AIP-51: An Opportunity to be a leading voice for DeFi politics - Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Proposal Name: An Opportunity for ApeCoin DAO to be a leading voice for DeFi politics

Proposal Category: Core Ecosystem Allocation/Branding


The Web3 political landscape is quickly shifting towards regulation. ThreeOh DAO has the infrastructure in place to take on overregulation and support Web3 advocates running for office. This proposal was created to provide ApeCoin DAO with an opportunity to be at those tables, and guiding the greater Web3 community.


Weekly we hear about the need for regulation, or other ideas about regulating the Web3/DeFi community. Many of the key proponents of regulation are politicians and federal regulators. Most of these groups have little or no experience with cryptocurrency, NFT’s, blockchain technology, Metaverse, with some lacking even a basic understanding of Web3. ThreeOh DAO has spent the past 5 months building the political structures required to fully participate in the standard process of political lobbying. The utility for the project is already online, and we are transitioning to community building and project marketing that will coincide with the start of midterm election season in the US in June. The need for Web3/DeFi advocates can’t wait for future political cycles. Two years ago politicians cared very little about Web3 technologies, but as more money and big business has started flowing towards these technologies, the government has taken notice and started crafting policies that will regulate the space. Make no mistake, regulation of the space will happen. This movement will leave DeFi with two options: 1) continue as normal and hope the CEX’s and big business will advocate properly, which is doubtful. 2) Stand up as an international community and push the true narrative of Web3 on the system by funding DeFi advocates, and taking an active role in Web3 politics. This is where ThreeOH DAO steps in.

ThreeOh DAO is establishing itself as the premier political wing of DeFi. It is the only project that is working with 2 lobbies in DC, has an established Super PAC, and 2 nonprofit organizations. ThreeOH DAO is the only DAO actively participating on Capitol Hill. ThreeOH DAO is guided by the Prioritization Council. The Prioritization Council is made up of 9 members, 6 are voted in based on the community vote, and the other 3 positions are appointed by the ThreeOH DAO team. The team is making an effort to appoint 2 of the seats from larger projects that highlight what Web3 is truly about. The community seats are currently given yearly terms and cannot be held in succession. The three appointed seats can be reappointed for annually for eternity.

We currently have a live community vote for a Cult DAO guardian to receive 1 spot. This will close in the next 2 days. We would like to offer ApeCoin DAO an opportunity to be the other appointed seat. We believe the background that ApeCoin DAO has in regards to the Metaverse and NFT’s is unmatched. Since these are both important for the future of Web3, we wanted to extend the opportunity for the ApeCoin DAO community to vote on the opportunity to partner with ThreeOH DAO and bring their expertise in one of your appointed seats. In return for this opportunity, ApeCoin DAO would provide 50,000 APE to our treasury. We believe this demonstrates a commitment to supporting ThreeOh DAO’s mission, as well as the mission of DeFi and Web3. ApeCoin DAO will choose who their representative is, and will hold that seat for perpetuity.

Political Structure Breakdown:

Lobby 1: Runway Strategies (

Lobby 2: FS Vector

Super PAC: Web 3.0 Super PAC (

501c3 Educational Nonprofit: DeFi Education

501c4 Donations Nonprofit: DeFi Advocacy


Legislative tracker:


The need for strong voices in the space naturally drew us to ApeCoin DAO. We have a strong relationship with Cult DAO, and were one of their first 3 approved proposals and recently received another round of funding for our DeFi Education campaign. We maintain a strong connection with multiple guardians, as well as their Developers. A Cult DAO approved member provides ThreeOh DAO with an expert board member for decentralization. Our rationale for approaching ApeCoin DAO is based on the need for content experts in the realm of NFT’s and the Metaverse. The BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, Otherside Metaverse, and APE communities have proven to be intelligent and savvy investors. We believe our goals align closely with the APE community. One look at your guiding values and our core principles demonstrate a close connection in our visions for the future of Web3 and DeFi.

ApeCoin DAO


ThreeOh DAO


  • | - |

    - Boldness: We don’t shy away from the weird, the hard, or the new.
    - Equality: One APE equals one APE.
    - Transparency: Processes and decisions are shared openly with the community.
    - Collective Responsibility: We leave everything better than we found it.
    - Persistence: Success is an ouroboros, not a straight line.

