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Introduction:, is a web application that provides a comprehensive list of major crypto events worldwide. The platform caters to web3 professionals and focuses on hackathons and conferences that attract the web3 community, such as founders, developers, and investors. Since its February 2023 launch, there have been over 4000 recorded crypto events on the platform. is a product of the Crypto Nomads Club, a community of web3 builders, founders, and other professionals in web3 who travel to such events worldwide.


This AIP provides for $20,000 in APE to build a custom ApeCoin events sheet within, ApeCoin logo display based on RSVP’d ApeCoin holders. The custom designed ApeCoin section will help the ApeCoin community increase reach beyond “the NFT crowd” to other audiences within crypto. This initiative will further ApeCoin’s visibility and relevance within the broader web3 ecosystem.


There is currently a gap between the NFT/creative/community crowd & and the developer, builder & investor crowd within the crypto community.

A dedicated section for ApeCoin holders and lurkers within will promote ApeCoin-related events, attract sponsors, developers, and bring an understanding of the different ApeCoin initiatives,


  • By integrating with an existing web3 platform with an existing audience, ApeCoin events will be more exposed to newcomers and more likely to gain meaningful adoption. After all, website visitors are crypto native, which makes them the perfect ApeCoin target audience
  • ApeCoin holders will have a centralized hub to discover, participate in, or host ApeCoin events that advance web3 culture.
  • The ApeCoin logo will be prominently displayed on all major events where at least one ApeCoin holder is present, further promoting ApeCoin as an important participant in the ecosystem, attracting new collaborations and investors.


The goal of this funding is to increase adoption of ApeCoin and encourage more collaboration between various segments of the web3 economy. By furthering the exposure of the ApeCoin community to a broader and more diverse crypto audience, this proposal will also indirectly help other ApeCoin initiatives, like the ETHGlobal sponsorships. For many crypto developers, is the best source of information on upcoming ETHGlobal hackathons. Through this partnership, ApeCoin’s participation will be further highlighted.

Success will be measured by the volume of ApeCoin related events and traffic brings back to the ApeCoin community.


The proposed feature on for ApeCoin holders will include:

  • Customized event sheet with a design and branding aligned with the ApeCoin community’s visual identity.
  • Custom banners (Static) in the ApeCoin page, with links to different ApeCoin initiatives, news, or information (i.e. article about ThankApe with CTA to Donate)
  • Integration with ApeCoin’s smart contracts for secure verification of ApeCoin holder status.
  • Access to ApeCoin page directly from the homepage
  • Whenever an ApeCoin holder RSVPs to an event, the ApeCoin logo will automatically show up on the “Companies Attending” section, providing a prominent display on all major events. Example of Companies Attending list for Token2049 conference: Crypto Events by Crypto Nomads Club

Steps to Implement:

  • Design and Development: A designer and engineers will create the dedicated events page. Estimated Cost: $12,000.
  • Integration: Securely integrate the web app with ApeCoin’s smart contracts to verify ApeCoin holder status. Estimated Cost: $2,000.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Ensure the feature functions seamlessly and is user-friendly. Estimated Cost: $1,000.
  • Initial input, ongoing maintenance & curation of events, along with continuous collaboration with the ApeCoin community over 12 months to ensure up to date event listings & other novel ideas that could be displayed on the page. Cost: $5,000.
    The timelines would be 1 month from the grant approval date.
  • Overall Cost: The total cost to implement this proposal is $20,000.

In summary, the creation of a dedicated events page for ApeCoin holders on, as well as the prominent display of the ApeCoinDAO logo as a company attending main events will benefit the ApeCoin community by enhancing visibility, fostering engagement, and promoting cross-community collaboration within the web3 ecosystem. We respectfully request a grant of $20,000 from the ApeCoin community to support this initiative, which aligns seamlessly with ApeCoin’s mission and values.

Future Collaboration Opportunities

After implementation and success of this initiative in terms of bringing increased exposure to ApeCoin and its activities, there could be more opportunities for ApeCoin and (and CryptoNomadsClub) to further increase collaborations.

For example:

  • Promotions of upcoming ApeCoin events on the CryptoEvents site
  • Activations during important ecosystem events. CryptoNomadsClub organises exclusive dinners, called RamenDAO, at all major crypto events

CryptoNomadsClub and ApeCoin could potentially collaborate on these events, providing exclusive access to ApeCoin holders, an opportunity for brand exposure, and having official representation at important web3 ecosystem event weeks.

Great proposal, but what happens after a year when the funding runs out? Or will this be a continual evaluation to gauge response?


Thanks for your question @GuyMadden! It would be the latter - continual evaluation to gauge response.

After funds are deployed for the initial curation & general maintenance, we expect the page to eventually become self-sustaining. Once thoroughly marketed, tested and live, the page should not require active maintenance or further funds to remain engaging and relevant. However, we would evaluate as we go (e.g. if successful more features could be build on top of it)


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Hi, yes happy to move forward.

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