AIP-491: Bored Global - Taking Back Our Narrative

PROPOSAL NAME: Bored Global - Taking Back Our Narrative

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  • We’ve listened to our community
  • We’ve conducted extensive research
  • We’ve had the conversations
  • We’ve been grinding in the lab…

Now, we have the solution that will cement BAYC as a global Culture Brand and Exclusive Club!


The Problems

The BAYC community is teeming with creative members utilizing their skills in diverse ways. However, many feel disconnected from other communities in the club.

Whilst other private clubs like Soho House generally have central meeting places, we find ourselves in many sub-communities, spread across multiple social platforms.

If we are a Web3 native Club, then where is our home base?

Despite BAYC’s history of strong content and community contributions, there is currently no central location where everything can be found. This presents challenges for both new community members and external media seeking accurate historical and current information about BAYC.

When people research BAYC, their initial action is typically a Google search. Unfortunately, this often leads to encountering various narratives, including discussions of NFT scams, accusations of racism, and financial losses for holders. This is a major deterrent for new members and hinders the whole BAYC ecosystem.

Entering Web3 is daunting, with complexities in navigating purchases and keeping assets safe. Newcomers rely on trust, often needing guidance from someone experienced in Web3. Unfortunately, far too many people have horror stories of their first 6 months in Web3.

There has to be a better way for onboarding new members into our club.


The Solution 1200 x 1300

It’s important to remember that BAYC is no longer just an NFT project —it’s a Culture Brand and an Exclusive Club. It’s a movement born out of the swamps of Web3 with an evolving narrative demanding to be heard.

Our goal isn’t just to solve the identified problems; it’s to build the framework that will be leveraged by the community and by Yuga to drive BAYC forward long into the future.


“Your Brand Is Not What You Say It Is. It’s What They Say It Is”

Bored Global is dedicated to shifting perceptions by managing the narrative around the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Through our platform and strategic marketing, we create and share engaging content to drive positive change, ensuring the broader public is informed and inspired by the BAYC story.

The Bored Global website will provide in-depth coverage of past and future content, cataloguing them to ensure that research on BAYC is easily accessible.

One major source of negative content originates from external media platforms and reporters seeking an easy story. Bored Global positions itself as a single, verified source of BAYC content, aiming to guide journalists toward positive and truthful narratives, countering misinformation and negativity.

Bored Global will amplify the content it creates by leveraging a multifaceted approach including.

  • Strong SEO practices will ensure content ranks highly on search engines while targeting key words that currently lead to negative or misinformation.

  • Targeted advertising, PR relationships and media partners will assist in reaching a broader audience.

  • Social media campaigns will be explored with content customised for each platform including Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

  • Partnerships with influencers and thought leaders will be considered where, and if it makes sense.

  • Additionally, email marketing, webinars, live streams, and community engagement will be utilised where needed to keep our community unbothered, moisturised and happy in their lane.

Our mission is to attract and nurture new members, guiding them through the exciting journey of becoming part of the BAYC family.

We understand that joining any community can be daunting, especially in the dynamic landscape of Web3. That’s why we’ve prioritized seamless onboarding for newcomers, removing friction points and offering alternative entry points for non-Web3 natives.


BAYC has an incredible amount of talented people, and we believe the full network effect has yet to be realized. By providing a central hub and framework, we create an organic incubator where members unite for collective success.

At Bored Global, collaboration is fundamental. Through Regional Clubs, Made by Apes (MBA) initiatives and partnerships with talented artists, we create a space for members to connect and work together. This collaborative spirit cultivates creativity, innovation, and camaraderie.

Whether in community projects, business or art, we believe in the power of working together. Collaboration allows us to leverage our community’s collective strength, pushing boundaries and building a vibrant, dynamic Club.

When it comes to BAYC celebrating wins, we go ape-sh*t for it, bringing the energy and unity that define our club. Every victory, big or small, is a reason to come together and revel in our collective success.

With a club full of incredibly talented apes, bringing them all together creates more days to celebrate than PP Man has birthdays!

Plus, let’s face it – we are f*cking degens, so any excuse will do!




Jaye Botfield

Experienced in all aspects of brand building—from creating physical product brands in the snowboarding industry for 15 years, to managing a brand management/wholesale company specializing in skate, snow, and lifestyle brands for over 20 years, and managing a consulting agency that assists brands with strategy and brand architecture.

