AIP Idea: Major Treasury Initiative

Category: Brand Decision
Author: @shwaz


This proposal is for receiving financial support from the APECoin DAO for me. My goal is to have this money so I can then have it for me to have.


I formed this idea immediately after the launch of APECoin with a simple mission: to get all dat cash for me.
Support from the DAO is needed to give me the aforementioned money.


I will help build utility for $ape by having a lot of it, but I may sell it if I wanna by a Lambo or like really good sushi or something.


Estimate: $2,000,000

Me (salary + benefits): $860,000

• Me (Full Time): $250,000
• Me (Full Time): $200,000
• Me (Full Time): $200,000
• Me (Full Time): $100,000
• Me (Part Time): $50,000
• Me (Part Time): $60,000 ($20,000 each)

Treasury Allocation: $1,140,000

The treasury is just like the APEDAO treasury except now it’s my treasury.

Thanks for your time.


I like what I’m seeing here. Would vote yes. Excellent use of funds.


You’re an idiot. This is a terrible initiative.


I’d like to help, but I’m gonna need at least $3.50 a week.


I fully support this if I am put on staff. Also 10% of the raise should be donated to an ape refuge.

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I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this. It does touch on a serious topic though.

Effectively, a new user can come in to these forums and move anything to an AIP. I don’t think we should gate users, or require small holders to find a sponsor, however we could all make crappy proposals and really clog up the AIP process; we could strain the voting system with 100’s of these.

The first post coming in and a user wants to kickstart a business, or create a system of councils and senates, or propose an allocation for BAKC food. And if voters arent paying attention, or delegating to those that do…well, we could end up with some silly proposals slipping through the system.

I think we could use a built-in feature on discourse to prevent this. Trust Levels are designed to be earned by visiting each day, making posts, etc etc. By requiring a user to be active on the forums, we could improve the quality of proposals without limiting ideas and innovations from small holders.

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We need incentives to get quality proposals. I fired off a bunch of quick ideas, just to try to get some activity going, but that was basically a failed experiment. Not super impressed with the amount of engagement I’m seeing. Why go to the trouble of working up a quality post when there is hardly any engagement? Unless something major changes this trend does not imply a happy ending.

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I should add that I am impressed with the amount of effort @0xSword and a few others have been putting in. We need more of that level of spark to start a fire.

Hey yeah we’re seeing some low engagement levels right now on the forums. There is a recent unpopular AIP proposal for Ape Drops that went largely unnoticed and unopposed until it went into snapshot vote.

As it is right now, we can slip about anything through to a snapshot vote and people won’t know until it gets announced on twitter. I think that’s a flaw in the system, its also an opportunity for exploit.

There aren’t a lot of eyes here visiting the forums everyday. Soon we’ll see changes to the forum layout that will make it easier to read. Its so important that this place is kept active and engaged with users.

There is a trend where new users come in, they have promising ideas and enthusiasm, but shortly burn themselves out. I’m not sure what the answer is to fix that is. Everybody should feel comfortable to chat about ideas and things, and without the expectation of direct profit.


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