AIP Idea: San Francisco ApeCoin tech meetup group and fund


This proposal describes a fund for running weekly meetups, events, and happy hours in San Francisco, for the ApeCoin community.


The San Francisco area is a focal point for many crypto and tech companies and communities. But despite its importance, tech communities have been slow to restart events and meetups that used to be common in the area.

There is a huge opportunity for a crypto community to effectively “own” the entire San Francisco Meetup community, by being the sole entity running weekly, high quality, well funded, well attended tech events, for which demand exists but tech communities have yet to take advantage of again.


Community meetups and events are an important part of crypto communities. They allow both for existing communities to advertise their ApeCoin related projects, as well as to advertise the innovations to members of the public who are newly interested in crypto.


Events will be run on a weekly basis in the downtown San Francisco area. They will be advertised and organized on the meetup website.

Events will be run, either by renting out a dedicated event, using an office space provided by a company in the area as is commonly done for meetups, or by hosting the event at a local pub or bar for more casual happy hours.

Events will consist of a combination of networking/casual discussion periods, as well as of dedicated presentations from the ApeCoin community on related projects or initiatives.

Events will be open and advertised to the public, but will have a focus on giving opportunities to ApeCoin related projects and community members.

My experience with running events: I have run both tech happy hours events in SF, as well as crypto gaming events, with up to 100 attendees. I am in contact with multiple SF meetup organizers in the area.

Steps to Implement

Implementation of these meetups can be done by a single dedicated individual with experience running events.

The process of running an event involves:

  1. Creating, scheduling, and advertising an event page
  2. Booking venues, either paid for from the events budget, or offered for free from companies that have available space
  3. Event setup, which includes both ordering and serving food and drinks to attendees.
  4. Running short to mid sized speaking sections at the event, and formally or informally booking speakers for it.


The first event will be scheduled within 3 weeks or less of funds becoming available, in order to provide time to advertise and organize the 1st meetup. Events will be run weekly thereafter.

Overall Cost

Total Budget: 100k$ (2k per meetup, with meetups run weekly, for ~1 year).

Budget will be spent on renting venues and paying for food and drink for attendees.

If there is leftover budget, the money will be used to either host more frequent events, or to host larger, more professional, conference style events in the San Francisco area.

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Sounds good but weekly seems to be a bit much…
How many attendees would take the time to attend meetings each week VS a Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual VS Annual Events. Make them happen less frequently and more exclusive

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I like the idea as a Bay Area ape, but I think once every month or two makes a lot more sense, it’s still hell dealing with that traffic haha

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