    1. Furthering the beliefs of the Web 3.0 community

    1. Educating both politicians and the general public alike on the merits of blockchain technology, and it’s benefits to our society

    1. Providing a voice for the crypto community on legislation designed for blockchain

    1. All voters voices should carry weight, not just the voice of big money

    1. Provide a public, Immutable History

Briefly looking through these goals both, you will note the similarities in equality and transparency, as well as utilizing the collective voice of the DAO to provide their voice at the regulatory table.

We also match the others in our actions. We are the first project to use DeFi to take on the political establishment. When we launched we quickly found that the need for our project is there, but the structural nature behind it required that we focused on establishing our utility before setting out to be voice of the community. Our team’s persistence has been second to none. Establishing strong connections throughout different areas in the space, the time has come to start the building.

As of current, our utility is functioning and funded. We are now seeking to fill out our permanent Prioritization Council seats with strong community leaders and begin growing our community and impacting the space. We will have an impact on midterm races in the US in the ’22 election cycle. Our expectation is that the cycle between the ’22 and ’24 elections is where a significant amount of the initial legislation will take place. This provides us an opportunity to stay out ahead of the trends and be proactive instead of reactive or powerless to the changes.

Key Terms (optional)

Definitions of any terms within the proposal that are unique to the proposal, new to the APE Community, and/or industry-specific.

Prioritization Council: This is the ThreeOh DAO’s guiding and executing body. It is made up of 9 total members, 3 assigned from our leadership team, and 6 that are voted in via community vote. This committee has direct access to the information relayed through our affiliated Lobby’s (Runway Strategies and FS Vector), and our Super PAC. This is the first line of review for new proposal votes, and legislative/politician reviews. These decisions are guided by our Core values. After the DAO has voted, this body is charged with executing the will of the people!

The 6 community seats are voted on annually, and an individual cannot hold a seat for more than 1 term. However, the 3 appointed seats are reoccurring seats, and in the case of ApeCoin DAO would be permanent fixtures on the Council. (This could be filled with a new member annually, but the seat would be held by an ApeCoin DAO appointed member.).

Super PAC: Super PACs (independent expenditure only political committees) are committees that may receive unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, labor unions and other PACs for the purpose of financing independent expenditures and other independent political activity. (

Lobby: any communication with an official of the executive or legislative branch of State government for the ultimate purpose of influencing any executive, legislative, or administrative action. (

501c3: 501(c)(3) designated organizations fall into one of three categories: charitable organizations, churches and religious organizations, and private foundations.

ThreeOh DAO has established an educational organization, DeFi Education. The intent of this organization is to educate politicians and the political establishment about the benefits of Web3/DeFi innovations.

501c4: an organization must not be organized for profit and must be operated exclusively to promote social welfare.

ThreeOh DAO has access to DeFi Advocacy, which is a 501c4 organization that promotes the advancement of digital assets and web3. The goal of this organization is promote broad acceptance of Web3 technologies, and bring about social change through the use of digital assets.


The specifics for this opportunity are detailed as follows. The ApeCoin DAO treasury provides ThreeOh DAO with 50,000 ApeCoin investment, and in return ApeCoin DAO will receive one of the 2 remaining appointed seats on the ThreeOh DAO Prioritization Council. ApeCoin DAO’s Council position will be available to any ApeCoin DAO elected party for perpetuity. The ApeCoin DAO community may choose to elect new members or continue with the same member for as long as they like. This position will remain in ApeCoin DAO’s “possession” for as long as the partnership between the two projects is in place. The purpose of the investment from ApeCoin is to demonstrate their commitment to ThreeOH DAO and advocating for DeFi/web3 on a political level. The treasury manager has provided the following vesting schedule, to ensure that ApeCoin DAO feels that their investment is safe:

  • 10,000 ApeCoin is distributed upon ApeCoin DAO approval of a Prioritization Council board member.
  • 10,000 will be distributed to ThreeOh DAO every 20 days until the remaining 40,000 APE has been distributed. (3 months after the member is appointed).
  • ThreeOh DAO will stake no less than 25% of the total APE for 6 months minimum.
  • ThreeOh DAO will not sell in blocks higher than 500 APE per transaction

ThreeOH DAO currently offers a token on both the Ethereum mainnet and Binance Smart Chain, 3OH. Community members must hold 3OH to participate in any DAO votes. DAO voting is conducted via SnapShot. We utilize a 1 vote per wallet system to eliminate big money from influencing the votes. Given that we work closely with politics, we felt this was the most democratic voting system. We are currently building our own proprietary software to better fit the voting needs of our DAO. Our system has a KYC function to ensure someone isn’t creating 100 wallets with 1 token to vote 100 times. This will include different voting styles based on the proposal, i.e. treasury proposals have a different voting mechanism than legislative or donations oriented votes. However, for all major voting initiatives we will maintain a 1 vote per wallet system of voting.