“My focus is in harnessing the power of Web3 technology, utilising its capabilities to not only address challenges faced by brands but also to revolutionise entire industries. As an entrepreneur, my ultimate focus lies in future-proofing brands by reshaping the surrounding landscape.”

Linkedin //
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Mitch Tomlinson

20 years of experience collaborating with brands in fashion, music, action sports, and pop culture, including roles in TV hosting and event announcing. Co-founder of Australia’s most successful pop culture platform, Life Without Andy (LWA), which has also become a premier creative agency for industry-leading brands.

“I believe there’s a tremendous opportunity to integrate Web3 into a more mainstream pop culture. It’s about crafting content that resonates authentically and elevating it to a level where it achieves widespread acceptance and positive embrace from everyone”

Linkedin //
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Bored Global  Banner (1200 x 450 px)

It’s important to remember this community owes its existence to two founders who have consistently shown up day after day in various capacities. What started as a simple yacht club in the swamps of Web3 is now destined to become a global movement.

Whilst the Bored Ape Yacht Club is only three years old and ApeCoin DAO just over two, our ecosystem has matured remarkably in a short time. It’s evolving and steadily establishing foundations for success, though still far from perfect.

Bored Global is unapologetically 100% focused on the BAYC ecosystem. We’re thinking big picture, aiming to establish the framework that will bring to life Garga and Gordon’s vision of BAYC as a globally recognized Cultural Brand and Exclusive Club with the finest members on the planet!

Bored Global is a dedicated media house for Bored Ape Yacht Club, targeting Web2 with extensive coverage across events, partnerships, pop culture, art, streetwear and entrepreneurship.

Additionally, the Bored Global Clubhouse App offers an exclusive, token-gated BAYC platform where community members can join regional clubs, connect with “Apes Near Me”, unlock “Ape Global Alliance” benefits, participate in “Made by Apes” initiatives, engage in chats, live streams and stay updated on events and all BAYC LLC announcements.

Our mission is to shift the public perception of the Bored Ape Yacht Club from a Ponzi-like 10,000 cartoon ape NFT project to a globally leading Culture Brand and Exclusive Club.

By positioning the Bored Ape Yacht Club as a cultural leader to the general public, we pave the way for the acceptance of the entire BAYC ecosystem, benefiting ApeCoin, ApeChain, and all those building within our sister communities.

A rising tide lifts all boats.


The Platforms

Bored Global is a dedicated media house for the Bored Ape Yacht Club, serving as a top-of-funnel platform and the first point of contact for many outside of Web3.

The Bored Global website is designed with a strong focus on education and re-education, offering content that attracts its audience by appealing to their broader interests while staying aligned with the BAYC key pillars (see image below).

This includes extensive coverage of BAYC, featuring freshly written articles, transcribed interviews, documentary content, and full production interviews.


The Bored Global app is an exclusive, token-gated platform designed specifically to cater for the broad BAYC “Club” structure.

It’s our mission to bring the ‘Exclusive Club’ vibes to life!

Bored Global provides members a home base for all things BAYC. Whether joining Regional Clubs, connecting with ‘Apes Near Me’, unlocking ‘Ape Global Alliance’ benefits, participating in ‘Made by Apes’ initiatives, engaging in chats and live streams, and staying updated on events and all BAYC LLC announcements.

Available on Apple App Store and Google Play, secured by Wallet Guard and TokenProof.

The Bored Global app is so stupidly convenient that apes can’t possibly ignore it. ” - Dort (Welcome Apes)

Digital Clubhouse FINAL

Key Features TEST

  • DASHBOARD: Top-level view of all the latest announcements, updates and events for Bored Ape Yacht Club posted by BAYC LLC team.

  • USER PROFILES: Share as much or as little as you like. Up to six links to share socials, websites, LinkedIn, Bored Ape Yacht Club profile, Other Page profile etc.

  • APES NEAR ME: No matter where you are in the world, find fellow Apes with the “Apes Near Me” feature and then go grab a beer (or champagne).

  • WELCOME APES: Our good friends “Welcome Apes” will be giving all new Apes a warm welcome with absolute certainty they are real members. Step-by-step tasks will help guide new members through onboarding.

