AIP Idea: Adjusting the forum topic auto-close window

Currently the ApeCoin Discourse forum is set to auto-close after 7 days. I think this is a bad feature that could not only limit the creativity of certain evergreen posts, but also inhibit community growth.

Already we have a few topics that would be well served by living indefinitely:

I would imagine this 7 day period was initially to satisfy the AIP Draft rules on feedback gathering. Here it is:

AIP Draft - the second step in the process of creating an official AIP, which can only be submitted after the original AIP idea has gathered feedback from the community for seven days in the proper channel. An AIP draft must be submitted directly to a moderator via predetermined AIP templates.

However, as I’m the administrator of another Discourse forum, I’m aware that this is not a forum-wide feature, and can be configured granularly.

Here is the UI that’s available at category-level topics:

Therefore it’s my proposal that the forum

  • Reserve the 7 day auto-close period to topics that are AIP ideas, in a category all its own
  • Update the auto-close topic to be after 30 days, and set to not close until the last post is at least that old
    • This is because it allows for the possibility of long-lived topics, but still prunes the inactive ones

What do y’all think?


Hi galligan, good night!

I am Luz, creator of the forum “:wave: Introduce yourself” and I completely agree with your point of view. For me, I could have a “specific” forum type where the closing time depends on some factors like the last reply date or others.

For me, it could be done the way you described. There is a type of forum with a 7 day closing period for collecting feedback and other related AIPs and there is also a more general forum whose closing period is based on downtime.

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I agree wth @mg on the above closing issues.


I agree. I am on “bored” with this change as well. Love the effort you are putting into our DAO!

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I wanted to reply to a post on the forums and it was locked, when the last post was 21h ago, and it was an AIP discussion post. lol

I think it would be fine to be set to 7 days inactive. but 7 days for any thread when the last post was less than a day old is oopsies.


Thank you for your proposal @mg, and to all others who have expressed their thoughts on this Topic. We are pleased to let you know that we will be lifting the seven day auto-close period from Topics in the General category on April 1st 2022, after which Topics will auto-close if there have been no new posts in the last 30 days.


Fully agree, your experience with discourse shows and your organizational ideas are great, I can’t see a potential downside to this.

Thanks for actioning this in such a prompt manner. :slight_smile:

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