For community discussion we are on Discord under ThreeOh DAO.

Steps to Implement

Upon proposal approval the two DAO’s leadership teams can meet to draw up an agreement on the Prioritization Council seat, and establish the next vote to nominate a candidate to serve on the Council as the ApeCoin DAO representative.


Our goal is to fill out the 3 appointed Prioritization Council seats by June 10th. Currently, 2 of the 3 are filled, with this remaining seat available to ApeCoin DAO. We will begin promotion of the remaining 6 seats following the final seat being filled. We plan on having all 9 seats filled by the end of June. Our goal is to have an impact on the ’22 midterm elections throughout the US. To do so, the Council will need to be installed and functioning at the start of Q3 (July) when election season will take on a local, regional, and national spotlight. If approved by ApeCoin DAO, distributions would begin after the initial DAO approval, and continue until fulfilled. The ApeCoin DAO chosen member would begin working with us immediately, and help the process of crafting our DAO priorities for discussion once the Council has been established (no later than the end of June).

Overall Cost

50,000 APE distributed based on the vesting schedule:

10,000 upon approval to from ApeCoin DAO, and then 10000 distributed to the ThreeOh DAO treasury every 20 days until the full 50,000 APE has been distributed. In return, ApeCoin DAO establishes themselves as a premier defender of the DeFi space, and a leading voice for DeFi politics into the future.


Highly recommend this proposal go through to a vote. It’s essential that Web3 communities have a voice at the table. Having APE in the council would be a huge benefit to the community.


This proposal would be very valuable for Ape. 3oh has a dedicated team. … great opportunity. …vote for sure.


ThreeOh DAO is the only DAO to PAC organization in DC. They are working with a powerhouse team in DC to represent Web3 and DeFi. They represent the community, not CEX, not venture capital. Yuga Labs, BAYC, MAYC, and the APE community will directly benefit from the relationship with 3OH.

These are the types of organizations we need representing Web3, crypto, NFTs, and DeFi as a whole.


I have to agree that these two projects align very well. What 3OH is doing is something that web3 has needed and will need going forward. I think a partnership would greaty benefit Ape, 3OH and all of web3. I feel it would be a missed opportunity for Ape as being such a big player/leader in web3 particularly the metaverse and NFTs to not take advantage of this. I also feel this would be good for public perception, marketing…etc. For the future of web3 we need well rounded strategic representation. Ape having a voice would be a great contribution and service to web3.


Something doesn’t feel right here.


Hey Amplify, we knew that would come up. Our chart isn’t the best, and our socials look a little light. We understand, but as we stated in the proposal we shifted to building the infrastructure required to meet our utility and will be increasing marketing and community engagement. We launched right into the first downturn in the market, and some hard lessons were learned. As you’d know, holding your BAYC through some of those dips was rough. We persisted and continued working, so that all of the infrastructure needed was in place for when we started our marketing campaigns both in DeFi and CeFi markets.

I can definitely understand your concerns, but we can assure you if you contact the lobbys they are working with us. You’ll also be able to see we just received approval for our second proposal with Cult DAO. This created a similar opportunity for them to have a member on our prioritization council.

We understand that you may be thrown off at first glance, but we are the only DAO working with lobby’s and a super PAC in DC. We are the only DAO coordinating with a registers Super PAC. We are as transparent as they come, and aren’t here to trick you. We simply wanted to offer an opportunity for the ApeCoin DAO community to have a leading voice that will have a major impact Web3 politics.


Thank you so much for that response! I really do appreciate it and will be doing much more research, I just had a gut feeling that something didn’t look quite right. :smile:


Can you talk a little more about the roles and responsibilities for the Prioritization Council seat?