  • EVENTS: A calendar of events providing a complete overview of event details, RSVP, satellite-events, directions and individual event chat feed to organise those important side meet-ups.

  • CLUB BENEFITS: Member access to exclusive benefits including our “Ape Global Alliance” bringing significant additional value to members.

  • REGIONAL CLUBS: Dedicated sub-communities providing organizers complete control to serve their community with news, events, chats, feeds, live streams and direct access to other regional club organisers.

  • MADE BY APES: An entrepreneurs’ networking dream that offers MBA members a community of builders, and opportunities for further support and education.

  • RESIDENT ARTISTS: A program created to support OG artists connecting them with members and feeding the culture by immortalizing our Apes.


Bored Global: Enhancing the ApeCoin, ApeChain and BAYC Ecosystem

The perception of ApeCoin is inherently tied to the Bored Ape Yacht Club. With Yuga Labs’ commitment to utilizing ApeCoin and ApeChain as the cornerstones of its ecosystem, it is crucial that BAYC is recognized as a success not only within Web3, but also, and more importantly, outside of Web3.

Bored Global’s mission is to elevate and solidify BAYC’s image as a global Culture Brand and Exclusive Club. As a dedicated BAYC platform, Bored Global prioritizes the use of both ApeCoin and ApeChain wherever possible, ensuring their integral role in the ecosystem.


Macro Not Micro
BAYC Ecosystem Economy

At a micro level, our space can feel very disconnected, unorganized, and negative. However, from a macro perspective, we see the organizational structure of the BAYC Ecosystem Economy starting to take shape.

While Yuga, ApeCoin DAO, Horizon, and Animoca each have their own specific ecosystems where they are the centerpiece, Bored Global focuses exclusively on the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. Our mission is to work closely with BAYC, ApeCoin, and ApeChain to bring the BAYC ecosystem economy to life.

The success of the BAYC ecosystem economy framework has an immense ripple effect for its sister ecosystems driving mass onboarding and adoption.


Leadership, Vision, Culture and Clubhouse

The critical role BAYC plays in this eco-system is providing leadership, sharing their vision, driving brand culture and cementing BAYC as an Exclusive Club.

BAYC not only lays the foundation for their community to build upon, but also brings the mariachi band that creates the atmosphere and unifies its members.

Decentralization, Innovation, Tokenomics and Scalability

The role ApeCoin and ApeChain play together is a decentralized protocol layer, enabling community-led initiatives to drive innovation and culture forward.

With ApeChain on the horizon and a wealth of talent in gaming, DeFi, and dApp development ready to be unleashed, ApeCoin/ApeChain is primed to make a significant impact across Web3.

Community, Education, Amplification and Onboarding

The role of Bored Global is to build and maintain the framework that encourages and supports our community’s endeavors while actively strengthening the BAYC brand image globally.

Bored Global takes ownership of bringing BAYC content creation into a central hub, managing brand perception through amplification and removing barriers to ensure more seamless onboarding.

Onboarding is the shared goal across all platforms, projects and businesses within the BAYC ecosystem. It is critical for the broader adoption of ApeCoin, the growth of ApeChain, and the enrichment of the BAYC community. Investing in our top-of-funnel strategy ensures a wide-reaching net, targeting a diverse and extensive audience.


I am thrilled by the opportunities presented by the Bored Global initiative. Apes symbolize community, and at the heart of any community lies its culture. In our increasingly digital world, those of us in Web3 crave genuine, in-depth, real-life connections. Excited for Bored Global to deliver exactly that.” – Mani (Forbes Web3)

Nobody is more passionate about the Bored Ape ecosystem than the Bored Global team, and on the concept side, the amount of development they are doing with KOLs right now is second to none — full vouch.” - All City (ApeCoin DAO Lead Governance Steward)

The opportunity to take back control of the narrative; rather than allow ourselves to continue to be misrepresented through outside media, makes Bored Global potentially the most important development yet for our community.” - Dilly Dilly (Thank APE)

The Bored Global app is so stupidly convenient that apes can’t possibly ignore it.” – Dort (Welcome Apes)

An app with all the Apefest satellite events in one place is going to be incredibly useful, I didn’t know where I was meant to be in Hong Kong half of the time.” – Balou (UK Ape Club)

I’m excited for Bored Global as it will highlight BAYC MBAs to a far larger audience beyond Web3. The team has the reach which is what we need.” – Jbond (MBA Liaison)

The ability for UK Apes to be able to spin up local meetups and events knowing only approved UK Apes can see them will be so great for our community" – Balou (UK Ape Club)


Upon receipt of funds from the ApeCoin DAO, the following stages will commence, with a commitment to ApeCoin DAO for a minimum period of 24 months.

