AIP Proposal: A Refreshing Twist to Amplify Awareness


This Ape Improvement Proposal (AIP) advocates for the distribution of breath mints at the 2023 Apefest Event (and beyond), featuring the Ape Coin logo on the breath mint cases. By providing attendees with these branded breath mints, we aim to enhance brand visibility, foster engagement, and spread awareness of the Ape DAO’s mission. This proposal outlines the strategic utilization of the DAO treasury to create a lasting impression, generate organic conversations, and establish connections within the NFT community.


The primary objectives of this proposal are as follows:

  1. Brand Exposure: By prominently displaying the Ape Coin logo on the breath mint cases, we ensure that the Ape DAO’s presence is felt throughout the NFT event. Attendees will be exposed to the Ape Coin brand, generating curiosity and initiating discussions about the DAO’s purpose and ecosystem.

  2. Memorable Engagement: Distributing branded breath mints creates a unique and memorable experience for event attendees. The association of the Ape Coin logo with a refreshing and enjoyable sensation fosters positive brand recall and deepens engagement.

  3. Community Building: The distribution of breath mints provides an opportunity to involve Ape DAO members and volunteers in the event. This not only strengthens the sense of community within the DAO but also encourages collaboration and participation among members.

  4. Social Media Amplification: Encourage attendees to share their experience with the branded breath mints on social media platforms, leveraging user-generated content to amplify awareness of the Ape DAO. Implementing a dedicated hashtag campaign can enhance visibility and facilitate tracking of related posts.

Budget and Implementation:

  1. Breath Mint Production: Allocate funds from the DAO treasury to produce a sufficient quantity of branded breath mint cases. The mints should be of high quality and feature the Ape Coin logo prominently.

  2. Event Logistics: Coordinate with event organizers to secure a designated area for distributing the branded breath mints. Display the Ape Coin logo alongside the mints to maximize visibility and reinforce brand recognition.

  3. Volunteer Engagement: Recruit Ape DAO members or community volunteers to assist with the distribution of breath mints during the event. Provide them with talking points and guidelines to effectively engage attendees and share information about the Ape DAO.

  4. Social Media Campaign: Encourage event attendees to share their experience on social media platforms, using the designated hashtag to create a cohesive online presence. Consider organizing a contest or giveaway to incentivize participation and further extend the campaign’s reach.

  5. Performance Evaluation: Monitor social media engagement, assess attendee feedback, and track potential collaborations resulting from the distribution effort. Prepare a post-event report to analyze the impact and effectiveness of the campaign, informing future strategies.

Benefits and Rationale:

  1. Targeted Marketing: The NFT event provides a unique opportunity to directly engage with the NFT community. By distributing branded breath mints, the Ape DAO can reach its target audience, ensuring efficient and effective use of the DAO treasury.

  2. Brand Recognition and Trust: The distribution of branded breath mints establishes a positive association between the Ape Coin logo and a refreshing experience. This fosters brand recognition, trust, and loyalty among event attendees, increasing the DAO’s standing within the NFT community.

  3. Word-of-Mouth Marketing: The act of distributing breath mints sparks conversations and facilitates organic, word-of-mouth marketing. Attendees will share their positive experience with others, creating a ripple effect that extends the campaign’s reach beyond the event itself.

  4. Community Empowerment: Involving Ape DAO members and volunteers in the distribution process strengthens the sense of community and ownership. This fosters a collaborative environment, where members feel empowered to actively contribute to the DAO’s growth and success


Justifying the One Million Dollar Overall Cost:

While the overall cost of one million dollars may initially seem substantial, it is crucial to recognize the comprehensive scope of this proposal. The cost breakdown includes various components such as manufacturing the mints, designing the branded labels, shipping expenses, travel costs, per diem allowances, distribution logistics, and, of course, accounting for the sheer genius behind this endeavor. Manufacturing high-quality mints at scale necessitates investment in specialized production facilities, ensuring that each mint meets the desired standard. The label design process demands meticulous attention to detail, engaging talented designers who can bring the Ape Coin logo to life on the mint cases. Shipping expenses encompass both domestic and international logistics to ensure timely delivery of the branded mints. Additionally, travel costs and per diem allowances account for the involvement of Ape DAO members and volunteers in various stages of the project, facilitating collaboration and efficient execution. Finally, the distribution process requires careful planning and coordination to ensure widespread coverage throughout the event. By considering all these factors, the overall $1,000,000 cost can be justified, recognizing the ambitious scale of this initiative and the potential long-term benefits it can bring to the Ape DAO and the NFT community as a whole.

It’s important to note that this entire proposal has a semi-satirical undertone. While the distribution of breath mints at NFT events might seem like a whimsical idea, it underscores a deeper desire for NFT meetups to broaden their offerings. We believe that mints should always be present alongside alcohol and food, as fresh breath and minty conversations can truly enhance the event experience. So, let’s embrace a bit of lightheartedness and add a touch of refreshment to our gatherings. After all, minting new connections and refreshing ideas is what the NFT community is all about!

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Have you considered tacking on an extra 1M for APE Water?

Beyond the manufacturing costs and designing the branded labels, the sheer genius of keeping people hydrated and reminding them of APE every time they quench their thirst seems like a way to Amplify Awareness.

Thank you for the suggestion! We have considered contacting Ape Water to combine an AIP for mint flavored water. The idea of keeping people hydrated and freshening their breath while reminding them of APE every time they quench their thirst seems like a great way to amplify brand awareness. We will explore this collaboration further and consider allocating an additional 1M investment for APE Water.

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Hi Tout and welcome!

Fully with you until the milli. Please return with a reasonable cost estimate and I’ve got your back, bc who can argue with fresh breath. GG,



Wait… are you implying that ApeCoin holders and ApeFest attendees suffer from halitosis? [breathes into own hand for confirmation] :rofl:

All statements and opinions are my own, not on behalf of the Ape Foundation.


I wonder how many got the the last bit about it being satire lol - but a cool idea!

Here’s a company that will make custom mint shapes too, which would be amazing in the BAYC/$APE skull form:

Roughly $8900 for 3K custom graphic tins of molded $APE logo mints.


Wait, this being satire makes sense

I was really confused there for a sec

This a a common issue for many events outside of the Ape coin and Yuga ecosystem, but I’d bet fresh breath is a unanimous positive.

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Thanks badteeth

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It’s all a meme until it’s not

Love it, can we add Apecoin umbrellas with it? Also, I can’t believe I read all of this and realized what you said at the end

very good idea, I’m with you on the DAO improvement.

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accounting for the sheer genius behind this endeavor.

What is the USD value for this?

I mean most 5 star hotels and major corporate events give mints in nice metal boxes.

Btw if for Apefest just get them made in China as it is going to be in Hong Kong.

The idea was to try to get this in before the next Ape Fest. It became a little more complicated when we found out AF is taking place in Hong Kong.

I think if this ever gets approved, getting details on how to deliver the mints will become a little clear, but not sure how to handle it for the time being. Cross that bridge when we get there.

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