With the recent land/gas war it is obvious that a ton of people want to join the BAYC ecosystem.
Coin ownership doesn’t give you a sense of identity that a profile picture does.
Therefore, I purpose a 24 hour “infinity”/mega mint.
A profile picture project with many traits and rarities on our L1/L2 chain to show off it’s capabilities.
The mint price should be something low like $50 to $100 (in ApeCoin) to allow everyone to get their own unique profile picture.
No KYC or other wallet mint limits.
There mint wouldn’t be truly infinite but would there would be a very high amount of possible combinations.
Value capture would be in rolling a good set of traits/rarities, but that is secondary.
Main goal is giving as many people as possible a web3 identity/profile picture.


je suis daccord avec toi

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Additionally, the DAO could buy a couple of floor bored apes and add them to the MEGA mint pool.

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