Bored Global is dedicated to continuously building and expanding the BAYC ecosystem beyond the initial 24 months, including ongoing support, promotion, and onboarding for both ApeCoin and ApeChain.

1) Website Development – Web Stage 1 (Week 1-12)

Details: Website MVP to provide media capabilities allowing categorized articles to be showcased and marketed within 12-16 weeks.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Digital Assets Creation
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Content Management
  • Core Features Implementation
  • Future Feature Framework
  • Testing and Iteration

Cost: $40,000
Personnel: Web Development Team
Platforms: Varied

2) Content Creation – Content Stage 1 (Week 1-12)

Details: An estimated 40-50 pieces of in-depth content will cover the key history and highlights of Bored Ape Yacht Club since its inception. The content will include various formats such as written articles, transcribed interviews, documentary content, and full production interviews.

  • Historic Moments
  • Community Perspectives
  • Events (Incl, Apefest 1, 2 and 3)
  • Partnership (BMW, Gucci, Adidas, Bape etc)
  • Pop Culture (Snoop Dogg, Dr Bombay, Eminem, Steph Curry, Rolling Stones etc)
  • Art (OG Artists, Commissioned Works, Street Art etc)
  • BAYC Merch / Collabs
  • MBA (Made by Apes)

Cost: $30,000
Personnel: Content Creation Team and External Creators
Platforms: Varied

3) Bored Global App MVP – App Stage 1 (Week 1-14)

Details: Development of essential BAYC community framework, blockchain integration and security implementation ready for key community customization, build out, and testing.

  • Finalization of Front-end Theming
  • Back-End Development
  • Content Management
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Security Implementation
  • Testing and Iteration
  • Deployment (Apple App Store, Google Play)

Cost: $30,000
Personnel: App Development Team
Platforms: Varied

4) Website Launch – Web Stage 2 (Week 12-16)

Details: The official website launch will include complete coverage of all key history and highlights of Bored Ape Yacht Club since inception. SEO and SEM strategies will commence along with planning around PR, media, partnerships etc.

  • 40-50 in-depth articles capturing history and highlights of Bored Ape Yacht Club since Apr 2021
  • Marketing strategies initiated
  • Ongoing targeted SEO and SEM testing against KPIs

Cost: $15,000
Personnel: Web Development and Marketing Teams
Platforms: Varied

5) Bored Global App – App Stage 2 (Week 14 -18)

Details: Stage 2 is a closed community soft launch that will initiate the key community customization, build out, and testing. Our team will work closely with representatives from each of the below areas, ensuring features are in line with their requirements and the relevant training is provided.

  • Stage 1
    • Yuga Team
    • Welcome Apes
    • Regional and Community Clubs
  • Stage 2
    • Bored Security
    • Resident Artists
    • MBA
  • Stage 3
    • Ape Global Alliance
    • Additional Partners

Cost: $10,000
Personnel: App Development Team
Platforms: Varied

6) Bored Global App Official launch – App Stage 3 (Week 18 -20)

Details: Token gated access open to all BAYC members (Incl MAYC). Followed by a Bored Global in app launch party.

  • Web3 focused marketing for launch
  • In app launch party celebrations with special announcements and giveaways
  • Member benefit announcements

Cost: $10,000
Personnel: All BAYC Members
Platforms: Bored Global App

7) Website - MBA Exclusive Ecommerce Development – Web Stage 3 (Week 18 – 24)

Details: MBA (Made by Apes) exclusive ecommerce store showcasing the top MBA brands, accepting ApeCoin and USD payments. All selected brands will receive customised marketing campaigns, targeted advertising, and PR support.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Crypto Payment Gateway Integration
  • Security Implementation
  • Database and Product Management
  • User Accounts and Authentication
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Ongoing brand marketing support as outlined above

Cost: $30,000
Personnel: Web Development Team
Platforms: Varied

8) Website - MBA Exclusive Ecommerce Launch – Web Stage 4 (Week 24 – 26)

Details: Launch of MBA exclusive ecommerce store showcasing the top MBA brands. Followed by targeted marketing and MBA product giveaway campaign.