I’m guessing that 3OH DAO voters are KYC’d? Otherwise, how do you prevent sybil attacks where a user may take, for example, 100 3OH tokens and send them to 100 addresses to now have 99 more votes than before?

Can you talk a little bit about why you decided to go with a DAO model with a voting token as opposed to any other type of organization? I saw in the whitepaper there are optional token locks (ve model) to align incentives, I like this a lot.

In your whitepaper, you mention the utility of the 3OH token:

“1. Voting on bills, politicians, and donations to the PAC
2. Voting on Core Values of DAO, and Electing Prioritization Council
3. Community voting on Angel Investing Projects
4. Staking, Earning Yield and APY”

I’m wondering, does the staking APY come from potential Angel investment returns? Can you talk more about where the APY comes from, and how it is paid? Is it paid in 3OH tokens?

Considering utility #2 & 3: Voting, would it not make sense as a part of this proposal for the ApeCoin DAO to also receive a stipend of 3OH tokens for our Prioritization Council member to use in voting?

From the whitepaper:


The purpose of ThreeOh DAO is to create a sustainable, safe, long-term investment where
staking holders have a direct impact on the future of Web 3.0 policy, Crypto Community Angel
Investing, and reap staking rewards from treasury profits."

Is 3OH DAO an investment DAO first or a political organization first? I’m concerned there is a conflict of interest in trying to create change through politics while also earning income through private investment deals. This also begs the question that if the DAO is an unsuccessful investor (loses everyone’s money), will it lose its ability and funding to lobby congress? The success of one is reliant on the success of the other? I would be much more excited to hear that 3OH DAO deposited treasury assets into Yearn finance (or similar lower-risk DeFi yield farm) to earn income for their members instead of riskier seed investments. Unless I am jumping the gun, and token holders are able to vote on any investment type, not just Angel Investments.

From the whitepaper:

“Currently our treasury is funded by the 10% tax on the buying and selling of 3OH token.”

I really don’t like these token models. I think it’s lazy and there are much more creative ways to grow a DAO treasury besides taxing their holders. This also makes swapping on DEX’s significantly more frustrating for new users because they need to manually increase slippage to 11-15% for their transaction to go through, and they usually get sandwich attacked on top so its like a 20% tax on each txn. You’re basically forced to buy and hold forever, which I think is the whole point of implementing this token model. Overall, I think it will burn a lot of people, everyone will be upset, and it won’t end well. This is just my anecdotal experience interacting with Uniswap since it came out.

In the token whitepaper it says 800 Billion Tokens will be allocated for Uniswap Liquidity for the Community. I’m guessing this is just the token sale then. I’m just wondering why there is only 114B in the unswap pool, will more be added as the price becomes more favorable? I am also curious as to why the supply is just being dropped on Uniswap and not put in a staking contract or similar liquidity mining directive most protocols use to distribute tokens fairly. I am also seeing 650B tokens burned, instead of 400B the whitepaper states.

Thank you so much for reading all of this. :sweat_smile: I’m curious to hear your responses. Overall I think this is on the right track, it’s just missing a few elements I’d like to see and it has a few elements I really don’t. :smile:


No problem. You posed some great questions. I’ll do my best to answer them all.

  1. The Prioritization Council is made up of 9 members. 3 members are directly appointed by the ThreeOh DAO team, and the remaining 6 spots are filled by community vote. The 3 appointed spots are permanent spots and can be reappointed for perpetuity. This would be one of the spots held by the member from ApeCoin DAO if the proposal is approved. The remaining 6 spots are annual appointments, and members will be replaced at the end of their term. Similarly to The Guardians of Cult DAO and the APE foundation in your project, the Prioritization Council reviews incoming proposals for funding, treasury management, new legislation, politician rankings, etc. and narrows them for a community vote based on the Core Principles agreed upon by the ThreeOh DAO community.

These members are also charged with ensuring that the proposal can be executed, and that the will of the community is being served. These members are KYC’d, as well. We prefer to have experts across Web3 be on this council, as it will lead to better results for all of DeFi.

  1. As for voting and KYC, currently we are using snapshot. The Prioritization Council will narrow the list in discussions, then submit it on Discord for discussion, then for a Vote. We are working on creating our own voting system with KYC required to eliminate the same issue you mentioned. As we know, in politics if one side can buy a leg up, they will. Our goal is to ensure this doesn’t happen. In the new system The Council will open the discussions and vote on our system. As votes are approved, they will shift to community voting. KYC’d voters will then vote on the proposal. Once the votes are complete, The Council will see that the will of the DAO is executed.

