AIP-486: Powered by ApeCoin, unlocking Web3 travel solutions for the community

PROPOSAL NAME: Powered by ApeCoin, unlocking Web3 travel solutions for the community

Popil , Brandon , Michael and Celso


Michael Ros: CEO / co-founder

Michael has been a travel tech entrepreneur for 15 years. Following his successful venture with Travelservice, he founded the first membership booking platform Bidroom and led it as CEO for 5 years. He’s extremely renowned within the travel tech industry and has a track record as a start up advisor. He has been a keynote speaker at over 50 conferences, focusing on the digital economy, hospitality, and web3.

Brandon Williams : Lead Business Development

Brandon has 5 years of experience in blockchain and web3 , renowned for his impactful tenure as lead growth at DeLabs (DeGods / Y00ts).With five years in the industry, he has excelled in driving growth and establishing strategic partnerships and has a deep understanding of blockchain technologies and innovative community engagement strategies.

Popil: ApeCoin MarComms Steward and Advisor, BoredIn

Popil is an ApeCoin MarComms Steward and former OpenSea Community Manager.
and Advisor, BoredIn. She is the founder of BoredArt LLC, TheBoredTea, and BoredIn, as well as the publisher of MBAs Newsletters. With experience hosting over 50+ events and meetups for the BAYC and ApeCoin communities, Popil has made significant contributions to the space. Additionally, she has collaborated with renowned brands such as Nike, Apple, and MoMA.

PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION (MBA License #00457) is the first on-chain hotel booking platform with access to over 350,000 hotels globally which is expanding to 1 000 000 hotels in upcoming months.

We accept 250+ cryptocurrencies including $Apecoin and traditional payment methods.
As we innovate and grow, we aim to lead Web3 travel.
We believe the growth of Web3 brands relies on community building and have hosted multiple Web3 cultural events. With ApeChain’s development, we plan to offer the ApeCoin community exclusive discounts and innovative Web3 travel booking services, preparing to integrate ApeChain as a payment.


The benefits to the ApeCoin ecosystem for ApeCoin DAO and ApeChain include:

  1. Increased Utility and Adoption:

    • Integrating ApeChain into platforms like expands ApeCoin’s use cases, encouraging real-world transactions such as hotel bookings.
  2. Enhanced Ecosystem Growth:

    • Providing unique services and benefits, like exclusive discounts and Web3 travel solutions, fosters a vibrant, engaged community, driving growth and retention.
  3. Strengthened Community Engagement:

    • Hosting Web3 cultural events and offering community-driven rewards strengthen the bond within the ApeCoin community, leading to higher participation and collaboration.
  4. Innovation and Market Leadership:

    • As one of the first platforms to integrate on-chain hotel booking with a wide range of payment options, collaborating with ApeChain, This pioneering approach can attract more partners and users to the ApeCoin ecosystem.
  5. Improved Online Payment Solutions:
    Improved Online Payment Solutions:By accepting ApeCoin as payment and prioritizing ApeChain in the future, online payments accept over 250 cryptocurrencies and traditional methods, improving financial inclusion and transaction flexibility.

  6. Economic Benefits:

    • Increased adoption of ApeCoin for practical uses can boost demand and potentially increase its value, benefiting all ecosystem participants.
  7. Cross-Platform Integration:

    • Collaborations facilitated by ApeChain create a more interconnected and versatile ecosystem, enhancing ApeCoin’s overall utility and appeal.


As a MBAs (Made By Apes) Brand and BAYC Community Member

Our growth has always centered around the community. We deeply feel the community’s enthusiasm and needs. Solving personalized travel customization and enhancing the security of Web3 booking has always been our top priority. We were honored to be featured in “From The Bodega.” However, we understand that with the globalization trend of ApeFest and the arrival of ApeChain, we hope to be pioneers in Web3 travel, actively participating in building the ecosystem and truly being part of it.

Purpose of This Proposal

The purpose of this proposal is to give back to the ApeCoin ecosystem while integrating the trends of multiple community activities, including ApeCoin, BAYC, MOCA, Wow, and CoolCats, as well as major global Web3 events such as NFTNYC, ApeFest, VeeCon, Art Basel, Token 2049, NFC, ETH Tokyo 2029, Token2049 Dubai, and ETH Denver. We aim to provide better travel booking services and offer more personalized and attractive discounts to the ApeCoin community.

Specific Implementation Methods

  1. Integrate ApeCoin as a Payment Method:
  • Collaborate with ApeChain developers to enable ApeCoin ($APE) as a payment option on

  • Ensure the payment gateway securely processes transactions and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

  1. Set Up Auto-Selection of $APE:
  • Modify the booking platform to automatically select $APE as the default currency for ApeCoin DAO members.

  • Implement user recognition features that identify ApeCoin DAO members upon login.

  1. Apply 10% Discount for ApeCoin DAO Members:
  • Develop a system that provides a 10% discount on all hotel bookings for verified ApeCoin DAO members.

  • Use token verification tools like Tokenproof to confirm membership and apply discounts.

  1. Launch Marketing and Communication Campaign:
  • Announce the new features and discounts to the ApeCoin community through official channels and social media.

  • Create promotional materials highlighting the benefits of using $APE and the 10% discount for members.

  1. Monitor and Optimize:
  • Track the performance of the new payment method and discount offer.

  • Gather user feedback and make necessary adjustments to enhance the user experience and ensure smooth operation.

Partners & Integrations

Once this AIP is approved, we will immediately integrate the discount offer and actively promote participation in the ApeCoin and ApeChain ecosystems and community building.


Hosting of joint spaces for updates and to discuss what suggestions and improvements can be made. Keep transparent and stay connected with the community / DAO.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $0.

Please note that reserves the right to the final interpretation of the discount. Future platform updates may include optimizations of the AIP and processes. However, we remain committed to actively providing more comprehensive booking services for the community in future developments

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