  • MBA product giveaway campaign launched
  • Marketing strategies initiated
  • Ongoing targeted SEO and SEM testing against KPIs

Cost: $15,000
Personnel: Web Development and Marketing Teams
Platforms: Varied

9) Ongoing Platform Developments, Maintenance, Content, Events, Partnerships, Marketing

Details: Ongoing development, monitoring and maintenance of platforms, content creation, event coverage, interviews, partnerships, and targeted marketing campaigns that will take back our narrative and cement BAYC as a globally recognized Culture Brand and Exclusive Club.

Continued build-out and expansion of the Regional Clubs network, MBA initiatives/resources, Ape Global Alliance member benefits program, Resident Artist program, and ApeCoin/ApeChain education programs.

  • Events
  • Partnerships
  • Pop Culture
  • Art
  • BAYC Streetwear / Collabs
  • MBA (Made by Apes)
  • Regional Clubs
  • Ape Global Alliance

Note: Dates and budget estimates are projections and may be subject to change. Actual costs and timelines will vary based on multiple factors. Flexibility is essential to ensure that opportunities are not missed, maximizing benefits for our community.

Total Timeline: 24 months
Start Date: Within 2 weeks of AIP approval.


Bored Global is a community-serving platform that will be built with community involvement every step of the way. Each milestone outlined in “STEPS TO IMPLEMENT” will be visible and supported by community announcements.

For ongoing platform and campaign performance, both the website and app will have built-in analytic dashboards. We will produce quarterly reports based on these analytics and share them with the ApeCoin community.


“Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $1,295,000.”

Our two-year budget is meticulously planned to maximize awareness and ensure a long-lasting positive impact. By focusing on each of the core pillars, Bored Global will deploy targeted strategies to enhance engagement and attract new members. This will boost awareness for both ApeCoin and ApeChain, thereby strengthening the BAYC ecosystem economy.

Voting YES for Bored Global is investing in the future of the BAYC ecosystem. Your support will play a key role in cementing Bored Ape Yacht Club’s status as a global Culture Brand and Exclusive Club with a ripple effect that benefits us all.

From the bottom of our hearts, if you are voting YES, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Together, we can ensure the success of the BAYC ecosystem!


Ehhhhhh… Great to see this go live.

And awesome to see more of the OGs coming into the DAO with products like this. Looking forward to keeping my eyes on this one and if you scroll up you’ll see my comments about the work these guys are putting in behind the scenes.

Good people here.



Thank you AllCity, your support has been amazing.


Looks pretty great actually. I know most will run straight to the cost portion and try to pick it apart. A “pro” consultancy/agency doing this kind of work would likely be a lot more, and a scrappy unknown team would be less - I hope this goes through, it’s a great idea and having met/hung out with/spent hours irl with Jaye multiple times where he’s flown halfway around the world to be part of BAYC and Web3 events and knowing what his background/skills/experience are, this would be a huge win if we had he and his team committed and putting their talents towards this, vs growing some other brand/client/partner.


Thanks Pieter, I appreciate the kind words mate. Looking forward to catching up again in Lisbon.

Yes, we have an incredible team with decades of experience, ready to leverage years of web2 media friendships and partnerships to give BAYC the exposure it needs. Currently, we don’t own our narrative, and this needs to change if we want to create demand for the Club.


This AIP proposal is fantastic. The focus on strengthening the BAYC ecosystem and aligning with Garga and Gordon’s vision is spot on. Establishing a solid framework will undoubtedly help BAYC grow as a globally recognized cultural brand. I fully support this initiative and its forward-thinking approach.


Thank you Hiisver, I really appreciate your understanding of our vision. It’s such a critical area that will have a positive impact for every single person in the BAYC ecosystem. There is a huge amount of work to be done, but luckily we have the team that executes on this day in, day out.


Hi @Jaye_CultureMe,

The community feedback period for your proposal would be ending in roughly 24 hours.

  • If you’re content with the feedback received, your next steps are to finalize your proposal using the AIP Draft Template.

  • A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft. Upon receipt of the final Draft, we will review and provide instructions on the next steps.

  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Hi @Jaye_CultureMe,

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