ThreeOh DAO is designing a revolutionary new DAO concept. It is an intuitive, expansive, and scalable DAO infrastructure project called DAOvolution. ThreeOh DAO will be the proof of concept and implement the first bicameral governance for a DAO. Short summary, the Prioritization Council narrows the proposals to 7-9 for DAO consideration – similar to the APE Discussion Board. The first DAO vote will be shortlisted to 3-5 proposals each cycle and utilize a methodology similar to CULT DAO and ApeCoin DAO in that the number of tokens equal the number of votes. The final DAO vote on which initiatives will be funded will be done as a one-to-one wallet vote, creating a purer Democracy. DAOvolution’s infrastructure will provide tools for KYC for projects that need that level of transparency in voting.

  1. We chose the DAO model because we felt that this was a topic the entire Web3 Community could get behind. Any time there is a call to political action people stand up and donate money and time to the cause. DeFi/Web3 are also international, meaning that we don’t just represent what is happening in my state, or your state, but we represent people living in completely other countries. The leaders that are voting on this legislation are rarely users of the technology, therefore they are misrepresenting the voice of many voters. So much so, that we feel cryptocurrency/blockchain technology could become a single voter issue. It wouldn’t be fair to the space to allow a small, limited, often very wealthy, group of individuals to decide what legislation should be passed. We believe in democracy, and that’s why we wanted the voice of the people.

There are Web3/DeFi advocates in most countries throughout world politics. We want to support them and ensure that their messages are being heard. Harnessing the voice of actual DeFi users is an essential pillar to what we wanted to do. The best way to do that is by utilizing a DAO model.

  1. We do have incentives for staking with ThreeOh DAO. Currently we have a daily distribution pool that spreads different amounts of coins across 5 different time locked staking options. We do not mint new coins, but instead will replenish the staking pool with buybacks off the open market with a percentage of the profits from treasury ventures. We currently are distributing 500million 3OH tokens a day, and have a 480 day runway. Any changes to the amount distributed, etc. will be determined by future DAO votes if recommended by the Council.

  2. We are open to providing ApeCoin DAO with ThreeOH DAO tokens if the ApeCoin DAO community wishes.

  3. Our goals and utility are based in DeFi politics. We want to be the voice of Web3 for years to come. We also understand the nature of many Web3 users revolves around financial incentives to stay invested in the coin. The team’s goals, and ultimately The Council’s goals are rooting in the political outcomes for DeFi. We view the treasury as a bonus for investing and holding.

  4. We agree with your assessment of the taxes, especially on tokens like ours. We have plans for lowering the tax on both entry and exit in the near future. High taxes in and out turn a lot of people off in DeFi especially with DAOs. We plan on lowering those numbers to better align with traditional DAO token taxes.

  5. We originally burned the 400B on launch, and burned another 250B upon hitting 1000 holders. The remaining coins are allocated for new exchanges. Once those are depleted, any new exchange would buy their LP off of the market.


Thanks for coming to our TED Talk​:sweat_smile::joy:


Thank you again for all of this. :smile: I think this is a great proposal. I’ll let others chime in.




I’ve taken the time to look through the links and research more. I’ve joined the discord, read the newsletters, and I’m not impressed by what I’ve found. There’s not enough of a track record and even the lobby groups appear to be newer or relatively small. I cannot find enough data to warrant this.

While another user here has touched on the tokenomics, I have concerns that your DAO isnt adequately funded to make an impact. And I’m unsure that ApeCoin DAO should help power it.

Based on the scarce data I can find on the two lobby groups, the $APE requested is more than they’ve generated from other client. The super-pac link above takes me to some strange link that triggered me to run anti-virus scans. It’s all very new. Which is the nature of Web3…but risky too.

On a positive note, the legislative tracker is very great tool. I bookmarked that!

I recommend that we do not pursue working with ThreeOh DAO until they build a track record of success. Elections in the US are happening later this year, we should wait on this. It sounds risky.


I appreciate the attention and due diligence. Let me provide additional information on the lobby groups.

