AIP-66: ApeCoin Newsletter - Ecosystem Fund Allocation

How can we begin with this?

The clear writing, kind communication that improves the perception and understanding of the entire eco-system and updates that help people who simple need a TLDR is something that requires continuous research and a clear understanding of the vision.

I’d love to see if this can be a fit.


Yeah, I totally agree. This is an awesome idea. Currently there are a few people to follow like @RedVulkan 's medium articles, Bored Ape Gazette, and some random twitter users like myself.

I really like that this proposal offers grants for 3 newsletters. It allows for different opinions to be shared & supported. Gazette generally offers unbiased coverage, while Vulkan gives his “verdict” on proposal ideas, and myself I’m focused on the gaming side of things.

Especially if these newsletter can link to each other, even debate over things, I think it’s a really positive step forward for the DAO to spread awareness. I’d like to see this AIP get passed!


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

This proposal is live for vote on Snapshot tonight at 9:00 PM EST. The voting period will close next Wednesday at 9PM ET.

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimise for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

- river

Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

The voting period has closed for this proposal and it has been accepted with a 66.38% pass rate. The proposal will be passed on for implementation.

- river