AIP-66 - ApeCoin Newsletter Winners Announcement

The selection process for the ApeCoin Newsletter writers is now finished, and the community has chosen @Boredapegazette with 12 valid votes, @RedVulkan with 10 valid votes, and @0xSword with 10 valid votes to fill the positions. Congratulations to those selected and thank you to all who participated in this process!

As a reminder, the ApeCoin Newsletter was initiated by AIP-66, which passed via community vote on June 29th. In line with the proposal’s implementation steps, next came the nomination process, during which interested DAO members could nominate themselves by responding to a Discourse thread and describing their qualifications.

The three selections are the nominees whose responses received the most likes from users who’ve been on Discourse longer than five days from when the call for nominations was posted. This approach was used in order to protect the integrity of the selection process.

Per the details in AIP-66, the three members will receive 400 ApeCoin per month over the course of one year, provided they publish a newsletter twice each month. The APE Foundation will validate every month that the writers have sent two newsletters. The writers are also required to agree to an ApeCoin Grant Agreement.

AIP-66 was passed to help the Ape community develop trusted information sources from decentralized channels, which will promote and educate on all things related to the ApeCoin DAO. Now that the writers have been selected, the newsletters should be a great resource to propel the community forward. So let’s show them our support, fam! As these newsletters are developed, don’t forget to follow and share – onward and upward!



Truly honored to be selected for this! Thanks to everyone who set this up and voted! Time to get to work :muscle:


I’m so happy to be nominated for this. Have had voice calls w/ @Boredapegazette & @RedVulkan this week about coverage of the ecosystem & proposals & more. Thanks to all for the support!


I can’t wait, post the links for folks to subscribe here once you have them.


Link to subscribe to my newsletter is below. If the location changes, I’ll provide an update.


Congratulations guys!


Congrats to the winners! Looking forward to the content!


Congrats everyone! !


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