ThreeOh DAO In House Government Relations is led by Runway Strategies. Runway Strategies was chosen because Spencer Hawes and Dave Barmore were part of the start-up and early policy team at Uber. While they don’t have a Web3 background, they do understand what it means to help educate lawmakers and local constituencies on new technologies - in this case ride sharing. No one can debate the success of the policy and strategic comms team at Uber in the early days.

FS Vector started as an advisory and consultancy, adding their lobby division in 2019. FS Vector is comprised of Subject Matter Expert FinTech professionals that were formerly Financial Services Roundtable and Digital Chamber of Commerce in DC. John Collins, Peter Freeman, Andy Barbour. They were chosen because their verticals add value in ways that the “traditional” lobby firms cannot with the DeFi Education and PAC side of the DAO roadmap.

ThreeOh hired a branding and design specialist in April for the PAC website, branding framework, along with a strategic comms professional to ensure congruency across the four organizations. These efforts will be visible late May / early June.

ThreeOh has been intentional about not moving too quickly, avoiding the opportunities that could be perceived in a negative light and impact the long term perception and image of the DAO.

ThreeOh is uniquely positioned as the only DAO to PAC organization in DC. The team has been carefully selected, and now ThreeOh is preparing for its formal public, policy, and lawmaker engagement. ThreeOh is positioned to impact the general election in November, but medium term roadmap is 2024 and beyond.

There is risk in everything we do in Web3. The question is how do we identify early opportunities and support the organizations that will yield tangible efforts to support the Web3 and DeFi community. CEX and Venture Capital are already two steps ahead. Partnering with DAOs like ThreeOh, supporting their growth, and shaping their policy principles is the Web3 thing to do.


This is a great proposal and I have been a follower of theirs for a while. Ape needs to be involved in this as its the future of web3.


You know we can see when it’s an accounts first time posting, so making multiple accounts to shill in the replies doesn’t work here.


It’s being pushed by the Cult DAO. Kinda strange looking folks. I got pinged on 3Oh’s twitter and saw some of the cult user profiles retweeting. Creepy. I’ma need to borrow an ape jpeg to be more anon lol

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Ultimately ThreeOh has made the decision to submit a proposal to APE DAO based on two criteria:

  1. It is the premier blue chip organization in Web3. It also has the most to lose of any Web3 organization as a result of legislation and regulation in the US. A seat on the DAO prioritization council gives APE DAO a direct voice.
  2. We trust that the Yuga and APE communities as a whole understand the value proposition of ThreeOh, are informed and educated, and bring the experience and business acumen necessary to evaluate ThreeOh on its merits as an organization and the DAOs long term value to Yuga, APE, and the Web3 community as a whole.

ThreeOh DAO is an early stage start-up. ThreeOh DAO has completed early formation, built its proof of concept, added world class lobby and political talent, advisors, and is now in the process of organizing community standup with Talent DAO and Lobby3 advisors.

Amro Shihadad joined ThreeOh this week as a Senior Advisor. You likely know Amro from the BAYC, MAYC, AAPE, Moonbirds, and Doodles community, or listened to him host Watcherguru spaces the last few weeks. Amro comes to ThreeOh with extensive experience in the Web3 community, but also as an entrepreneur, fundraiser, venture and angel capital, and strategic advisor.

@Oxa01 I understand that you’re proposal for the APE P2E didn’t pass on first attempt. ThreeOh DAO is happy to speak with you about your project, offer technical assistance where needed to build a proof of concept. Not contingent upon APE. ThreeOh is an advocacy DAO, built to advocate, grow, and engage the Web3 community at the grassroots level - but to also help drive ingenuity and innovation, and create opportunity for those historically denied access through traditional CeFi financial instruments.

@netdragonx It is important for all DAOs and Web3 organizations to grow their base, including APE DAO. I suspect that this is an intentional aspect of the APE DAO business plan. Invest in projects that lend direct value to APE DAO, at the same time grow the APE DAO membership through discussion boards and the proposal process. No one has multiple accounts, certainly not shilling. We encourage members of the DAO to purchase APE and to voice their support in the forum.


I am skeptical of this proposal because I am skeptical of any entity asking for funding (simple fuduciary duty). I also think this is a bit risky. I could vote for this if the initial cost was lower in order to see what the real benefits will be after the first year. If they want to partner with this DAO in such a way to help us help ourselves in politics its worth taking a risk…but a smaller one initially…imho