AIP-459: The Apemobile - Guerrilla marketing meets a KOL partnership

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Firstly, I’d like to express my gratitude for having a Chinese version available, making it accessible for everyone to read, while also focusing on building a multicultural community.

There are several innovative ideas in this proposal, which also encourage bold creativity. However, here are a few questions that could potentially help further refine the proposal:

  1. Has there been consideration given to switching from purchasing to a one-time rental plan? This could potentially save costs, while also addressing uncertainties regarding the longevity of trending topics.

  2. Will this initiative include other IPs? Are other ApeCoin communities encouraged to participate?

  3. Have there been discussions about docking or collaborating with a specific event as a partnership opportunity?

  4. Regarding benefits for other ApeCoin users, is there a plan to incorporate incentives such as test drives or other engaging experiences?

Thanks Kodama

Thank you for your feedback and questions popil.

  1. I believe that ApeCoin and the ecosystem will be a trending topic for several years to come. However, it could be a good idea to just lease the car and test the initiative for 1 year.
    I will consider this for a potential resubmission.
    However, please keep in mind that the car is mainly a tool to polarize and gather attention. The real value of this AIP lies in content/marketing/education by a KOL for a period of 3 years.

  2. This is all about ApeCoin, Apes, and the broader YugaLabs community.
    The car will only include ApeCoin IP.
    The car is the Apemobile and not a car with 10 different PFPs on it.

  3. If the AIP passes in time efforts will be made to partner with ApeFest. Otherwise the idea is to talk to the organizers of NFT Paris and NFC Lisbon. The two major European web3 & NFT events.
    I know both organizers and I am sure they would be down for a partnership.

  4. No. Insurance wise this is not possible.
    There might be the possibility to raffle exclusive driving experiences to a few community members. However, this is not something that can be guaranteed up front.

I notice that basically all your questions are related to the car. This once again demonstrates that it serves its purpose. It gathers attention and polarizes.

Also on the lease vs. buy question - a lease is often a terrible options in terms of the value you get back. There’s a reason that salespeople at luxury dealers get several thousand dollars in bonuses every time they close a lease.

A lot of smart money buys a Porsche because unlike other high end autos, they hold their value incredibly well. Over time, the right models will even increase in value. So I’d comp out the depreciation of the model in question over a 3 year time period, and compare that to how much money you’d set on fire via a lease and the required one time payment to lease (which is significant.)

My guess is buying and selling after 3 years will be the more frugal option.

Leasing is def a terrible deal compared to buying. Especially if you consider the current interest rate. It will require less capital upfront but in the long run you pay 15-20% extra atm.

And I agree that Porsche 911 models hold their value very very well.
This is why I want to return the resell amount after 3 years. Making the effective costs of this AIP extremely low.

This proposal makes little sense to me for several reasons:

  1. The conversion rate from people seeing an ApeCoin logo on your car to buying ApeCoin is closer to 0% than 0.1%. When you combine this with how little exposure this will generate outside of the web3 bubble, the ROI starts to make very little sense.

  2. There are much bigger KOLs that rock Yuga PFPs than you. For example @Banks who has 2.7M followers and rocks a Punk PFP has 90x your following on just Twitter alone (way more if you count his other channels) with exposure to web3 bubble + normies. Why don’t we offer to buy someone like him a Porsche, or even a better car? I’m willing to bet that he’d gladly accept one and agree to some terms around marketing ApeCoin, so may other members of FaZe Clan (all with larger followings than you) and perhaps we offer them some package deal.

I thought this proposal was a joke at first, but apparently it’s not… If we’re going to waste money on another car sponsorship at the very least I’d to see us sponsor KOLs with more exposure.

Thank you for your constructive feedback.

  1. The car is just a tool to polarize and get attention for whatever content is delivered to the target audience. The car itself will obv not convert anyone to buying $APE.
    The real costs will be ~25k per year / ~2k per month. Take those numbers and the ROI will be great!!!

  2. Ofc there are much bigger KOLs. Feel free to reach out to Faze Banks and offer him this deal for a 3 year partnership :stuck_out_tongue: he will certainly be entertained.

I would actually like to see more KOLs approaching the DAO.
However, the interest in $APE is at an ATL (as is the price…) and I am committed to being engaged for another 3 years: creating content, educating degens about ApeCoin, ApeChain & the DAO.

I rather have a KOL that is really engaged than someone that shills every now and then where you can tell that he dgaf.

NOTE: This is NOT a car sponsorship. Please The F1 partnership was ***** and way too expensive for just having a small logo on a car with 10 other brands. You can’t compare these 2 AIPs.

PS: I chose a Porsche because it has great resell value after 3 years.