and I can see 15, 30 and 60’s working well with this content. That won’t add much time, can definitely squeeze it in. I’m all about maximizing everything I do from shooting to editing and that’s something I’ll add into the next draft for sure. Thanks for contributing, much appreciated!!!

Let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions!

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This was funny especially the hair growth part.

How do you plan to create the content for different channels and different demographics? Twitter, YouTube, TikTok also different types of audience? Age, web3 experience, language (sub titles etc).